The large metal

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The large metal

The large metal doors opened with a slam, and a freezing cold blast of wind shot through. Everyone in the tavern looked to see who it was, and, in his gleaming gold armor, it was no other than King Lazerbat himself. Whispers immediatly started going around.

King Lazerbat sat himself down at the counter, ignoring all the surprised stares. "I'll take a glass of fresh unicorn blood." He stated coldly. The bartender quickly nodded and ran off to go get a glass for the king. Another figure, this one dressed in a dark brown cloak that obscured their face, entered the tavern. 

Without any respect, they sat right next to King Lazerbat at the counter. The king could see through the disguise though, and regconized who it really was. A shadow servant.

"What do you want, servant of the dark elf king?" King Lazerbat directly asked. 

The figure unvieled their face, revealing a mangled skull with no skin and two crimson eyes. 

"I am a messenger for the Dark elf king. He was recently informed that you have been planning to make a special group of warriors." The figure said, in a desolate and empty voice. 

"Yes, I am planning that." King Lazerbat stated, and grabbed his unicorn blood by the handle. He took a huge sip. 

"You should know that no matter how powerful they are, they won't stand a chance aganist the nu-titans." 

King Lazerbat took an even larger sip, than threw down his glass. He chuckled. "We shall see about that." 


Will you help King Lazerbat in his crusade against the Dark elf king? Sing up for the solo write here! CBers, Ae's and captchas allowed, but a limit of three per person.




Species (Human, elf, dwarf, dark elf, anthromorphic animal): 






CHOOSE ONE, Put your abilites next to the job you choose:

Magic user-






Will start whenever King Lazerbat feels like it. 



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Name: th3mysticw0lf is my undercover name. Those close to me know my real name (Eclipse) and those even closer may call me Eli. 

Age: 11 physically, but mentally older. 

Gender/pronouns: she/they. 

Species (Human, elf, dwarf, dark elf, anthromorphic animal): A shifter, can shift between wolf, raven, and human. 

Appearance: I always have silver and black on me. To sum it up, I am either a raven, wolf, or human, with silver fur/hair, blue eyes, and shadows surrounding me. 

Personality: quiet, shy, mysterious, intelligent. 

Backstory: I am a mysterious person. My parents abandoned me, and I have been living alone since. 

Tools/weapons: 2,500 ninja stars, laced with poison. 2 daggers, laced with poison. Katanas strapped onto my back, laced with poison. A poison vial hidden. A hammer, spikier than normal. A ax. A staff, this is her main weapon. The staff is made of twining pieces of oak, with a dark milky-galaxy colored orb. 

Other: N/A

CHOOSE ONE, Put your abilites next to the job you choose:

Magic user- She can, well, use magic. Her specialty is fighting magic and poison magic and generally dark magic. 





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Name: Myrila Entovaur (ME-rih-luh)

Age: 16

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Species (Human, elf, dwarf, dark elf, anthromorphic animal): Elf

Appearance: Tall, of average build, with deep brown eyes, and long black hair in two braids, fading to brown and then a dark blonde at the bottom. Wearing a dusty-red tunic and dark brown leggings, with soft, flexible leather boots and a short, dark gray cloak.

Personality: Quiet and observant, intelligent, witty. Prefers to be alone most of the time, but she'll spend time with people occasionally. 

Backstory: She grew up with nine siblings, so she learned to love alone-time. When she reached 13, she left home to learn how to survive on her own. She still visits her family from time to time.

Tools/weapons: A long, powerful bow and sleek red-feathered arrows, two short knives.

CHOOSE ONE, Put your abilites next to the job you choose:

Magic user- Not the most skilled magic user, but one just the same. She specializes in surrounding her knives or arrows with magic to improve their impact and strength.

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Name: Writing_in_the_dark. Friends/allys call me Writing. VERYY close allys call me Wri (wow i thought of that on the spot)

Age: 11, looks older (just slightly, like 12 or 13) acts mature

Gender/pronouns: Nonbinary, they/them

Species: well, heck. Dark Elf, I geuss.

Appearance: average hight and almost androganius build; messy, silvery hair cut just bollow chin langth (obviusly cut quickly and unprofesionaly); Black/gray-ish skin; Icy blue eyes. I wear a purple, bell-sleaved top; black, baggy pants; and brown-ish fabric pulled into a bag-ish thing for shoes.

