Uh, hi. 

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Uh, hi. 

Uh, hi. 

urgh that's awkward 

Fancy meeting you here? *awkwardly waves* 

can this get any worse

I've been a bad CBer. 

uh yeah you have

I don't know how to start. 

of course you don't 

Life got in the way, I guess. I started a new school, got tossed into a giant void of artist's block for like 3 months, and made a desicion that basically changed my life. 

And I forgot.

I forgot how this place, this platform, this world. 

I forgot how great it was. What it was like to be your complete self. 

I tried to remember, but I couldn't. 

Until today. 

I'm sorry. Really. I will try not to forget, and try to keep up with everything. 

So hello again. 

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Secret. I joined about a year and a half ago, in June 2018. I am an aspiring author and artist, and a giant history buff. I really love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, and Arc of a Scythe. I like to read (I read eight books in August alone), and I like to draw. I'm excited to meet everyone who joined between around August 2019 to now. 


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SECRET *tackle hugs* It's Soren! I've totally missed you, aaahhh!

It's actually been pretty slow around here lately- end of Nano, beginning of holiday season, you know. Not many people have joined; there's only a handful of active people at the moment.

Still... it's great to see you again!! 

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*returns tackle hug*

MRGH I missed you!

My CAPTCHA, just said bettf. Betty? Is your name Betty now?

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Hi, Secret! You're doing just fine; everyone takes breaks sometimes, and it's totally okay. We'll always welcome you back.

I also love Arc of a Scythe! Have you read The Toll yet? I have, but it wasn't my favorite of the series. I think I liked the first one best, back when certain people hadn't died yet, but I loved the whole series. Summer (who joined recently, so you probably wouldn't know, but who's my friend irl) is currently reading The Toll, so we keep having fun conversation about gleaning and such. I just learned today that Faraday (namesake of Scythe Faraday) was some science-math guy who made discoveries about electricity and magnets, which is really cool!

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Hi! Welcome back. (It always feels a little funny typing your username into my age and location boxes, heh.) Glad to hear you're doing better. You've already met me, I suppose, but... well, yeah.

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Hello! I joined at the tail end of July this year, so I don't think you know me. I'm Dusk Sky, or Dusk S. for short. Usually, I'm around on rps and ski lodges on Inkwell, Pudding's Place, and Kyngdom, but I sometimes do other stuff too. Anyway, nice to see another face around here. Welcome back!

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Secret!! Hi, it's good to see you again! I'm glad you're back, we've missed you.

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I've missed y'all to!

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(December 15, 2019 - 7:40 am)

Good to see you back, Secret! You probably don't know me well, but I think we've... met? *wonders what you call it on the CB bc you kind of meet someone when you see their post but you might not actually know them* Uh... I know who you are, that's for sure. 

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Hi Secret! I joined at around the end of August. I also love to read, and I would recommend, (based on your book choices,) the Septimus Heap series.
Hope to see you around!

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I'll check out the books. Nice meeting you!

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(December 24, 2019 - 6:45 am)

Hi Secret! Just wanted to let you know - you probably knew me before as spiffycat. I changed my name after I took a month long break from the CB (in September). Buuuuut im back now. 

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Well hello!

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Did you know me? Did I know you? I don't know if we've met, but if we have you would have probably known me as Sunshine Wings. I changed my name a few days ago. Anyways, good to see you!

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