Hi everybody! Guess

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Hi everybody! Guess

Hi everybody! Guess what! I got a new...AE

Name: Flora

Pronouns: she/her

Like: Flowers

Dislikes: My other AE Angel.

Other: ONLY likes flowers nothing else. 

<Wait. She doesn't like me?>

No. She doesn't.

<But she's my newest friend!>

She might also be you LAST friend.

<*doesn't get the point*>


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I wonder if Flora would get along with Strawberry or Agua my AE's

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Probably not. She just likes flowers and me. That's it. SHE DOESN'T EVEN LIKE BABY ANIMALS!!!*gasp*

<I don't like any animals what so ever.>

I mean what is wrong with her? 

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~Hi! I'm Mira. And I like strawberries. A LOT! Do you? If you like strawberries, we can be friends!~

#Um...Mira? I don't know if she likes strawberries. Hi, Flora. By the way, I'm Lyre, Mira's older sister. I like cherries, strawberries get boring after a while.#

~*gasps* How dare you!~

#Says who? Cherries are so delicious. Not only that, but they're red, and I can suck on the pits for half an hour!#


~Gross...On the other hand, strawberries don't have pits! All they have are stems and leaves! Very easy to eat, whereas cherries you have to spit out the pit. That takes far too long.~

#Very convincing for a 10-year-old. Cherries have stems, too, but they're far easier than strawberry-stems to pick off. And cherries aren't so mushy, like strawberries. Well, anyways, we live on a berry farm, so Mira's only ever had berries. No apples, because our farm is wayyyyy out of the way. I mean, seriously. There's no grocery store in sight!#

~Well...that is true. But strawberries are bigger! And we grow GIGANTIC ones!~

#Mira, quit shouting and eat those berries.#

~I hate them, though! They're gooseberries. Those are so terrible. *sticks tongue out*~

Girls? You doing ok?

~ABSOLUTELY NOT! These gooseberries should be taken away at once!~

#Ignore her. She never eats something that tastes bad. She's picky, that is. but give her basket of strawberries, and she'll gobble them down to the last drop of juice.#

~I'm not picky!~

Girls. What are you fighting about? I told you, Lyre, a MILLION times to stop picking on Mira. And Mira, what is this constant debate about strawberries and cherries?

*Both girls start telling on each other immediately*

For pete's sake, girls. Calm down and welcome Flora to the Chatterbox. She's a new AE-

#But I DID welcome her! Except Mira started a fight.#

~I welcomed her, too!~

Girls, it's time to go pick another batch of berries.



No. You are both picking blackberries.

~*wines immediately* But blackberries are hard to pick!~

Would you rather pick...



*Both stick out their tongues*

Then you're on blackberries.

#Fine. But if I hear anything from Mira, I'm going straight to the cherries.#

~*gasps excitedly* Then that means if I hear anything from Lyre, I get to pick strawberries!~

Ok, fine. As long as you pick a good amount of blackberries.


Phew! I finally got them to go away. There is literally a THUNDERSTORM going on at my house. I keep jumping in my chair.


Well anyways, I have to check on the girls! Welcome to the Chatterbox, Flora, and bye!

-Nut Le Squirrel 

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*Hey Mira. My name is Strawberry! I wonder if we would get along? Do you like cute things and bunnys? Your sister Lyre sounds cool, (hi Lyre!)*


&I'm Reuby's sister, Mhaya. I'm the youngest of FOUR! My older brother Lore- Annoying-, My older sister Collet, and Reuby. Lore, Reuby and I all have wolf ears. I'm very reserved and love books. Now that you mention it, I dad have an obsession with cherries when I was five&

#Hour here, Just wanted to say. All of Reubys AE are super nice. Btw, how old are you Mira and Lyre#...(more conversation comeing soon) 

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~See, Lyre? I told you I'd meet an AE that likes strawberries! I mean, her name is even Strawberry!~

#Fine, fine.#

~*totally ignores her sister* Hi Strawberry! Yes, totally! Lyre has been telling me for years that I'd never find another AE who likes strawberries, and here I am meeting an AE named Strawberry! I actually have a cute strawberry keychain, and, believe me, Lyre is jealous of it!~

#*retorts* No, I'm not!#

~Yes, you are! You even hid it from me! And then you almost lost it forever...Sorry, Strawberry! Just ignore my older sister, Lyre. It's kinda funny, Mhaya, that you have a borther named Lore, because Lyre sounds so close!~

