I need help!

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I need help!

I need help! Me and my three friends want to do halloween together, but we all want to dress up as something, such as our favorite book characters! But I really need ideas! Please comment your ideas!

Yeah! I'm Wyyiz, by the way. This is my first apperance.

Yeah, I know, Wyyiz.

I'm just introducing myself!

I already did that. Sorry about Wyyiz. She will now randomly pop up now and then, and she can get annoying.


I'm joking. Please give me ideas! 

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So... I'm assuming you're looking for like, group halloween ideas?

If so, here's a couple: (First of all, I don't know you or your friend's genders, so I apologize in advance for assuming your gender.)

Broadway musicals: Hamilton; there's 4 girls, (Schuyler sisters and also Maria); Phantom of the Opera would be cool too, I know the Phantom is a guy but I dressed up as the phantom one year and was techincally a 'phantomess.' One great thing about Halloween is that you can basically 'genderbend' anything; I mean, cosplayers are doing that all the time right?

Marvel Characters (there are both boys and girls you could do)

Star Wars Characters (again, LOTS of main girls and boys to dress up as) 

Something from a favorite TV show (Could be anime, could be something else) or Movie characters; I have some friends who are going as people from 'men in black,' or 'ghostbusters.' My friends and I for this year are going as modernized characters from ATLA (avater the last airbender. The TV show, NOT the movie though.)

Holidays! This one is always fun, I know that one year with my friends we all decided to dress up as holidays, as if they were people. I was Valentine's day, and I wore a pink skirt, cute shoes, heart shirt, and face painted a big huge heart on my face. We also had like St. Patrick's Day (the person who was this holiday wore all green,) Christmas, Halloween, etc. These types of costumes are so fun because you can always be creative with it! 


'Puns' (for example, be a 'quarter back' and tape a quarter on the back of your shirt and wear a football jersey or something, or 'fork in the road,' make a 'road' out of paper, put it on your shirt,  and then tape a fork in the middle of that road. There's a LOT more out there, just search up 'pun costumes for Halloween'

Hope this gets you started with some ideas! :) This is the best part of Halloween, because you get to be creative with all your costume ideas!! Good luck! 

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You could go as Harry, Ron and Hermione

Azula, Ty Lee and Mai

Something Halloween themed, like three witches or three skeletons

Izuku, Ochako and Ida

Mobius, Loki and Sylvie

Three out of four of the Hobbits

Sailor Senshi



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But anyway what this thread is for...  

hm... well like they said ochaco, izuku, ida or sailors guardians... ooh Lucy, Natsu, gray or put erza in there too (fairy tail) Misa, Light and L (death note) Kaneki, touca, Hide (tokyo ghoul)

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YESS I LOVE MHA (I've only read the first 3 manga tho)

I haven't actually watched Sailor Moon yet, I want to but I have to get the ok from my parents first 

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Hi! I have some ideas :)

So they're not really related to books and stuff but here:

Power puff girls? But like not in the classic costume, get creative!

Mina, ochako, tsu? If you want or if you watch my hero academia. And you could dress in your own clothes, but keep the "makeup" and wigs! :)

Sun, moon, and star? That could be pretty <3

Idk if all of you are boys, girls, or anything else but let me know and I can come up with some different ideas C: 


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