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Once upon a

Once upon a time, there was a magical land known as the Chatterbox. It was full of stories and poetry and artwork, and it was an escape from the reality of the cold, harsh world.

Okay, maybe the comparison of the CB to a fantasy world is a bit much, but I think it's a nice introduction to this thread.

So, every so often, I see some of the older CBers saying things about how the CB has different eras, and reminiscing on how it used to be. Recently, I've been reading quite a few older threads, and it's really very interesting to see, like a look in the past. So, I've decided to make this: a history thread of sorts. The older CBers can retell stories and talk about things from the past, and anyone can post pieces of or links to older threads that they feel are amusing, interesting, or just an important part of CB history.

To people who are ghosting: please post here as well! I'm sure you have some wonderful stories as well, and you are probably some of the oldest CBers around. 

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(June 26, 2020 - 7:41 pm)

I was thinking of making a thread along these lines! I can't help you much with stories about CB history because I've been here 2-3 months, though.

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I believe the comparison is not too far off, though (from my experience) the Chatterbox's eclectic character is more akin to Alice in Wonderland. For I have seen much in the way of oddity and mishap.

Yet, for that analogy, I'm not sure how honest an account I can give. Dispute being in this fantastical universe for around six years, my presence has been mostly ethereal. I've flitted like a shade and rarely participated. Not for lack of creativity (of which the Chatterbox has in abundance) but merely due to my own procrastination. Plus, true or not, I've had the impression that high school consistently stifled my time. That's the trouble you see, for me Chatterbox's nostalgia is touched with some guilt.

All the same I would like to give some tale telling a shoot. But then the question is  “What would you like me to tell exactly?" and "Where should I start?"





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I would love to hear some of your storys, John F.Q.  Start at the begining, and tell a favorite story of yours.

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(June 30, 2020 - 11:01 am)

This is such a good thread idea! I can't really give any history because I've only been here for about 3 months (time flys!) but I will look forward to reading it.

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I've been around here for about six months, so I'm not what you would call an old timer, but I do remember a couple of different times...

Right around the time when I joined, Chatterbox had to undergo a massive period of underpopulation. Seriously, it was absolutely crazy. Some of the active chatterboxers at this point include: Cerinthe, (then Spiffycat), Leafy, Ella Starburst, and Rogue Wildling.

You would post something and then check back in the next week and only one person had commented. A lot of people got really stressed out about how slow Chatterbox had gotten at that point, but what could we do? 

Then, around winter of 2019 spring of 2020, Chatterboxers started flooding in. This was about the generation of: *thinks furiously* bibi potter, alex, PygmyOwl, and Hollyshock.  

I hope this was helpful! Please do correct me if I got anything wrong!

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