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It's a truth universally acknowledged that life can kinda suck. Especially nowadays, what with Covid, climate change, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and all the other problems humanity is struggling with, it's horribly easy to get lost in the darker sides of humanity, and forget about the light. So let's not forget. Let's remind each other of all the beautiful, whimsical, goofy, adorable, sparkly, touching, hilarious, extraordinary parts of life. 

Post random fun facts. Post cute pictures of your pets. Post artwork you've made. Post the fantabulous grade you got on that math test. Post what the sunset looked like last night. Post something, anything, that makes you smile. 

So when we can't see the light for the darkness, we'll make our own. We'll set the shadows alight with moonlight and sunrises and candle flames and fireflies. 


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(April 3, 2022 - 1:56 pm)

Ooo :o

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(April 10, 2022 - 10:56 pm)

So cool! 

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(April 11, 2022 - 7:38 pm)

I took a bike ride...and took some pictures.

I hope there is no text or anything the admins deny, Please put it up :]

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This is such a great thread.

Yesterday, when I came home from school, I had a lot of homework, so I decided to just start it when I got home, instead of putting it off and not having enough time for it like I usually do, and I finished it! With time left before dinner! There's something to be said for not procrastinating, I feel better than I have in a while, especially about my own self worth, because when I don't get things done, I'm anxious and hard on myself. So that's pretty great! It's lightly misting and windy this morning, and it's really nice. It's nearly easter, and I love everything about the easter aesthetic, it's so light and floaty. Every time I look outside everything looks greener and more alive. Yesterday I wrote a really cool scene from the novel I'm working on writing, and a nice, short poem. It's still morning but I'm legitimately excited for today, especially since it's the last day of my school week, so that's wonderful.

Love you all. Love the chatterbox. I haven't been very active recently, but I've been reading everything. Thanks for existing here with me. Admins, thanks for making these interactions possible. <3

We're glad you're here, WordSong. - Admin

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I'm borrowing book 15 of Wings Of Fire from one of my BFFs!!! I'm reading it ('cause what else do you do with books?)! It's AWESOME. Also, wow, I'm oh so very predictable. I'm taking about WoF.

Spring break for me has started today!

Also, here's two awesome words: Spindiddly & splendiferous! 

(Inkling says <<ornzt>> or not about what?!)

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*Gasps* I use the words spindiddly and splendifourous all the time! Like, alllllllll the time! My brain words! Words of my brain!

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Also, XP ("My brain words! Words of my brain!") Luna.....
A Snicker Of Magic (And also The Flames Of Hope) are soooo good, right? 

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Yay! You got my references! That usually doesn't happen (when I say stuff like that irl), but in retrospect, I should never have doubted the deep, deep depths of book-nerdiness that the CB is full of :)

Something else that's spindiddly is that my school does these trips to a ranch out in the middle of the Hill Country (I live in Austin; @Admins is that general enough to say here?). And at the beginning of the school year, this caver guy showed us all these karst features across the ranch (karst = cave-y whatnot). He also showed us this one little sinkhole in the ground, with a tree growing out of it, hardly worth noticing. I actually walked right by it before he pointed it out. He told us that we could dig it out and see if it turned out to be anything, but not to get our hopes up, because statistically speaking, it would be nothing. 

Well, it turns out statistics aren't always accurate, because eight months, three ranch trips, and several hundred buckets of dirt and rocks later, we have ourselves a cave. It's around ten feet deep, six (ish) by three or four feet across, we have to use a ladder extended as far as it can go to get in and out, and we've found bones in it, including a jawbone and some pieces of a rib. (Animal bones, to clarify. We think it might have been a raccoon or coyote or similar). 

(CAPTCHA said ecmoe. I think she's also really excited about the cave, and is trying to say echo.)

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That's really cool with the cave!! Also, maybe your captcha was referencing the myth of Echo? 'Cause after Narcissus dies looking at himself, because she loved him, she was so sad, she stayed in a cave. Then died there, then all that was left of her was an echo. Well, that wasn't very positive, but myths are awesome! We are reading Greek myths in school. :)

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Ooh interesting theory! I'll ask... Hey, CAPTCHA, were you talking about Narcissus? 


Ummmm I'm guessing that's the equivalent of a CAPTCHA sneeze??? Who knows?

Also, fun fact: Human brains release a certain hormone (I forget the name) whenever they see something cute. Elephant's brains release that same hormone when they see hoomans. Elephants think humans are cute.  

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I've been playin' basketball!

There MIGHT be a basketball game after the Youth Group lesson on Thursday! Yay!

I've been playin' video games (I think I'm addicted, LOL).

I still like Mike Nesmith. Look up pictures of him when he was in his twenties! You'll be SUPER GLAD you did.

I've been readin' "Guiness Book Of World Records". I hope to set a record for Most Bottle Flips Caught With One Hand!

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Trees and flowers are starting to bloom <3

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I got a good grade on an essay I worked really hard for so that made my day :D

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I'm doing an orchestra concert in a week and since the outfits are color by section, I can just see something crazy and fun!

Rielen says "arbox". I'm not a box. 

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I know this is kind of long, and I've been sharing a lot, but this is the most positive thing that's happened to me recently and I really want to share it with y'all.

So as backstory for this, I'm quite introverted and go to a school with only 43 students in the 7th, 8th, and 9th grades put together, so everyone knows everyone. I only have one friend, but she's part of a larger friend group. That friend alternates between eating lunch with her other friends, and eating lunch with me. That means that every other day or so, I eat alone. I don't mind it a whole lot (again, quite introverted), but I do get lonely. 

But several weeks ago, this girl came up to me, and instead of saying something like, "Hey, I know eating alone sucks, my friend and I will sit with you today", she said, "Would you like to sit alone? Because <her friend's name> and I could sit with you if you want, but we also really get it if you want to be alone." I know it seems like a really tiny thing, to understand that I might want to be alone, but it's the nicest thing a classmate who wasn't my best friend has said to me literally the entire year. I almost started crying right there after she asked (I kid you not, I'm tearing up just writing this) and so I said the two of them could sit with me cause I was feeling kind of lonely that day.

Now we sit together for lunch every single day, and it's made me a lot less lonely and much happier.

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