Personality: I am slow to trust anyone. Quiet, sneeky and unforgiving (if someone makes fun of me or of my friends... you don't want to know). I form strong bonds with friends I'm close to, and don't really want to leave. I am unforgivingly myself at all times, and stand up for what is right. I'm smart, but sometimes just *blank*.

Backstory: I grew up female, but, when I was 8, realised I was nonbinary. I told my parents and was kicked out. I've been living on the streets ever sense. (P.S.- this is not my real backstory)

Tools/Weppons: Long, silvery sword, that I am an EXPERT at using!

Job: Other- Some what of a street urchin-turned-criminal? Not AGAINST King Lazerbat, of course. I can pick-pocket easily, but only when absullutly needed. I can also blend into crowds.

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YES! ANother nonbinary lovable rougue style character archetype! 


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Name: Celestia 

Age: fifteen

Gender/pronouns: They them

Species (Human, elf, dwarf, dark elf, anthromorphic animal): anthromorphic animal

Personality: Long wavy blonde hair, fox ears and a fox tail, I have markings on my face and all over my body, a black choker with a little charm shaped like a fox tail, a black tank top crop top, a green jacket, long black combat boots, ripped up jean shorts.

Backstory: I came from a colony that was destroyed by the dark elves. I have massive regret on what I have done, but I had to do it. I had to kill my friends because they were secretly working with the dark elves, they were brainwashed by the dark elves and were working on a project to 

Tools/weapons: Daggers and Swords and my fighting skills. And secret daggers hidden everywhere (see below)

Other: Nope!

CHOOSE ONE, Put your abilities next to the job you choose:

Warrior/fighter- I am a very good fighter, I can kick high, and I can punch hard, I can jump up onto high places and jump down and surprise attack very well. I can walk quietly so I can sneak up easily

OKAY I'm gonna use this character in a book is that okay?

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Amazing! A fantasy rp that the title thinks is called "The large metal"




Age: 14


Species (Human, elf, dwarf, dark elf, anthromorphic animal): Are gnomes an option? No? Gnome or dark elf.

Appearance:Well according to a certain thread i have long purple anime hair that changes to express my emotions and sparkles in the sun and flows dramatically in the wind even when there is no wind because the wind follows me. And the wind, it smells like rain. And pink skin but i literally just made that up. And little horns! And a tail!

Personality: Chaotic neutral on a caffine buzz. I'd probably betray you if the bad guys pay better.

Backstory: One day I just left my underground home and decided to screw with surface people a bit.

Tools/weapons:A SPEAR. SPEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAARRRRRRR. And a ukelele! Doo doo doo!


And i'm support. 


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King Lazerbat appreciates the bravery of you courageous souls! All the spots are now closed, and I shall post the first part next week. The first few chapters will focus on King Lazerbat meetting each of the warriors indivually, then they will all meet up.

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Surprise, the first chapter if early! Hope y'all enjoy, and I'll try to reguraly post :)


Chapter 1

As I stared down into the deep, dark void, my eyes seemed glued to the center. Large fragments of statues were floating around, swirling towards the middle of the black abyss. I was just floating around, unable to move forward. A screeching voice started echoing through my ears. I looked deep down into the center of the vortex, and thought I saw a large mouth lined with ravor-sharp teeth quickly approaching me...


I woke up immediatly, dripping in sweat and with a horrible headache. All the pillows on my bed were rustled, and my blanket was half hanging off the edge. I got up, tired. It was the middle of the night, and my room was hotter than an inferno.

Stumbling around, I grabbed the glass that was on my bedstead and drank it all in a single gulp. The lemony taste swirled around in my mouth, slowly helping me regain my strength. That dream I had had was most likely a product of necro-night mares, also known as the result of immense attacks from dark magic. 

I started walking out of my room, dressed in my large red robe, when I heard a pecking on my windowsill. I looked up, and in the glowing dark summer moonlight, was Victor. I heaved open the window, and he flew in, and perched on my drawer. The fresh breeze from outside was refreshing.

"Hello, Victor. What brings you here?" I asked, glancing over to my drawer. 

"I decided it best to visit, in relation to some buissness, um... troubles." 

I sighed, and started to walk to the door. "Follow me, we'll talk." 

I opened the door, and started to walk down the velvet carpeted stone hall. Victor was close behind, and careful not to fly into one of the wall perched torches. 

