@Admins, Do you

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@Admins, Do you

@Admins, Do you have any idea how many Cbers there are? 

Leave a blank comment here so we can get a general idea of how many cbers! I will do the topping and will subtract that from final count! I would say there are like a lot of them. Wow I'm a genius. A lot of them. Einstien would be impressed by my specific number. 

Your guess would be better than mine. We don't keep track. People come and go, then may come back. And one person may post under different names. I'll just say too many to count, and we love hearing from each and every one of you!


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As the teenage evil clone of einstein i can confirm. 

Very impressed. 

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You can check the 2021 CB census on This Month!

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There's around 60 of us on here at the moment, but it's a bit hard to count exactly because sometimes people just pop in but they're not really here, or they were here but they kinda disappeared.

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I've wondered this for a while!

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