I'm back.

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I'm back.

I'm back.

I guess I was never really gone, but my life has been sorta hectic recently (though not in a bad way). I just started *junior high*, so I might not be as active as I was last school year, but this is just me saying, "Hi, I'm alive!" ALsO, in an effort to make my name more simple, I'll post as "Wolfy" now. That's all. Chao!

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Hey Wolfy!

Junior High can be pretty hectic... I am 6th grade and it's tough. I'm rooting for you! What kind of school do you go to? I am homechooled. 


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I go to a public 7th to 12th grade school. What's homeschooling like? If you have siblings, do you work with them? I'm rooting for you too.


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