+.* quick update

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+.* quick update

+.* quick update *.+

Hii :D

i'm back... kinda. who knows- things are pretty sucky atm and i just want to crawl in a hole with my computer and never be seen again.


my imaginary therapists are berating me that taking that course of action is a "REdONCuLOS chOIcE" and therefor encouraging me to escape from my mind and come h e r e *cue sparkles and glitter*

You're all better than imaginary therapists- and they don't really do anything special anyways, probably bc of my detoriating mental health ;D 

SO. i'll be posting (but not too often) and hOpeFuLly getting back on track w/ my biggest writing project yet.

...yeah that's all i have to say



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Yayyy dreamii hiiiii :D I'm glad you're back! 

Also I really hope things get better for you *hugs* <3 I'm glad you're not crawling into a hole lol, though I can definitely understand that feeling.  

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Ignore her :) Giselle is my imaginary therapist (she makes a weirdly good therapist lol) but that doesn't go very well with her large ego...

I'm glad your back for a little bit! Same I want to crawl into a hole with my computer and never be seen again. That sounds nice. 

Remember, you were going to talk about your problems on the Confessions thread? Stop procrastinating!

this isn't procrastinating :(( yeah dreamii I can kinda relate with your imaginary therapist problems--

*indignant scoff* I believe just a few minutes ago you were telling me how helpful I was--

A, I would be thinking that, not saying it out loud, and B, you aren't being helpful anymore so--


Yeah, you all are better than imaginary therapists too. Giselle can be helpful, but, um, she's still Giselle, if you know what I mean.

That's awesome that you have a big writing project! I'm trying to actually plan a story before I start writing it (GASP)

Anyway, I'm glad you're back!! Even for just a little bit! And this post was also kind of a reminder that I should escape my mind for a little bit too, so thanks!

You have me to thank for reminding you to come to the CB and--

Yes, yes, I get it. Thanks, Giselle.

You're very welcome!



okay bye :D 

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Hi dreamii!! I hope you know that if you need anything from any of us, all you have to do is ask :) I'm sure we'd be better than imaginary therapists (no offense imaginary therapsits!!) <3 Good luck on your writing project.


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Hey Dreamii! Glad you're feeling better! <gooud!> *CUES MORE GLITTER* Actually um this sounds weird but I am thinking of starting a CB emotional support group. We really missed you!

GO TEAM NICO (You better mean NdA)

*Attacks perachel shippers* 

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hi dreamii!

*hugs* sorry about things being sucky. 2021 has gotten off to a bit of a sucky start. and 2020 really, really, really sucked. 

Good luck with your writing project, by the way :)

And... just try to remember things'll get better, even if they seem downright horrible right now.

remember Jaybells's advice! go write something!

Also, I'm so sorry I haven't responded yet to the compliment on the compliments thread, i haven't had the time, so I'll just post this here while I'm on the cb so you'll see it (hopefully).

Thank you so much for the compliment! It was so beautifully worded and really, really, really meant a lot to me. I started tearing up in the middle of science class when I read it. You are one of my best CBFs as well, and you are so good at putting emotions into words and making me feel them. You're such an amazing friend and I'm so so lucky to have you. You're someone I know is always going to be there for me and someone who I want to be there for too. Thank you for those things. Thanks for responding when I've felt horrible and ranted about it, thank you for always caring about how I felt, and thank you for trusting me and thank you for letting me know you care. I love you so much. *hugs*

Good luck on your writing project, by the way :) Here's a motivational cookie: *hands fresh motivational cookies through the screen* and of course, a large amount of positivitea. as always, hot-cold-or-somewhere-in-between-any-flavor-you-want <3 *hands a teapot and mug, as well as too many teabags too count*

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Hey dreamii! *hugs* It's great to see you again! I'm sorry things are sucky, if you need anything please don't hesitate to reach out. We're all here for you, and probably better than ijmaginary therapists! Make sure you're taking care of yourself <3

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Hi dreamii! I really hope that things get better. <3 *hugs* Remember, people in real life can be super helpful too. I'm glad to see you sort of back! I hope you don't crawl in a hole. 

