I feel like

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

I feel like

I feel like introducing my AEs....*glares at Cordial*, CAPTCHAs, and CAPTCHAE.

In order of creation.

Cordial-Friendly, energetic, an AE AE (i.e. people person). She's kind and caring but picks joking fights with good friends/family. She speaks in bold capitals but technically speaks in regular bold (I just really enjoy holding down the 'shift' button).

Bond-Snappy talker, good with a comeback, bold and daring. He and Cordial fight friendlily (is that even a word?) a lot. He's in bolditalics with asterisks.

The One Who Knows A Lot Of Stuff About A Lot Of Stuff-Very smart, doesn't like people or AEs fighting, detests fanfics. It has no gender, and title was forced ('cause all AEs need a name). It can speak (read?) sign language (which comes in handy for Uyi). Speaks in bolditalics with these thingies:<>.

Arvehell-Usually a bit cranky, doesn't always agree with the other AE's agendas so he posts on his own (ArveTookOver!!Aaah!!) and does weird stuff. He has a refined sense of humor that only The One Who Knows A Lot Of Stuff About A Lot Of Stuff really understands (that I know of). "Speaks" in italics.

IS ("Please don't tell them my full name! It sounds like a tribe from an obsolete, unpopular book series!") Ignore her. It's Icesun. I dunno why-Shy, cunning and uncorageous. Speaks in italics with quotation marks.

Uye-Books! books! Books! He doesn't speak in anything but sign language with The One Who Knows A Lot Of Stuff About A Lot Of Stuff translating. We don't know anything about his personality but his allconsuming love of books.


Duici-A werewolf, I guess. When he's happy he's human, when he's sad he's a wolf. He's usually sad. So usually wolf.

Tanyo-A were-cat. She's always calm and competent. 

Bigiy is a normal cat, 



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More CBer AE's. Hello.

nice to meet you...these are my AE's at the moment (no CAPTCHAE yet), Crow, Vara, *Dunefox*, "Juno", and Finale. Listed in the way their speech shows up and in order of common appearance (Vara, the introvert/creative nerd is technically the most common, but Crow likes to be first). 

Indeed I do.

Say hi, guys.



"Hiiii I'm Juno!"  

Um, hello...

I already said 'hello' so I don't need to say it again. Brevity is the soul of wit.

*Yeah, yeah, Crow.* 

Um. Crow is a smart aleck/sarcastic-but-smart/annoyingly clever. Vara is (as I described earlier) creative/nerdy/introverted/bookish/perfectionist. *Dunefox* is adventurous/loyal/curious, "Juno" is caring/bold/artsy, and Finale is dramatic/energetic/bouncy. And that's them in a nutshell, I guess. Bye.

'In a nutshell.' Weird expression. I don't like nuts. Except chocolate almonds. Yum. 

"Wait, what about macadamia nuts? Those are good."  

So says the AE who was going around quoting "Brevity is the soul of wit". Why are we discussing nuts anyways? My AE's are weird. 

I know. I like weird.

No surprise there. And no more, Crow, because I'm going to post this and stop.

Fine. GoodBYE. 







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I like Crow....

*Well, who woulda thought?*

You know why 

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That's... a lot of AEs

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Ok I'll introduce all of mine:

Well, I have a CAPTCHA named Yager. He is a bearded dragon. He doesn't like people at all, and rarely talks. Say hi really quick, and then you can go back into hiding.

*hello iiamm yager nicee tomet youuu*

Good enough.

My AEs are Frost, Natasha, and Cass.

Hey, I'm Frost. You have a lot of AEs! It's cool to meet you guys. I am artsy, and I love music. Umm, I guess that's it.

Hi! I'm Natasha! I love meeting people. Hi guys! It's good to meet you! What is thta loud noise??

That is a train, Natasha. Calm down. (there is an actual train going by our house. XD)

Yeah, Natasha. No one cares. 

Cass!!! Don't say that.

Whatever. I'm Cass, I guess. I have been told that I am grumpy. I don't care about most things, especially annoying little sisters. 

Stop that. Ok I am going to post this before Cass says something even worse. You know Cass doesn't mean it, right, Natasha? She's just saying that.  

I do mean it.

Hush, Cass. Why are you in an even worse mood than normal?

Posting this before it gets awful. 

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Hi everyone! I'm Daisy. The other AEs are Patrick and Emerald Frost...... Bond, I'd think you get along well with Patrick here....

*raises eyebrows disinterestedly*

Hello, Arvehell.

Emerald, aren't you going to say hello to anybody else?

:] Also hello, Cordial, Bond, One who knows a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff, Icesun, Uye, and captchas all. *goes back to looking at Arvehell*


(is it ok if she has a little crush on him?)

Well, welcome to the CB! Oh and here are our two captchas: Empyreal and Taoa! (they are pegasi)






They're weird. Like you.

Patrick this is really just - 

*embarrassed* Um ok guys nice to meet you!!!! Pay no attention to him, he's just an idiot...

At least a handsome one.


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<It's The One Who Knows A Lot Of Stuff About A Lot Of Stuff. No skipping on the caps.>

Call me Arve.

Yeah, crush on him all ya want. He's cute.

Ugh no.

It's fine.

*I don't 'get along' with people*

Breaking news! I'm an AE too and we found Unyet! {our CAPTCHAE department}


Got a name yet?

+my quest has failed. i looked at every boy's name and a coupe girls' too but no name.+ 



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@Bond Well I don't either. I don't know WHAT Daisy was talking about. *glares* So that is absolutely FINE. PEACHY in fact.

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*Peachy with a side of Dangerous.*

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