Okay, so on

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Okay, so on

Okay, so on NaNo we would occaisionally share some math problems. Anyways today there was a math class (not mine) where the kids were given a challenge problem. I think this might reflect more on the teacher than the kids but they ended up with over fifteen answers. One of the kids from my reading block was in that class and she showed us the problem. I now posess the correct answer. (the girl had done it wrong but I did it out on a white board and then went to see my math teacher.) (reading block at my school is super relaxed and you can do pretty much whatever you want within reason) Anyways here is the problem. I will post the answer tomorrow night. Good Luck! 

(-40/27 * 45/60) * (33/70 * 45/11 * 6/54 * 80/66) * (121/64 * 8/9 * 80/66) * (9/200) 

If anyone else wants to post math problems you are totally welcome too. 

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(November 17, 2021 - 8:39 pm)

If you do it on a calculator is that cheating

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I think I will wait a couple days to post the answer because no one as posted an answer yet.

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