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i have the woRSt commitment skills. i vanished again (right after my cbversary too-!) and didnt warn anyone. 

...sorry ,:D

anyways, today is my birthday, today is the start of pride month, and today is a tuesday. so i think it's a good time to get back online and adress my absence. 

FIRST, today (june 1st) is the day i was born, so im older then i was yesterday- which is pretty cool.

SECOND, june is pride month!! happy pride!! i sTILl am too nervous to come out as ace-enbylesromantic but that's... fine. i'll come out eventually, i guess.

THIRD, today is a tuesday, which means i'm supposed to be in school (because its not summer yet) and i'm supposed to be writing or drawing (because tuesdays are creative days). im failing at both. let's talk about the latter though, because that's more important. 

i have writers block and zero motivation and i get depressed whenever i think about drawing something.

so y e a h, that's that, im kind of in the creative dumps right now. please smack me and tell me to go write, i need the motivational pain.

this post is too long, can we go now?

fable, maybe don't-

i will write a long post if i want to.

nobody wants to read a long post.

yes they do!

no they dont!

*chaotic endermen arguing*


[End Post] 

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(June 1, 2021 - 3:38 pm)

Happy Birthday, and Happy pride month! Also here is the smack so that you go write- *slap*

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(June 1, 2021 - 4:44 pm)

OH! How DARE you! You said you would smack me and you sLAPPEd me! 

*pretends to be frustrated but is secretly pleased*  

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(June 4, 2021 - 10:23 am)
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(June 1, 2021 - 6:58 pm)





*tosses snacks, water, and anything else that is of use to you* 


- th3mysticw0lf 

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(June 1, 2021 - 8:05 pm)

thank you!! *tries to catch everything and falls over*

i will go write now!

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(June 4, 2021 - 10:25 am)

I totally get you, mate. Ya wanna just talk? 

I'll be procrastinating here even if you don't.

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(June 1, 2021 - 8:17 pm)

i do want to talk! :D

there's a lot on my mind, but i'll start with a simple 'how are you feeling?' 

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(June 4, 2021 - 3:42 pm)

Yay!! Talk-talk-talk~

Hmm... I guess I'm fine, to answer your question; not exactly awesome, but not horribly terrible either. :\

How about you?

*gives death glare* AND NO MORE STRESSING OUT. That's off-limits.

*is a complete and utter hypocrite* 

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(June 5, 2021 - 6:17 am)

DREAMII HIII <333 I missed you! 

okay first- happy birthday!!! *throws confetti* how old are you now? 12 or 13?

second- happy pride :DD third- that sucks :/ *slapslap* go write!!

and fourth, bc I always need to tell you about my latest musical obsession, do you listen to chloe moriondo? my friend told me about her :) their new album is very cool. I think my favorite song on it is strawberry blonde, but girl on tv is also very good

oh and did you ever listen to dodie?? my song ranking list still stands :D 

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(June 1, 2021 - 8:19 pm)

starch!!! hiiii!! i missed you too! <33

i'm twelve, although i feel older for some reason.

i dont listen to chloe moriondo, but they sound amazing! (and yes, i did listen to dodie! she is so epic and i loved every single song ;D) 

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(June 4, 2021 - 4:05 pm)

nice!! yeah I totally get that :) ik my sister especially just turned 12, but I've felt like she's 12 for months now lol

yayyyyy :DD she's amazing ahhhh
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(June 6, 2021 - 8:09 pm)

DREAMII *hugs*

hey, good to see you!

FIRST: Happy BIRTHDAY, FRIEND! I remember this day last year, too :) You'RE tWElVE cONGRatS (i've given up on good capitalization for life if no one's noticed yet XD)

SECOND: writer's block? what? me? no, i don't have writer's block! what makes you think that? no, of course it has nothing to do with me attempting to write fanfiction! why would you even suggest it? what? who says i have forgotten how to write plot? where are you getting all these ideas?

asdfghjkl in all seriousness, I get it. i apologize, it's awful.

THIRD: HAPPY PRIDE. HAPPY PRIDE HAPPY PRIDE HAPPY PRIDE. you're awesome and valid and i love you <3 *throws rainbow confetti* be proud, you deserve it.

FOURTH: I have nEWS. I'm coming to evada/California. In August. Which is admittedly a bit far off, but whatever.

Since the cb obviously isn't an okay place to coordinate if/when/where to meet up irl (UGH CYBERSECURITY sometimes i hate you, even if you keep me safe from creepy people *sigh*) and nano's out of the question, i was thinking we could go back to the bracelet idea some old cbers had.

or something? idk, i just really don't want to run into you, not realize it's you, and then completely miss you and never get another opportunity to talk to you irl again XD

and i know that the actual probability of me seeing you at all (let alone recognizing you) is... not high... but eh.

we can dream, yes?

anyhow. i'm so glad you're back, happy birthday, happy pride, happy almost summer and good luck with your writer's block!

(and the whole thing about drawing- ack i feel you there too) 

ALSO FIFTH: blaze would love to hang out with firefly sometime, i'm afraid i've been neglecting her and mid recently so some rping would probably be good.

althought i'm pretty sure everyone reading this knows that i am... embarrassingly bad at writing romance...

anyways :) i'll just post this because i have no idea how to end it un-awkwardly! welcome back, friend :) 

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(June 1, 2021 - 10:02 pm)



i took so long to respond to this aaa!

1. THANK YOU! i have finally come to join you in the 12 club!!

2. yes- writers block- i'm very sad to see you here in the writers dump. dont worry, my friend, we'll make it out together!

3. HAPPYPRIDEHAPPYPRIDEHAPPYPRIDE!!! *huge hug* i love you too, lumi, thank you for supporting me <333

4. OH. MY GODS. OKAY. cyber security is going to get in the way, but the bracelet idea could work!! lets think about colors- red like the cb borders, cream/white like the pages, pale blue like the top of the pages?? idk- what do you think??

5. firefly would love to hang out with blaze sometime soon! i've been forgetting about all of my AEs- but nows a good time to start remembering, with summer four days away!! 

(dont worry, i cant write romance either- we can learn together :D) 

this is so very late,, i dont even know if you'll see this- if you don't, uhh... there's no point in writing any more!



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(June 15, 2021 - 11:18 am)

Welcome back Dreamiing! Happy Birthday, Happy Pride Month, and Happy Tuesday! *Starts searching for giant box of kazoos for the occasion* If you need some writing inspiration by the way, you should check out the writing prompts thread in Puddings Place (If it isn't there, it might me in Inkwell - not sure). I hope your birthday is cheerful and fun, and that you have a wonderful day. *Finds multiple kazoos and blows them all at once* *FWOOT!* And then, to everyone, have an amazing Pride Month!  :) 

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(June 2, 2021 - 7:33 am)

Happy birthday dreamii!! And happy Pride!! You are wonderful and valid in every way, don't pressure yourself to come out before you're ready. <3 Sorry about your creative block, I hope it goes away soon! *motivational slap* (Also, I disagree with Fable, it's not too long and I love reading your posts!)

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(June 2, 2021 - 12:46 pm)