If you mean Nico di Angelo which, knowing you, you probably do then YESSSSS NICO DI ANGELOOO. Probably my favorite fictional character --

Also *gasp* Juni Perachel is a whole lot better than Percabeth. XD

So yeah, we are always here for you, remember to try and do things that make you happy. *hugs again* <333 

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just deleted an entire angsty, overdramatic comment that took two hours to write!

tAKE thAT, ATtEnTIOn-SeEking bRAIn

but anyways


how is everyone

im not well

very confused

very sick

very tired

very frustrated

and to top it all off my crush comes along being cuddly and completely messes up my head!

thANKs, bEStiE!

yEahHHhh...  life kinda sUCKs right now! 

at least i have she-ra and plenty of worlds to get lost in when real life is too much!

i think i'll go draw a bit of terrible art and then write some terrible poetry!

sURE tHAT sOundS woNDerFul

iM toTAllY DoiNG fINE 




Chatterbox friends are always ready to help! We love you.


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*sends help, hot tea and ginger ale (for the sick because I assume you mean you have a bad cold or the stomach flu and anyways hot tea and ginger ale is delicious even when you aren't sick), and hugs*

Oh my gosh, dreamiing- life sounds confusing. *hugs* Maybe go listen to some sad music. That makes me feel better sometimes, because it reminds me I'm not the only miserable person in the world. ANd yeah, do some release poetry and art <3 and watch some She-Ra, that will definitely help. Maybe some hot chocolate too.

Or just hot tea :) 


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Writing poetry and drawing sounds like a good solution! Maybe listen to some uplifting music too? Or take a walk. Or dance! Also, crushes are dumb and we should start a petition to abolish them. Ok, maybe not XD (if you couldn't tell, I've been having a not-so-great time with crushes lately!) Anyways, sending good vibes and lots of positivitea your way! *hugs* 

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*bear hug*

I'm sure Lumi will have something better to say than me, so go read what she posted if/when she posts XD I guess just... I really really hope it gets better. remember to take care of yourself. don't push yourself too hard. eventually, things will be better. you know what? take a break from whatever you're doing right now, drink some water, eat some food, and do something that makes you happy. I love you <3

also here's a piggy picture :) guinea pigs make everything better

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Honestly, I feel like a guinea pig picture will always beat whatever I have to say in this kind of situation, because you're so so right, piggies make everything better <3

T H E Y ' R E   S O  C U T E  I ' M  M E L T I N G  A H H H H H  

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Eh, maybe. In any case, I am happy to show off my piggies :) You wouldn't believe the amount of pictures I have XD

Yager swore! *sends him to the corner* and stay there!
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I'm so sorry about whatever is going on. You are an awesome, wonderful, incredible, every-good-adjective person, and you deserve better than whatever life is throwing at you. I wish I could give you a hug, but I can't, so please name a pillow or something after me and hug it. Then name another one whatever is hurting you and hit it as much as you can, because you can't hit life, but hitting and screaming into pillows is very therapeutic. Speaking of therapy and psychology, I'm going to let Abcde do some talking. Whatever nonsense she says is NOT to be taken seriously, but I hope it cheers you up. <3 <3 <3

We love you and you're wondermous.

Hello, dreaming. As you know, I am Abcde the most wonderful and talented child and adolescent psychologist in the history of the world, solar system, galaxy, and universe. I am talented beyond human measurement, so I will help you get through life and give some hot chocolate at the end, because that's just what you need sometimes.

Before you read this, get a mug of something warm, then wrap yourself into a blanket cocoon, sit on a soft couch or bed, and meditate for a few minutes. Turn on a sound machine and channel your inner omming yak from Zootopia. Then you'll be ready.

Before I say anything about you, I'm going to talk about me, because (1) that's my greatest talent and (2) it's supposed to make you comfortable enough to admit stuff to yourself when other people have admitted things to you. All right. Here goes.

My hair is dyed.

This may come as a bit of a shock. I'm so naturally beautiful that you might think that even though deep red isn't normally a natural hair color, it might be mine. Well, it's not. My hair is brown. Not even chocolate brown or raven black. Just a dingy, dark brown that sometimes looks really disgusting. For most of my life, I hated it, because it seemed to go against everything that made me ME. Then Morning adopted me as an AE and she gave me red hair because she wanted to give me personality, even though I had plenty of my own, thank you very much. But now, my hair is awesome and beautiful, like the rest of me. But it can be embarrassing to tell people that it's dyed, because it makes me feel fake.

There. That's my confession. Now it's your turn. You don't have to type it or say it loud, just think inside of your head about something that just seems wrong, about you or the world around you. The. Think about how you can do something small to fix it and make it as perfect as me. Then give yourself a hug and tell yourself that you're awesome.

The End. Go be as wonderful as I am.

Back to Morning.

I hope that made you laugh a little, or at least feel a little better. <3

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