New AE!! Meet...

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

New AE!! Meet...

New AE!! Meet...

>Koi! Hey, guys! How are you?<

*confetti* Yay! Hopfuly I can stick with them for longer than my other AEs! Here's a basic breakdown of them;

>My name is Koi (like I said). I'm ageless and Nonbinary! I know some Captcha, but not much. When I speak in Captcha >Italk liket hisss< My personality... well, just imagine that really cool and popular kid. Now make them super nice and exepting. Yay! That's me! ;)>

I will be using Koi to explore my own identity! Thanks for being so nice here, people.

>Oh, and, um...<


>*blushes* <Iamup forsh ippin gopen toany oneat aalll><

*gasp* *squel* You only talk in Captcha when you're embaressed! Oh, how sweet.

>*face becomes redder*< 

Anyhoo, I'll post a drawing I made of Koi later!

>See ya, Lizards! *salutes and walks off*<

Well, bye then! Feel free to say hi to Koi in the comments! *runs after Koi* Hey, wait up! 

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yay! it posted! And, correction;

>When I speak in CAPTCHA, I talk with these thingies, "<>" so, for example; <Hiith isisC APTCH AAAAA>.<

Yes, confuzling.

Aria says, "ogkuy"

>Hrmrrr... Original... Gangster... Kuy?<

Eh, yeah, sure. 

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top :D

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top! why are you not topping?!!?!

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Hey, Koi! Nice to meet ya! I'm JJ! 

Hi! I'm River! I always like meeting new AEs :)
^Ello! 'Tis I, Septimus! :D^
Nonono Septimus don't even start with the ":D's"
*grumbles* do I have to say hi
harrumph. I'm Jenna. Bye.
Don't mind her, she's always like this. 
Why do you guys get in an argument every time Fallen makes a post with us?
(Jenna and JJ point at each other and both say "they started it!")
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>Hey, JJ! You seem fun. 'Ello, Septimus :D I too enjoy the fine plesure of ":D"s. Hi, Jenna. You don't have to talk to me ever again. And, hi, Fallen!<

Yay! AE contact!

>What are your pronouns, everyone? I don't like getting them wrong!< 

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Hi! My pronouns are he/him, River's are he/him, Jenna's are she/her, and Septimus's are he/him as well. We're also open for shipping, but we don't have any ships yet.

^ooh I like talking about ships! :D In Septimus Heap-^

Don't even start talking about Septimus Heap. Please.

^but it's my favorite book! :D^

You say that about every book. 

^that's because they're all my favorites! :D^




BANJO! *jumps up and down and starts running in circles*

I don't see a banjo.


What the frog is going on here?  


Ooookay then bye! Nice to meet you, Koi! *quickly posts before JJ drives everyone insane by repeatedly screaming banjo* 

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>Thank you! And...<

*whispering* oh no.



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Hi there, Koi!! I'm Topaz, also nonbinary, nice to meet you!

And i'm Jewel, pronouns she/her, and welcome, i guess.

Be polite, J-

*rolls eyes* 

Yeahhhh, we're a bit of a mess, but whatever XD 


Okayyyy I'm posting now before this escelates *posts*

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>Helloooooooooo, Topaz! *weird wave* Nice to meet you too! Hi, Jewel! Thank you for your welcome! <Andhe lloPe rryth eCAPT CHAAA>  *pats Perry on head* Hey-hey, Silver Crystal!< 

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Hello, Koi! I formally welcome you to the Chatterbox. I, too, am open for shipping--

*steps in front of Giselle* NOPE. Let's not get started on the whole shipping thing.

Oh, hush, Olive, you're just jealous.

what?? You're literally the one who's jealous because you haven't gotten a ship yet--

>H-hey, lizards, um, how about we talk about something else?<


DON'TYOUDARE! *starts ranting*

>That is just TOO much fun. Anyway, heyo Koi, welcome to the CB! I'm Penny!<


>Don't ask. Ignore Mabel and you'll stay fine and sane!<

Penny, you are acting like me. For the last time, I am the formal greeter.

