If you had

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If you had

If you had one word to describe yourself, which word would you use? Mine would be wanderlust.

submitted by Mystery Mackerel, age ???, guess if u dare
(June 5, 2022 - 9:24 pm)

geniustupid. yep. i "keep claiming im smart, and then i do something stupid".

submitted by Darkvine
(June 6, 2022 - 7:55 am)
submitted by TOPvine
(June 6, 2022 - 7:56 am)
submitted by Topping
(June 7, 2022 - 12:47 am)

I'd say "wut."

submitted by Tsuki the Skywolf
(June 7, 2022 - 11:55 am)

I'd say.......Mcabre.

submitted by Midnight Phantom, age Nighttime, UnderYourBed
(June 9, 2022 - 12:33 pm)


submitted by Pancake, age Fresh, On A Plate
(June 11, 2022 - 5:05 pm)



It's (for now) not technically a real word, but it's when you made a really awesome discovery, and you want to tell everyone, but you're afraid that if too many people know about it, it'll be less awesome. (Think about finding the BEST hiding place in the forest, but if you tell people, it's not a good hiding spot anymore.)

submitted by Gallium, age untold, she/her
(June 14, 2022 - 7:33 pm)

Energetic, or else opinionated.

submitted by Poinsettia
(September 17, 2022 - 11:25 am)