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Hello! I am

Hello! I am new to the Chatterbox, although I have been getting Cricket for over 2 years now. A little about myself: I couldn't sing to save my life, even though I love to. I do drama club at my school. This year's play is Aladdin, and the dances are so fun! I also play trumpet. I play soccer and run cross country, even though I am bad at long distance. I absolutley LOOOOOOVE Broadway! Some of my fav musicals are Hamilton, Mean Girls, Come From Away, Six, and many, many more. I am going to see Hamilton on Broadway over spring break, and I can't wait! It will be my first time ever being on a plane. 


Welcome, Mary,

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(February 5, 2020 - 5:31 pm)

Hello! Welcome to CB! I also am in drama and I love musicals. I'm going to see Hamilton in the summer...too long!!! I play soccer too, I'm not very good but it's so fun. Can't wait to see you around CB!

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Hi Mary! I'm Possibly Wiser, or Posibly for short.

I've been on and off of the CB for a little over four years now. I love acting, but my schedule is so busy that I'm not always able to join the musicals. I play the piano, ukulele, and the kazoo. I like taking walks with my dog. Brodway is absolutely amazing. I'm more into the older ones, like the Sound of Music, The King and I, and Annie. I saw Hamilton this past summer and SERIOUSLY GEORGE WASHINGTON LOOKED RIGHT AT ME DURING THE BATTLE OF YORKTOWN. It was pretty awesome.

Welcome to the CB(CHatterbox)! 

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Hi, I'm Gracia! We're literally the exact same person. I run cross country too, and we have the same favorite musicals!! I went to see Beetlejuice on Broadway over the Thanksgiving weekend, it was amazing! I've also seen Hamilton on tour. You'll love it! Who is your favorite Six queen?

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Oh boy, that's a hard one... Probably Anne of Cleves. Also, I am thinking about seeing another musical when I am in NY, but my sister and I are arguing over Six, Beetlejuice, and Hadestown. What do you recommend?

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Hi Majestic Mary! I play clarinet in my school band! I'm Secret, and I love musicals. Have you seen The School of Rock? It's so good! I reeeeaaallly want to see Hadestown too! 

Sorry if I seem excited or chatty, I'm super tired and half-asleep.  

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Hi, Mary, welcome to the CB (Chatterbox)! I'm Luna, and I love singing amd musicals too!

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Hi, (Majestic) Mary! I'm Sirfire, and I am also considerably new here. :) I play saxophone, and though I'm not that into musicals I do (secretly) love singing and think I'm pretty mediocre at it.  I'm also in a play this year, A Midsummer's Night Dream. I play Dewdrop, Titania's lieutenant.  Anyway, a hearty welcome to the CB.

P.S. I would love to see Wicked, though. 

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