AE shipping thread

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AE shipping thread

AE shipping thread

Does your AE need shipping? Well you've come to the right place! Ship your AEs here! Put up forms for them and people will comment if they'd like to ship their AE with yours! Here are some of mine up for shipping!

Name: Sun

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him

Appearance: wavy blond hair, tan skin, kinda looks like a surfer dude, wears surfer dude clothes

Ship with: females please

Personality: calm, rational, actually pretty fun to be around

Other: n/a


Name: Ellerie

Age: 16

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

appearance: Filipino, long dark brown hair in a braid, tall, thin, brown eyes, light brown skin, wears t shirts and shorts and slip on vans

ship with: anyone

Personality: hyper, brave, total daredevil, super adventurous, gets bored SUPER easily

Other: she LOVES cupcakes 

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>:) Hehehehehehehheheheheh.


~What are you doing Pancake~? What do you mean? ~What's with the evil laugh~? Oh, nothing. I just had to. 

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StoryTeller will be on the AE chat thread a bit.

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I think maybe Yin and River could be good together?

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(December 5, 2021 - 8:20 pm)


What's perfect? *realization* who?


oh-I-uh- *is a blushing mess* *tries to pull themself together* uh hi yin! You're cool :) i look forward to getting to know you! Um, what do you like to do I guess?

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What do you say?!!!!

{*reads comment* oh wow *blushes* I-um- cool! Hi River, you seem really nice *blushes harder* I'm excited to get to know you, too :) I love to sew, it's my favorite thing to do when I'm bored! What about you?}

So do you want me to make a thread to continue this on? 


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Yeah, we could make a head! Do you want to make it or should I?

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Could you please make it? I don't know where to put it or how to start it.... sorry! I'll totally make it if you don't want to, though.

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*casually pushes last two AEs in* These are my last two AEs for shipping. I didn't condense their sheets too much, sorry!!

Name: Anvindr

Age: I mean, AEs are technically ageless, but probably around 13?

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Appearance: He has fluffy short dark brown hair and tanned skin. He has dark freckles across his cheeks and nose. He usually wears formal neutral colors, usually being seen in a really nice white button up with a tawny brown sweater vest over it, tucked into black shorts. He's usually seen in black knee-high socks, but it's all bunched up and just reaches up midway on his calves. He usually has nice brown dress shoes on.

Ship with: Anyone, but preferably males! He's also demisexual.

Personality: Anvindr is just more on the quiet side. He's still very social when it's the time to be well.. social, yet he still keeps to himself. He enjoys reading, music, and drawing over most things. He has a heart of gold and can practically never say 'no'. He's not too adventurous and will usually stay in his comfort zone. He enjoys reading outdoors when the weather is nice.

Other: He speaks like this!

>Hi, I'm Anvindr.<

Name: Corentin (Coren for short)

Age: Has no definite age.

Gender/Pronouns: Non-binary, they/them

Appearance: Curly and short baby pink hair with steel blue eyes. They wear a salmon pink beret on their head. They wear a light rosewood button up shirt, along with a pair of black shorts. They have a prosthetic left leg, the leg being painted with the same salmon pink colored tulips with long stems and leaves. On their right leg, they have a long tattoo with the same salmon pink colored tulips with the long stems and leaves. They wear chunky white sneakers.

Ship with: Anyone! They're panromantic.

Personality: They seem calm and a bit cold on the outside, but they're actually really sweet. They enjoy flowers and will send bouquets to anyone they like. They're knowledgeable on the meanings of flowers and will passive aggressively send flowers to anyone. They're actually really talkative when they meet someone they like. Their partner will most likely recieve a ton of bouquets.

Other: They speak like this!

^Hi, I'm Corentin! It's nice to meet you!^ 

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Would you want to ship Anvindr and Kei?  I think they'd be good together!

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(December 7, 2021 - 5:03 pm)

Sure!! Kei and Anvindr would totally get along quite well! What do you say, Anvindr?

>I- uh.. Say to what?<

To shipping! 

>Ah, uh.. *smiles nervously and blushes, nodding slightly* Sure.< 

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Name: Hiraeth

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him

Appearance: violet maple leaf hair, gold eyes, blue skin, has six fingers on left hand, colorful clothes

Ship with: anyone, but especially females

Personality: laid-back, likes debating, kind of gloomy

Other: speaks in italics

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Name: Firefly

Age: 15

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Long red hair, amber eyes, fair skin with tiny star-shaped freckles, thin translucent  pointed wings that fade from yellow at the top to orange at the bottom, a knee-length black dress with gold accents, soft gold sandles.

Personality: Sunny and friendly, and enthusiastic about pretty much everything. She's very adventurous and excitable, and has a big heart. She likes nature, hiking, nice people, sugar, music, theater, stargazing, and camping. She doesn't dislike many things, except for boredom, negative energy, and bossy/mean people. 

Ship With: Anyone!

Name: Dragonfly

Age: 16

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Appearance: Pale skin, hazel eyes, dusky brown hair, with large bat wings. He's wearing simple jeans and a t-shirt

Personality: He's really clumsy and gets grumpy and annoyed easily. He's actually very sweet and sensitive when you get to know him, but he doesn't like being around loud and chaotic people. He's very anxious and gets stressed easily. He likes calming music, quiet and calm places, taking walks, and nature (as long as it's peaceful, so no rushing rivers or the like). 

Ship With: Anyone, so long as they're not chaotic and loud. 

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