Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket



Photo contest? we haven't had one in a while and there really fun.

Rules are: 

Stick to the theme

No pics of people

Nothing inappropriate.

And don't bully others about their photos.


The theme is Nature! judging date is Sep 18th.

Good luck! 

submitted by Alex
(September 6, 2021 - 2:30 pm)

the cutest hat ever <3

submitted by The Sage Wolf
(October 12, 2021 - 2:35 pm)

Hey, question. Shouldn't this be in Inkwell? Maybe I'm confused.

submitted by Pancake, age No clue, River Lake
(October 16, 2021 - 8:03 am)

Inkwell is actually for stories. Puddings place is what I think you're talking about. Yeah, It probably should be... but I guess I forgot to check where I was putting this thread before posting bwhaha.

submitted by Alex
(October 16, 2021 - 1:41 pm)

yes, but photography contests have (for some reason) historically been in the CaC section, so-

submitted by Luminescence, age thirteen, she/her, the poet's brain
(October 26, 2021 - 8:15 pm)
submitted by Last few days to sub, mit!
(October 21, 2021 - 12:22 pm)

Last day to submit a photo! Judging might be a little late tomorrow as I have a lot to do :')

submitted by Alex
(October 22, 2021 - 1:52 pm)

My kitty cat. Name is Kits-Kits von Catso. This is when he was really little.

submitted by Shining Star, age 13 eons, The Milky Way
(October 22, 2021 - 7:47 pm)


On a scale of one to ten on cuteness, I rate it a... ONE MILLION ZIGGIGTY FIVE BILLION!!!!!!!!!

submitted by Emekittycon Kitten, age 13, Kitten Kingdom
(October 23, 2021 - 1:46 pm)

So plans changed and now i can judge :D

3rd, Sterling! The lighting is really good with the sun beams on your dog! The quality is a little low though. Nice job!

2nd, Fallen Leaf! Haha, your dog looks so cozy all bundled up in those blankets. Nice photo!

1st, Shining star! I love this, the way the face demands the viewer to look at him, the focus is amazing, where you can see all the little hairs. Congrats!


The Sage Wolf, Oh my goodness, what a cute little lizard! He/she looks almost as if they're peeking out to see what the weather is like. 

Silver Crystal,  All the colors here are just amazing. The leaves, your friends dog, Very nice. Well done!


Congrats everyone! 


submitted by Alex
(October 23, 2021 - 12:25 pm)
submitted by New Theme?, @Alex
(October 23, 2021 - 3:54 pm)

I don't choose the new theme. The winner is the next judge.

submitted by Alex @newtheme
(October 24, 2021 - 1:37 pm)
submitted by @Shining Star, New theme?
(October 25, 2021 - 6:24 am)

Sorry, I didn't know I picked the bext theme!

Ok, next theme is...trees. 


Shining Star 

submitted by Shining Star, age 13 eons, The Milky Way
(October 26, 2021 - 2:30 pm)

Also, when should we submit it by? Thanks! Also, I'm sure a bunch of pretty pictures will be arriving, especially at this time of year...

submitted by Rainbow!, age 11, Pyrrhia (she/her)
(October 26, 2021 - 3:25 pm)

Is this ok? It used to be a tree... (it's petrified wood)

submitted by Fallen Leaf, age 6th Grade, Just a flesh wound
(October 26, 2021 - 3:47 pm)