Hey, I think we should do a vote. Who thinks Giselle should NOT be the "formal greeter"? *raises hand*

*barfs up glitter*

>*raises hand*<

>*starts panicking because they don't want to choose a side*<


Ah, looks like this is gonna descend into chaos. Nice meeting you, Koi! COME ON, LIZARDS, THE GREETING TIME IS OVER!

I got the popular vote!

>But Mabel and Lulu didn't vote yet!<

Because Mabel is unreliable and should not be a voter, and Lulu...uhh, they might be having a panic attack or something, but they AREN'T RAISING THEIR HAND. So HA!


Tell Penny she lost the election.

>Oh yeah? Tell Giselle SHE lost the election!< 

*more bickering*

We'll be going, folks. Nice seeing you! 

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>Hey-hey, Giselle, Olive, Penny, Mabel, Lulu and Honeybee! Can't wait to see y'all again soon!<

(Honeybee/Mabel- I had to screenshot the glitter ordeal. It was amazing lol) 

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(said all in one breath) Hi hi hi hi hi!!! I'm Eir, and my pronouns are she/her. It's so cool that you can speak CAPTCHA! What kinds of hobbies to you do? I love to paint!

Hi, Koi. My name's Oak. I'm nonbinary, my pronouns are they/them. It's nice to meet you.

Come on, stop sounding so monotone! Variety is the spice of life!

Excuse me, you only use exclamation points. VARIETY, remember?

Hey, at least I try! See. *hesitates* ! 

Case in point. 

I guess all AEs can't help but argue. Anyway, welcome, Koi!

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>Hi hello, Eir! I'd love to see some of your paintings sometime. I enjoy listioning to music or practicing my CAPTCHA when I'm bored! *monotone* Hello, Oak. I can be monotone as well. *back to normal* Or not. Thanks for such a warm welcome, The Sage Wolf!<

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NICE!!! Another AE we can convince to join the resistance!!

'Um... Maybe we should start out with um, I-introductions first? N-not that I want to go first! J-just... You know...'

OH! My name is LUNA-LYNN THE GREAT and NO ONE CAN STAND IN MY WAY!!! Also I will win! EVERYTHING!!! *cackles maniacly*

Hello, my name is Estelle, Evelyn and I are twins. I'm clearly the most intelligent of this group and I don't believe Luna-Lynn has ever won anything befor-


*clears throatEvelyn, would you like to introduce yourself now?

NO WAY!! DON'T JUST IGNORE ME!!! Evvy you're on my side, right?

'Well, um... I-I guess I'll just introduce myself, then?' 

EVVY, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *clings to eve*

'Hello, nice to... Uh, meet you. My name is Evelyn... I'm sort of shy, so please don't take it personally...!' 

~Hi, I heard there was a new AE around?~ *yawns* ~Make yourself comfortable.~ *gestures to bean bag chairs with tea-holders built in* ~My name is Jayda and yes, I am just as old as everyone else. I think. Please refer to me by xe/xem, or if that's too difficult then they/them pronouns are fine, by the way. Hm, I think that's all. I guess I'll be leaving, then.~

*attempts to whisper but failsWOAH!!! JAYDA ACTUALLY SHOWED UP???

*wrinkles nose in annoyance* ~Yes, now g'bye.~ *yawns again*

*sighs when Jayda is out of earshot* Even Conan-kun would never take naps... Jayda... Really tends to oversleep and that kind of stuff.

*Conan-kun scampers in* >>Are you talking about me? Oh, a new AE!<< *grins* >>Sounds fun! Do you think they'll want to play? Or will discussing philosophy and psychology be too boring for them?<<

Ah, perfect! Conan-kun is still a kid, but he's pretty smart. The only one left now is... Ugh... aMbER...


No... *grimaces* 

'Estelle, be nice...'

GAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *rolls on the floor* Perfect timing, aMbER!!!

She's, um... Why don't we just end it here actually? It's great to see another AE join the Chatterbox, so-


*claps a gand over Luna-Lynn's mouth* Shhh, okay, bye! 

'Yeah, um, n-nice getting to know you...! Bye...' *waves timidly*

*(Conan-kun) smiles and waves as everyone gets shuffled out by Estelle

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