AE redesign/New AEs

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AE redesign/New AEs

AE redesign/New AEs and CAPTCHA

Hi, everyone! So, I’ve gone through a LOT (I mean, A LOT) of AEs. Like, I think Koi is my 5th overall. But I think I’ve figured it out now. I’ve redesigned “Koi” and created 2 new AEs. So, I’ll fill them out a charrie sheet to (re-)introduce themselves.

I guess I should get started?

>*buries head in hands* Just get me over with…<


Name: Dawn (previously known as Koi)

Pronouns: Ae/aer/aers/aerself (ms. or mx.)

Appearance: Ae have an androgynus build, delicate features, pale skin, and are a bit taller than average; probably because ae have elvish blood. Aer eyes aren’t an exact color, but always seem either silver or blue or in between. Aer hair is white and goes down to their low back. Ae enjoy wearing wispy clothing, usually colored white, silver, or pale blue. Most times, aer outfit is a blank, white, long-sleeve boho top with cut-off blue jeans. Always barefoot, unless it’s an extremely formal event.

Personality: Very shy and self-conscious, extremely introverted and anxious, disliking a lot of social interaction. Ae are easily flustered and are often blushing. Ae take everything literally, are often oblivious, and aren’t quick to anger. Sad and depressing at times, very poetic (yet straight-forward). Tries to find beauty in everything. Surprisingly good singing voice. Doesn’t use bad words or their substitutes.

Musical tastes (because I think about music a lot): Calm things; like dodie, mxmtoon, Billie Ellish, and early Grace Vanderwaal. They listen to lofi and the Steven Universe background music a lot. Likes “Back to School” by Sam Tsui, and “Little Miss Perfect” by Taylor Louderman.

Shipping: Girls, but it would take a while for them to develop feelings (demiromantic lesbian)

Talks like: >This<

I know this is a lot different than how I introduced aer the first time, but this is how Dawn evolved naturally in my mind.


Name: Tempest

Pronouns: He/they (idk what his gender is, he doesn’t really care about gender roles nor fit into any defined boxes. Maybe demiboy or genderflux) (mr. or mx.)

Appearance: He’s a shapeshifter. I keep getting an image in my head of a scrawny, dark-fuschia-skinned person with longish, multi-colored masculine hair, though. I think he also likes being a centaur of sorts. A fox-centaur with wings is one of their favorites. He also likes taking feminine forms, though doesn’t actively consider himself a girl, nor would like to use she/her at any time.

Personality: He’s chaotic and flighty, extroverted and weird. Doesn’t really care what others think about him, and quite loud. He’s outside a lot, and lives in the moment more than average. Very spontaneous. He probably cusses a lot (but will always be replaced with appropriate words). Quicker to anger than Dawn, but not much more. Happy and joyful, but I’m pretty sure he’s got a sad backstory in there somewhere.

Musical tastes: Punk/pop stuff, such as Cayetana, The Worriers, Paramore, Robyn, ETC. He probably likes Bomba Estereo as well, and “Come on, Let’s go” by Girl in a Coma. Their favorite song is probably “Mesa” or “They/them/theirs”.

Shipping: Anyone, but prefers boys. He’ll be the Will to your Nico <3 (omniromantic)

Talks like: #This#

Alright, just 2 more new friends~ (there’s so many because I needed to populate my Neo-MCU)

Name: Alizabella (Aliza)

Pronouns: She/her/hers (ms.)

Appearance: Short, olive skin, black hair and eyes. Young; 8 years old. Always wears a female school uniform and colorful sneakers. Her hair is in two long braids down her back. Freckles cover her distinctive nose. Always very clean.

Personality: Like when I was a kid (obsessed with paperwork and uniforms-- I was a strange child) but more intense. The level-headed one of the group and very focused on her goals. Can and will fight you. Very emotional. Honestly she probably hates everyone a little bit.

Shipping: … She's 8. No.

Musical tastes: Probably doesn’t listen to music much, but when she does listen she likes early Taylor Swift and Grace Vanderwaal or one of the others’ music. 

Talks like: This

Last one! This one is a CAPTCHA, Tempest’s pet.

Name: General Gumdrops

Pronouns: he/him

Appearance:(#HE’S A GOBLIN-# No, he is a tarsier.) A tarsier in an army general outfit.

Personality: … insane yet army-like.

Musical tastes: N/A

Talks like: *thiss*

ALRIGHT WE ARE *throws hands up* FINALLY DONE. Thank you, @Admin for reading through this. Everyone feel free to say hi or ask questions... Also Happy Thanksgiving!

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(November 25, 2021 - 10:49 am)

Ahhh your AEs are amazing and General Gumdrops is literally perfection. 

Seriously your AEs are so developed and unique and human and I should probably re-do some of my AEs too-

Excuse me?!? 

(Be quiet Barnacle)

I wish I could write more but I have to go somewhere--

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I am just topping!

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Yay! Nice to meet y'all!

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Because i love making AEs... And having us exist, right?! Uhhhhhhh...


I do love you guys! Uh-huh... Stop it or you will be deleted. How about you delete every AE except me and StoryTeller?


Here is my new AE:

This is my polite AE, Aysha&~I am Mx Aysha Mathis. How do you do?~& She is nothing like my other AEs... Excuse me? Ahem. HEY!!!!

~&Could you please be quiet? I do not like to hear screaming. It gives me a headache.&~ *sarcastically* Sorry... Stop it! You will be very nice to her, or else!!! WHY SHOULD I BE PUNISHED FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING??!! Because...oh nevermind!

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(November 26, 2021 - 5:56 pm)

ANNOUNCEMENT! I have dedcided to make anoher AE, because i want to and why not? their name is Zosia. They are half-robot, half-human. Please don't ask how. I got the idea from somewhere, but don't ask, cause I won't tell you.

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(November 28, 2021 - 8:18 am)

I have changed my mind. Zosia will not be half-human, half-robot. They will be something that is similar to a robot, but is not.

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(November 28, 2021 - 8:22 am)