"As you know, the Dark elf king is getting increasingly violent in his pursuits to gain control over the lower regions." Victor stated, catching up to me. 

"Yes, I know that. We are working as fast as we can to solve that." I said, then paused. "And I have an entire group of warriors and adventurers ready to fight him off." I proudly added.

We kept walking down the hall, turning the corners. We eventually reached the main hall, and the large chandelier shown down on us. The larger room was particularly brighter than the others, mainly because of the abundance of windows.

"W-ell, er..." Victor seemed to be contemplating whether or not to say something. 

I sneeringly looked at him. "Well, what?" 

We headed into my lounge room, a comfortable and cozy reading room. There is one large wool-covered chair, a bookshelf, some assorted items, and a relaxing smell of wax coming from the candles. I sit down on the chair, and laid back. 

"Well, the so-called-group you had... disbanded." Victor akwardly said.

In that instant, I felt a surge of red-hot anger flow right up to my head. I couldn't believe my ears.

"THOSE COWARDS-" I start yelling, but Victor cut me off. 

"Please do not spread this information sir. We don't want to start a wide-spread panic."

I clenched my fists, then unclenched them, and toke a deep breath. "Yes, I understand. My apologies for the suddern outburst." 

Victor shoke his head. "This is not your fault sir, but the fault of those cowardly knights." 

I placed my palms on my forehead. "So, what do I do now?"

"We had the idea that you go around, finding the bravest, best warriors, and put together a new group!" Victor replied.

"I do not have that sort of time-" 

The sound of shattered glass broke through my sentence. And then, a scurry of footsteps. I looked at Victor, and he seemed to mouth out "Stay here". I got up, heaved open my bookshelf, and went inside it. I closed it back up, and saw Victor fly away. This was the normal protocol for robberies. 

Although I did have possible theives inside my castle, I couldn't stop thinking about who I would put in my new team. And how the dark elf king had just gained another advantage- he has a special team, and I don't yet.


A/N: Sorry that this chapter is mostly exposition, there will more action next chapter!  

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there... wasn't a new part this week... hm. This is gonna continue, right?

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It is, I'm currently making it.

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Oh, ok!

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A/N: Sorry it took so long! Here is the new part! 


I wait for a while, still hidden in the secret compartment, when I hear a sound of metal shuffling. One of my knights runs over, and knocks on the door. 

"King Lazerbat! I'm hear to get you to saftety!" 

I'm a bit wary, but I leave the compartment. "Were shall we leave-" 

In that instant, he takes his sword and thrusts it into my stomach, sending a long feeling of immense pain up my body. It's not a new sensation, as I've been stabbed before. And luckily the sword was short. 

I fall to my knees, trying to stop the bleeding from the stab wound. The pain is still ringing up my body. I look up to the guard, and he's smirking. A couple more cloaked figures with knives and bows come over. 

I glare at the guard, but he just kicks me in the head, and it feels like my skull just cracked. I fall over, barely moving, and close my eyes. I hear the guard kick my back, and then turn to the other theives. 

"Some King! Can barely take a kick and a stab!" 

A couple of the others chuckle. One of them starts walking away. "We should leave before he gets reinforcments." 

I quickly grab the sword from my chest, and lodge it right into the theif disguised a s a guards head. The other theives are too slow to respond, as I jump from the ground onto the table, then onto of the the theives, stabing him in midair. But the others still have their bows pointed at me.

"Move a muscle and we'll shoot!" One of the commands, a bit hastily. They must have been ordered not too kill me. I decide to test this, and I run forward and tackle on of them.

Arrows are shot from all their bows. But they suddenly swirl around, and pierce each of the the thieves in the head. They all fall down. 

From the shadows, a figure approaches. She is wearing a silver-black robe, and has an array of weapons with her. It includes a staff that they must have been the thing that reversed the arrows. 

"Thank you very much, um-"

"Call me th3mysticw0lf. It's amazing to see you, King Lazerbat." She says, kneeling.  

"Get up. You just saved my life, that's no reason to kneel for me. Matter of fact, I should be doing that for you." I say, grinning. This is the exact kind of wizard I'm looking for. I might be on the way to getting my new team together. 

"I do have a proposition for you." I offer. 

"Can you offer it after we rid the castle of these theives?" She replies. 

"Of course." I say, pulling out my sword.  

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