New AEs (No,

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New AEs (No,

New AEs (No, I don't have twelve. I still have 10. It will make sense.)


I am remaking my newest AE introdution thread.


I have decided to completely re-do two of my AEs based off of people. Don't ask. The AEs being re-done are Aysha and StoryTeller. They are the two AEs I don't really use. here are the new versions.

Name: Dream

Age: N/A

Appearance: short blonde hair, freckled skin, green eyes, wears a green shirt and wears a mask

Personality: A little rude, mostly nice, makes a lot of jokes, cheerful, adventureous

Likes: Green, friends

dislikes: red, his other personality

Other: He has two personalities, >I talk like this when I am talking out loud.< >I think like this. This is when i talk in my head.<


Name: Nightmare

Age: N/A

Appearance: short brown hair with red streaks, pale skin, wears a red shirt and wears a mask as well, red eyes

Personality: Evil, rude, destructive

Likes: Red, destruction

dislikes: Dream, green 

Other: Dream's other personality, >I speak like this....< >and I think like this.< >Also, me amnd Dream share a body, so we transform into eachother. It's really annoying.<

Ok, say hi.

>Hi! Who wants to burn stuff!!!!???< >Nightmare, let me have a turn.< *switches*

>there we go! Hi!< 

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(January 21, 2022 - 6:13 pm)