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Hamilton is coming to Disney+ soon. I'm very excited because I want to see the original cast, unfortunately today is our last day of having Disney+, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to see it. Hamilton has such great songs and I'm sure that with acting it's even better. Who else here is a Hamilton fan? If you haven't seen Hamilton or listened to it, you really should. It's a great musical! 

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(June 22, 2020 - 11:56 am)


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Aaaah yes I am so excited! Last I heard, it's coming out on July 3, which is also my mom's birthday-- since she's a Hamilton fan too, that's pretty awesome! We're planning to watch it together then. I hope you get to see it at some point, Barnswallow! In the meantime, you could check out some of the Hamilton Animatics online, which are made by various different animators/Hamilfans. (Ziksua's animatic for Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story is amaaaaziiiing omg) Anyway, I'm so excited!

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Yes, I hope I'll get to see it with my cousin soon because she's also a big fan and she has Disney+, but she lives far away, I'm sure I'll get to see it eventually though. I've never heard of animatics, but I'll look them up, I'm sure there great and I can't wait to see them.

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Oh my gosh!!!!! Yes!!! I am gonna watch it the day it comes out! My mom and I have it all planned. I was going to go see Hamilton at the Pantages but it got canceled.... hopefully once this pandemic is over, I can go see it in real life...

Agent Winter, I love Hamilton animatics! I saw this great one for Satisfied.



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Ooh! Was the Satisfied animatic by Szin? I love that one! I’ve seen all of Szin’s Hamilton animatics, I stayed up late watching them back to back once... 

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Yup, I think so! 

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But seriously, I can't wait. My mom got Disney+ for the summer, and I really really want to watch it. We most likely will, because my little brother and sister at least have listened to it, and my mom is a big fan too. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE I CAN'T WAIT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 

Also, I haven't seen any animatics. Should I look them up? 

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What are your favorite songs from Hamilton? I love all of them but some of my favorites are Aaron Burr, Sir, My Shot, Right Hand Man, Satisfied, Guns and Ships, Cabinet Battle #1, and the Adam's Administration. That was a lot, so what are your favorites, and are there any of the songs that you just don't like much?

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I was supposed to see Hamilton on Broadway in April, but it was cancelled because of covid, so this seems like the next best thing. I'm have a watch party with some of my friends. I have my friend group literally because of Hamilton. So yeah. I'm really excited.

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I am sooooo excited. I saw Hamilton at the Pantages for my eighth birthday, but I'm really excited to see it with the original cast.  

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I am really really excited! We don't have Disney+ at the moment, so my siblings and I will have to start working on my parents... 


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I've been in love with Hamilton since the beginning and probably know every single word, so I'm really excited to finally be able to watch it. I'm glad that it's available for everyone now, because it's so beloved by so many people and it's wrong that most of them would have never been able to see the real show.

An important recommendation for everyone trying to convince their families to get Disney+: Get a free trial and cancel it immediately after. Unless you've already used it up, you can watch it for free and you'll still get the whole week. That was how I watched the Mandalorian and it worked perfectly.

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AHHH I so wanna watch it, it came out yesterday and my parents watched it But I can’t yet because it has dirty words. But I have been binge-listening to The Hamilton Polka over and over and over today xDxDxD

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