Hi Everyone!

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Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

So, in the past month-ish I've been on Chatterbox a lot less. By which I mean not at all. I was taking a break and de-complicating a little bit in preperation for Easter which is a big holiday for me and my family. (We are Catholic.) 

I first want to say that I'm really sorry that I just dropped my story thread! I was running the one about the wilderness trek. So, sorry to Majestic Mary, Dusk S., Agent Winter, Luminara, and everyone else who was a part of that thread! If I start another one of those I will actually be sure to follow through.

Also, I'm back! I really missed being on Chatterbox and seeing all of you wonderful people! I can't wait to see everything that you've been doing in the past month.


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(April 12, 2020 - 12:33 pm)

hello @Hummingbird! Nice to see you (I'm new-ish...)

I like your name because my name on NaNo and a lot of other things is hummingbirdie, since hummingbirds are some of my favorite animals.

aaanyways, I have no idea how to conclude things, so bye.


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