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CB Ultimate Guide

CB Ultimate Guide

So I thought about making a CB guide because the other one somehow just disappeared. Here is the new guide!


Getting Started


Viewing Posts

To view a post on the top of the list, click on it, and you will get taken to that post.

Commenting on a post

To comment, find the "Add New Comment" link, fill in your details, in the Body put your comment, then the last step is the CAPTCHA. This is to make sure that you are a human and to prevent spam submissions. Fill in the letters and press submit. If the CAPTCHA was correct, you will be taken to the original post. Otherwise, you will have to enter it again.

When I submit a comment, why does it not show up in the comments right away?

This is to prevent comments with inappropriate or harmful content. Before it is put on the site, the admins have to check it to make sure it is fine for the site. Admins may also edit comments that have some good elements, but also have unwanted stuff. Sometimes this editing power is good, since I have seen CBers ask questions directly to the admins, and the admins edit the post to include their response. All this makes for a safe, non-harmful environment.

How long does that usually take?

Sometimes, a comment can be put on the website in the same day it is posted! However, it can take up to one day.

What should I put in the Name section?

Although it says to put your first name and last initial, many people create screen names that represent themselves. For instance, at the bottom of this post it says it is by GoldenLionTamarin. I chose that name because the Golden Lion Tamarin is my favorite type of monkey! Also, to refer to a name, put @ before the name. So, someone would refer to me as @GoldenLionTamarin. 

Making a post

Simply click on a section and then the button saying Click Here to talk ...

Then fill in your details and the post


CBer: any person who is actively on the Chatterbox

RP: Role play

AE: alter ego, a different identity that many CBers use for RPs, for fun, etc. 

CAPTCHA: A test that CBers have to take to clarify they are a human before submitting. 

Thanks for this, GLT. And here's the previous guide:  




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submitted by GoldenLionTamarin, CA
(July 16, 2021 - 12:41 pm)

I have some things to add to this thread that I forgot to add:

1. The Admins don't just delete comments or posts that are inappropriate for the CB, they also protect CBers' privacy. Once I made a comment on the "Any CBer could..." thread showing the county I live in, a small one in Southern California. Apperantly, that was too small, so the admins didn't post it. Now, as I'm thinking about it as I write this comment, I'm glad they didn't post it. My county really was small, and showing the name of the county might have been personal information (I'm guessing a lot of people know that it is something you should be very careful about sharing). 

2. Just because you aren't seeing your thread in a day doesn't mean it hasn't been posted. The same thing happened to me with this thread.

3. Top!

4. Here is a list of games or activities CBers have done:

Picturing: An activity where CBers picture each other. Known versions: Written picturing

Ski Lodge: A game where CBers die from a murderer, and the murderer is guessed later on.


5. Here is a list of new game ideas CBers have thought about:

Club: One tricker tries do drive a club conversation in a random direction. Created by: GoldenLionTamarin

Hotel: A detective tries to catch the criminal before they escape! Created by: Mahriel


OK, this is all the things I could think of. Please feel free to add anything that I missed or didn't know about (to be fair, I am a VERY new CBer). 


submitted by GoldenLionTamarin, CA
(August 9, 2021 - 7:47 pm)