Good deeds! So,

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Good deeds! So,

Good deeds! So, basically I got the idea for this thread because today at school I was outside for fitness and after we did the activity we could do whatever we wanted, so after I did some stuff with my friends, I decided to go around and pick up all the trash I saw. And boy, there is a lot of litter around our school, which makes me kinda mad because it's so easy to just throw it away! One of my friends joined in, and I just felt really good about it. Anyway this thread is just for any good deeds you've done or seen other people do, since I feel like if people just took the time to do nice things more, the world would be a better place.Smile

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I think this thread is a great idea because if people are more aware of their actions and their impacts then they will be more likely to do good deeds which will make the world a better place

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I hold the door for everyone during passing periods and at the beginning/end of the day at school! And sometimes I go to the food pantry on Monays through our school's Kiwanis club! And I might give pointsettas to old people next week! Yay!

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Well, I was elected one of the two class reps for our Kawanis club that Luna mrntioned, so I do a lot of stuff for that! Luna and I also stop by Starbucks to get mobile orders a lot after school with our mom, and there is this kindness wall we always partcipate it. I also helped my friend earlier in the year when she was being bullied, made a poster against bullying too, and did this 'include everyone at the lunch table' thing bc some people were feeling left out. I sometimes don't think I deserve the title of class rep bc sometimes I don't always do the right thing, but I guess overall I'm a pretty good person. Oh and I also hold the door a lot like Luna. ^-^

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My school has a club that sounds kind of similar to the Kiwanis club called Rescuing Leftover Cuisine. We go to various places, like office buildings and restaurants, and pick up their leftover food, and then we take it to a food pantry. I went on a Rescuing Leftover Cuisine "run" and it was really fun.

Also, my school has an amount of community service you need to do before you graduate, so that helps motivate us to volunteer for good things. 

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I’ve started doing this thing where I leave random sticky notes on public bathroom mirrors that have this cool quote on them, ‘Warning: Images in mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty.’ I’ve only managed to put one up so far, but this is something I started recently and I don’t go to very many public restrooms, so I’m hoping to do more in the future. I think it’s really important to acknowledge the lies that the media and society tell us about what we should look like and what beauty is. The beauty industry is an ugly, ugly thing, playing off the insecurities of women to make money. I have personally been harmed by these messages in so many ways, and this is my way of taking a stand against the culture and spreading the message to fight society’s ideals. 

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I think it's really cool that you do that. It's an important message for people to hear.

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Whoa, that's super awesome. I feel like if I walked into a bathroom and looked into the mirror and saw that, it would make my day and make me feel so much better about myself--I think that's really really cool.

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I do Girl Scouts so we do a lot 'good deed' stuff. 

One of my troops favorite's it a beach cleanup and that's my favorite too. So much of my favorite, infact that my Girl Scout nickname is Waves! Also, every year around Christmas time we go to the senior center and sing Christmas Carols to them.  One time there was a woman there who's birthday was on Christmas and she was going to turn 102!

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