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does anyone else have a favorite store(s)?!

Hot topic melts my heart. OKAY SO THEY HAVE ANIME MERCH, KPOP MERCH, MEME SHIRTS AND SOOO MUCH MORE. I calculated how much I've spent there... $4,560... BUT GUYSS THE JEWLERYYY 

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Like, pretty much any craft store. Yeah. And Trader Joe's.

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OOH!!! I LOVE Barnes and Noble, or any other Book Store!! Honestly, I could spend HOURS in there if I wanted to. (I actually saw a quote that said: How to book shop with a bookworm: -enter store,   -keep eyes on bookworm at all times, -wow, ok you lost them, -they're gone forvever now. XD)

Right now I'm actually working at a bookstore, and it's so much fun! :) 

I also love little boutiques, like I just went to this boutique called 'Backcountry Boutique,' and it had so many little trinkets in there that were so cute! Like bookmarks, cute jewelry from a store called 'Gleeful Peacock,' (You should TOTALLY check them out!)

The boutique had stickers, and clothes, shoes, etc. So many wonderful things! Plus I made a friend with the owner and we connected over books. :)  

I spend WAY too much money on books, cute clothes, shoes, and EARRINGS. XD 

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Barnes and Noble is my favorite store ever!!!!!!! The one by my house has a Starbucks inside it so in non-pandemic times you can go get a drink while you look at books. I love it because you can look at / buy regular books and then also they have a bunch of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings stuff. And also sometimes Star Wars and Marvel. But I can spend literally forever in there. Also it smells really good because the smell of paper is mixing with the smell of coffee and it's AMAZING. 

I also really like the Lego store, even though everything in there is way too expensive, and most of the time I don't buy anything in there. But I really really like Legos, which might be weird cause I am in my mid teens but I don't really care, and I love looking at the big sets they have on display. 

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That's so cool that you work in a bookstore! I wish I could do that, but I live in a tiny town that doesn't have one. )':

I love all bookstores, but I think my favorite one is Powell's. It's in Portland (Oregon) and it's completely enormous, with a million rooms with beautiful color names, plus a cafe. I could literally live there for the rest of my life and be happy. I don't live nearby, though, so I only get to visit it about once a year. 

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Oh wow, it's so cool that you work at a bookstore! I *love* Barnes and Noble as well, but my favorite bookstore is probably the one that I live closest to. I've been going there for pretty much as long as I can remember. 

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Top top top!

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There is this really cool store in the downtown of my city. It's called Off the wagon, and they sell comics, figurines, d&d stuff, and so much more. My friend and I go there a lot. Another cool place is a bookstore in our downtown called Last exit books, and they have A LOT OF BOOKS. I've spent a smidge too much there.

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I love the dollar store! Literally everything costs a dollar or less. Really any dollar store, but especially Dollar Tree because that's closest to me and THEY HAVE THE BEST HOLIDAY DECORATIONS. And I got to get my best friend a baby yoda hat (or Grogu, I guess. I like calling him baby yoda) for ONLY 1 DOLLAR

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Barnes and Noble and Hobby Lobby!!!!! I LOVE those two places so much!

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Michaels. Just... Michaels. Do you know how many hours I could spend in there drooling over all of the many things I want and can't buy? Actually, you don't want to know. There is so much nice arty stuff and ahhhhh I love it XD

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I was there for the first time in a year a couple weeks ago and it was amazinggg

I also bought too much yarn at Hobby Lobby yesterday :} 

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I know right :D

Ah, nice. Yarn is cool 

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Michaels. One word: Yarn. 

I also love all the local yarn stores because they have amazing yarn but its so EXPENSIVE!,

Barnes and Noble is also awesome.



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Barnes and Noble is my very favorite, but there's also a really cool arts and crafts store in San Francisco that I always convince my parents to go to whenever we visit. I also love Michael's and Hobby Lobby. 

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