Hi! I'm Gollum,

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Hi! I'm Gollum,

Hi! I'm Gollum, a SUPER old time CBer (from like ten years ago), just wanted to see what's going on here and say howdy (probably more to the Admins than anyone else, since I don't see any familiar names). Probably my generation's biggest accomplishment was the Lemming Wars, it's a real moment and looking back I don't understand WHAT we were thinking. One of my pals Sakura might also have invented the murder mysteries in the ski lodges that's showing up in a glossary thread?

I don't have much sage old person stuff to say, but the good news-- I'm doing well, and I'm still doing nano haha. I hope y'all are having fun, this place is really special and I'm glad it's still around!

Hi, Gollum! I remember you. Ski lodges are still very popular here. There are new ones frequently in various settings. I'm glad you're doing well. We have a Chatterbox reunion here around each Valentine's Day when some old timers return to say hi for a few days.


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Hi Gollum, nice to meet you!! What's the Lemming Wars?

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