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So uh I checked my phone a bit ago and there was a reminder that said CBversary :> apparently I've been here for a year now! I've thought through this post before but now I can't think so uhhhh

I love you all <3 you have tolerated my insaneness and boredom for a year now. When I was bored and lonely at the beginning of quarantine I would come here. You've also been a source of insparation for art, and recommended some of my favorite music. I don't know where I would be without y'all <3 Keep being amazing.

*throws rainbow confetti* *hands out cake and pie in whatever flavor you want* 

Feel free to ask questions, throw confetti, or whatever else! :) 

Oh, and anyone who comments gets a guinea pig picture free of charge XD 

\comat/ Tomat? Hey Toma, Yager says-

\noooo/ \comee/ \attme/ 

Oh... um... why don't you just umm *awkward hand movements* go sit in your tank?

\NOOOO/ \wanna/ \playy/

*relaxes* Oh, okay! Any CAPTCHAs want to play with Yager? He's being social for once!

I will! I will!

You're not a CAPTCHA...

I don't care! >:(

Okay, go ahead *sighs* 

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Happy Cbversery!! We're pretty close in (CB) age! Your posts are always so fun to read! My question is...hmm....what is the guinea pig's name? Thanks for the cake!

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Ooh cool!

I have two :) one is named Anadil and the other is Lissa. This picture is Anadil.

You're welcome! 

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HAPPY CBVERSARY CHASEY! <3 *Text heart confetti* You're such a fun, chill member of the CB. I hope you stay for many many years to come. <3 <3

What's been your favorite thread/RP you've participated in?

<3 Fidelity 

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C h a s e y  I love it <3

Hmm... I don't think I've participated in any RPs (wasn't confident enough so first, and now I don't have time) As for general threads, I can't remember anything in particular but probably one of the drawing contests I've entered :)


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*sighs* forgot the picture! here you go ;) this is Anadil just chilling

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Wow, Starch! Happy CBversary!! I didn't know we were so close in CB age - you always seemed so much older and wiser to me :) it's been so great getting to know you through the CB and YWP, whether we've been encouraging (or slapping) each other to practice our instruments, sharing gifs and pictures (like your adorable piggie pictures <3) or just hanging around around and chatting. You are ~awesome~ 

I guess I'll ask a question... When did you create your first AEs?

Thanks again for being amazing :D have a great CBversary! 

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Tysm <3 No you're the wise one ;) It's been amazing to know you too! You've been a wonderful source of encouragement <3 and I'm glad you enjoyed the piggie pictures!

Hmm... my first AE was Frost. I think I created them... let me go check. It was in April! Wow... 

I'm old! 

Sure, yeah.

Thank you for being amazing, and always being there for me when I needed anything <3

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Lissa enjoying lettuce!

/xmehf\ meh?? are you calling guinea pigs meh? *stink eye* 

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Oh my gosh, really? Congratulations, Starch! *throws more confetti* Thank you for introducing me to guinea pigs (and getting me rather obsessed with them- they are too cute for words. Seriously. Why don't more people have these as pets.) Happy CBversary again, and thank you so much for ✨educating✨ me about Averno. Keep being awesome! Also, Kiwi and Ibi would be happy to play with Yager. Although, unless everyone wants to become covered in pie I don't know if that's a great idea XD


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Thank youuu <3 You are very welcome. They are the cutest little potatoes :) And you're welcome again- the more Averno-obsessed people there are, the better XD

/iwant\ /playy\ 
Um... just for a little, okay?
As for the picture, you may have seen this one before, but it's my favorite and it never gets old :P Lissa's cute lil face in front, Anadil in the background
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Happy CBversary, Starch! I'm so glad you're a part of the CB. You're wonderful and amazing and YAY! I hope you stay for a long time more. <3 Would you like vegan, allergen friendly chocolate that was originally for Welcome Backs but has evolved? Also eco-friendly confetti!

My question is, what is your  favorite project from Averno? Could be a single song, a musical, or an activity like Camp Averno and Find Averno. (Sorry, I'm really bad at thinking of questions.)

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Tysm <33 you are also very wonderful! I would love some chocolate *steals chocolate* *scarfs it down* 

*with a full mouth* ooh, dash a rewy ood queshion! "swallows* also a hard one though... probably Willow and LFA. It's so hard to choose though...


here's a cute Lissa face for your enjoyment! :)

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Happy CBversary Starch!! *throws confetti* *eats cake*

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Thank you!! :D *steals cake* *feels guilty* *gives back*

Lissa says "what? I'm trying to sleep!"

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