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i really doubt any of you remember me but it's been quite a while since i've been on here! hi to those who are new :)) im mystic, or th3mysticw0lf, who has been through about 109835 (exagerated number) name changes! but yeah ive settled on th3mysticw0lf, altho yall could also call me lemon.

anyways! there are 8 more days until my birthday! im really excited because im turning 12!! and it also means i get a ton more crafting things that i can use :)) 

i get the whole week off, too! exciting :)) finally a break from homework! 

anyways see yall later! 

-- mystic 

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(November 22, 2021 - 1:55 pm)

Happy birthday mystic!!!

I'm Tsuki, it's nice to meet you:D I've been here for maybe a month or two and I've flipped through a few old threads and seen your comments.  My birthday's right around yours she's older than you mystic hehe shut it.  Anyway my birthday's right around yours and I'm excited.

This is Spontaneity and Lucky Star, my spontaneous, go-getter, adventurous AE That's me :P and my smart, spiritual and shy AE (who does not talk a lot because of *social anxiety* and I will be ending this post now before Neity has the chance to bully her into speaking-)

Oh and Confetti says "yyooa"

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woahh that's so cool- 

if you've seen starchaser (i think it was starchaser...not too sure tho)'s posts, she also has the same birthday as me!! i made her a picturing before but im not too sure where it is. 

anyWAYS! yeah a lot of people are older than me, but i could have been reincarcinated 2p358209750870928309762094850193840976092834092834098209862 to the power of e x 09375098235098230947108579068-023954-09-02809257072340981039480927502957092834023 and so therefore i would technically be older than a lot of people!! 

anyways hello to spontaneity and lucky star!! i recently did get an ae update-- here they are!! 

kira, who is quiet but can make you do things. cancer, good at guilt tripping. 

olive, who is loud as hell and has broken many things. aries, good at starting arguments. 

autumn, in honor of a canonically dead tribute, who is often the peacemaker. libra, good at being indicisive. 

i think i hold the record for most aes...

(i have too many to recall. i know my first aes were ocean, burn, & galaxy, though! i also had timeshifter, breeze, and someone else xD, although i do remember i've been through quite a few changes. if anyone remembers selene, orion, and chang'e, one quiet smort girl and two stuck up aes, yup, you're right :) ) 

ah yes, the memories <3 


-- mystic !!  

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Hey th3mysticw0lf!! I remember you, and I'm so happy to see (read?) you again!

Oh my goodness, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I just turned twelve too! (Wow, a lot of CBers have their birthdays in November, apparently!) I hope you get a lot of awesome presents and have a great day. 

<3 pangolin 

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Heya mystic! I remember you! Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome break (and especially a break from homework - I totally feel you on that)  Congrats on being 12 in *checks calendar since I can't keep track of what day it is anymore* 6 days! 

Fwoot! Happy B-Day! 

That is Glimmer - she sends her best wishes too!

You sound so formal Neverseen! *blows horn in Neverseen's ear*

Urg - Glimmer that is loud *rubs feeling back into ears*! Anyhow, please ignore the ruckus over here - 


*Fending Glimmer's horn away* Have an Awesome Day!


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Happy Birthday Zany twin! I hope you have fun being 12! On January 22nd I'll finally be 13!

*sends virtual hugs and neverending presents*


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