*sigh* This is

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*sigh* This is

*sigh* This is not going well.

I joined the CB-- and rejoined the CB-- and rejoined it again-- because I felt like it was an interesting, friendly, inclusive, welcoming community. It was. It really was. But.... over the course of the year and a half that I've been hovering around here..... I've seen some posts, and the number is growing, that aren't so friendly and welcoming and--let's face it--not even that interesting. 


-New CBers getting told off for making "mistakes"

-People feeling like they're not welcome and like they have to leave

-People repeatedly trying to convince them not to leave, even when they've made it clear that they are and their minds aren't going to be changed. (I understand where you're coming from, I really do. But once you've made one compelling argument and it's.... failed, for lack of a better word, simply repeating that argument over and over again could possibly end up feeling like you don't respect their decision. I don't speak for them, but it is feasible.)

I've never been impersonated, as far as I know. I've never been made to feel like I'm not welcome. I've never been harshly corrected for a mistake in CB traditions and such. The only leaving thread I ever made was for a hiatus because I wasn't feeling up to anything at the time. 

My interactions with the CB are pretty much the same as they've always been. But it's the things that I see, off to the side of my conversations and interactions, that are troubling. I don't know why I always seem to be on the outer edge of these problems, and why I've typically only become involved once a situation has been going for a while. Maybe I'm just that oblivious.

My point is..... I'm staying on the CB. But the reason is slowly but surely becoming less and less because I want to, and more and more because I don't have anywhere else to go. I have the phone number of exactly two close friends, and I haven't seen them face-to-face in months. My other "friends" that I see weekly.... I'm not included in their things. A jeopardy game I made was flat-out rejected, for example. I don't have my "group" there. All of my current irl life is kind of stale, so I turn to the CB, and it's far less appealing than it used to be.

The only reasons I'm still here are that I feel like I don't have anywhere else to go, and there are still a couple things that I enjoy. Kyngdom, ski lodges, contests, mainly. I'm hanging on by a thread. I'm not leaving. Let that be clear. But.... there are some days that I almost want to. 

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Hm. You make a point. I'm not sure if the CB is getting less interesting, but there's been a LOT more drama and impersonators recently, and I don't like it. I feel bad for new CBers (and ppl joining the nano classroom) who see all this as their first impression. 

I'm not exactly here because I have nowhere else to go, but I do know if I had an actual social life irl, I'd be on here a lot less. It's easier than trying to make conversation with friends that aren't even real friends. I'm honestly just trying to entertain myself best I can until this pandemic is over and I can have a fresh start in high school or summer camp or something. Not that I don't love the CB or I don't care, but I'd put real life first, y'know. 

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hey i know this is superr unrelated and i'm sorry but how do we join the nano classroom? this is the 4th time i've heard about it so i thought i would ask.

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If you're already on the YWP, go to My Groups, select View All Classrooms, click Join Another Classroom, then enter the code RGLCGPPK. 

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I wish I could disagree, but Nyx and Aza, you're right.

So let's try to fix this mess we've made.

Y'all. The CB is not a place for drama, hate, intolerance, etc. 

You don't have to agree with anyone.

But you do have to respect their opinions. You don't have to agree with anything, really, but the CB is a place for respect, tolerance, learning.

Impersonations are not okay. You are spreading hate. You are tearing apart the community. It hurts, it really does.

The last two have been you spreading negative opinions- can you just keep it to yourself. We are respectful here, and you need to realize that and deal with that.

Let's learn from what's been happening.

Read through your posts before you post them.

Don't beat people up on mistakes they've made. Believe me, you've made them too, as have I.

This is something I've learned from school but it's very helpful.

Do not post unless you think it is at least one of these things:






Read through every comment you post. Make sure. Take responsibility. Demonstrate respect. Seek to understand. Communicate effectively. And... persevere to do all those things, even when it's hard.

The CB was my safe haven. I'm sure it was may of yours as well.

It's our job, as the CBers, to keep it that way.

A safe haven for everyone. 

On a lighter note, apparently Kiwi wants to move to New York. We're not, if you were wondering.

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I feel this. I really feel this. I don't know what's going on with the CB right now, but it's making me uncomfortable and upset too. I don't know what we can do about it, but I don't feel like I can just abandon it. I think we all need to consciously make an effort to be kinder and more welcoming and more supportive. Come on, guys... we can do better...

Also, this is really well-written! Thank you for saying what so many of us (or at least me) were thinking.

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I understand how you feel, and hopefully I was never one of the people who hurt your opinions. 

Though I must say that in the last month there have been way more tops, and it kind of annoys me. They are all really random, which I find annoying. I am not a fan of randomness.

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Yea... I might actually leave

I feel like unless I post something anonymously, which I've only done once, all of my posts are just ignored

Maybe people have clicked on them a few times, and they've seen my username, and decided all of my posts stink or something

Either way they disappear after a while because nobody posts on them

It makes me feel sad and I don't know if I want to stay anymore

But it isn't any CBer's fault

These things just happen; there's no point in playing the blame game


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That's not fun. I doubt they've decided all your posts stink though. 

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It's not over yet! Every single post we make (including the one Nyx wrote) can change this pattern! All we need to do is, every single one of us work hard to brighten up the CB!


Thank you Nyx, for spreading attention to this issue! Please, every CBer who sees this, please brighten the CB with your natural sunshine! (Not too much of it though, we might get blinded)

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I agree very much Nyx, I've also taken a break recently and haven't really like, gotten back into the groove of things. I haven't made great desicions in the past and right now i've done some things I wouldn't like to admit, and when the CB doesn't feel the same, it almost makes my bad desicions...worse. I feel so bad for the people who don't feel like welcome, because when I joined, everything was slow, and there weren't that many active people. But thne when everyone tried to join, everything got worse. I guess, the more the merrier, but, really, if there's more new people than ever, they're more likely to be ignored. I hope this made sense, I just kind of went on a rant, but I would hate to admit that the CB is a Bad place, so I won't, but i will admit, we need to make it better, kinder, welcoming, and more open. I love everyone here, but I have to agree with you Nyx.

But also, I agree with aqua, #BrightentheCB 

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