Hello! I'm new

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Hello! I'm new

Hello! I'm new to the Chatterbox. I wasn't going to make an introduction post, but then I saw some other people doing it so I decided to do it to. I love dance, reading, and writing, and my favorite animals are dolphins, owls, and dogs. I have one pet dog and although I am more of a dog person, I also appreciate cats and consider dogs only slightly more superior.

Welcome, totalnightowl. We're pleased to meet you.


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(September 6, 2020 - 4:46 pm)

Welcome totalnightowl! I hope you have fun here!

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Welcome, totalnightowl!

I'm Luminescence, Lumi for short, and I hope you have an awesome time here! Here's a link to the Ultimate Guide created by Kitten, and it should answer any questions you have.


Read you 'round!!


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Hello hello hello! I'm Bakerloo, pleased to meet you totalnightowl! I've posted the link to the Chatterbox YWP classroom (YWP stands for Young Writer's Project, and the classroom is just another, slighty quicker way to communicate)


In the words of the poet, read you around! 

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Welcome, totalnightowl!

I love dogs. I don't have one, but I do have guinea pigs! I love all animals, but dogs are definitely my favorite.

Hope to read you around! 

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Welcome, totalnightowl! I'm sort of newish too, but still welcome! Hope you have fun on the Chatterbox! :p

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Welcome totalnightowl! It's nice to meet you, and to meet someone who shares my exact opinion on dogs and cats :) I'm Gecko, I've actually been around here for a long time just under a different name, and I only came back a few months ago. As most people on here do, I really like reading and writing too. I'm also really into theater.

Welcome to the CB! 

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Hope you have lots and lots of fun on Cricket! I did! :) 

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Hiya, totalnightowl! I'm Sammy, Everlast Sammy.

Dang it I did that wrong.... ATTEMPT TWO! 

Hiya, totalnightowl! I'm Everlast, Sammy Everlast.

I hope we can be friends! If you need something just ask me! Or Timber Wolf, Anonymous Goat, K.A.D.E., and also Freak! 

They all say hello too!

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Welcome totalnightowl!!

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