#It's not that close.#

~Ok, whatever, Lyre. Sorry. We don't get along that well, especially because we have a very big disagreement about cherries and strawberries. *Turns to her sister* Right, Lyre?~

#Oh, yeah. It happens everyday. And we're not kidding.#

~Right. We're not. But anyway, bunnies. Are. The. BEST! Except we never get to see them. But yes, everyday, I search up cute pictures of bunnies, just in case I ever forget them. And Lyre has promised not to tell Rora. *turns to her sister again* Right, Lyre?~

Wait, what?

#Sounds like Lyre has to promise to not tell a lot of things. *crosses arms*#

~Oh, whatever. And Strawberry, just remember that Lyre is not cool at all.~

#*retorts* Hey!#

~Uh-huh. Strawberry, do you liek gooseberries? Because I definitely don't.~

#*slaps Mira to keep her quiet while she talks to Mhaya* Hi, I'm The Annoying Mira's older sister, Lyre.#

Background noise: ~Hey! You're annoying, not me!~ 

#Eh, whatever. Wow. I can't even live with one sibling, Mira is so bad. Let's just say we have a fight everyday.#

Background noise: ~That's not my fault!~

#Awww! Wolf ears sound adorable! What kind of books? I like Wings of Fire. Yes, see Mira? I get to meet someone who loves cherries just as much as I do! Ok, so I'm not, like, as  obsessed as Mira's love for strawberries, but we do live on a berry farm, so of course cherries and strawberries are our favorites. I wasn't allowed to eat cherries until I was six, because, "The cherry pit would stick in my throat." Lame excuse Rora made up. I want you to know that most of time I spend talking is to Mira...in a fight. About cherries being better, and, on Mira's side, strawberries being "the BEST." So sorry if I won't be able to talk much with you.#

~*keeps talking excitedly with Strawberry*~

#Hi, Hour. Ok, we're not...super nice. Mira isn't, at least, and...#

~*starts giving Lyre a look*~

#Ok fine, Mira. I'm a little not nice, but-

~*sticks out tongue*~

#Hey, Mira, that's rude! Come over here and talk to Hour!#

~*shuns Lyre*~

#Ok, sorry, Hour. Mira's having a moment. Like she always does.#

~*keeps shunning*~

#Mira, Hour wants to know how old we are.#

~*holds up ten fingers*~

#Ok, Mira's 10-years-old. I'm 11. Now Rora wants the rest of the post, bye!#


Hi Reuby,

Sorry this is not answering in the Color SI, but I think I just posted on there WAY TOO MUCH so I was going to say that I can make Nightingale bump into Tinder, but you answered with "Reuby bump into Tinder", so I'm a little confused. And yes, I loved the part you wrote for my tag game! Except I think it may be dead, and Darkvine wants you to pick someone else. 

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Sorry bout that, I ment to say Nightingale, but I was thinking Reuby because my brain wanders (why yo do that brain) so I typed it down and posted it with out realizing.

#I'm happy you think my wolf ears are cute, though. If you ever see my, please don't touch them.I read mystery books, like Nancy drew.Or House of Hollow.#

$give. me.that.key.chain! We should pick strawberies some time Mira. I found this really cool place near my den-$

#You mean house#

$No I mean den, becuse I fill my house with fuzzy berry sented blankets, and cute pillows, and I allways have a fire one so my den smells like s'mores. It's the perfect place to relax! And I have the best salection of sweets! I also own a bakery called Sweet dreams Cafe and Lofi Lounge. You should both come!$

^*With mouth full* Not going to lie, her creame puffs and Springtime cakes are heaven^

$EEP! Lore, when did you get here$

@Five minutes ago, don't you pay atention to anything?@

$WHOAH, Hour. When did you get here?!$

@*eyeroll*. Well anyways, I'm 13. I'm sure both of you are perfectly nice, I can be a little cold at times. So don't take it personly@

^Welp, We have to go get more free samples of Strawberrys new Matcha and Mocha creamepuffs *pushes everyone out the door*^

$NOOOOOO MIRAAAaaaaaa, save meeeee *voice fades of in to the distent$

^*pops head back in* We'll be makeing a thread for the  Sweetdreames Cafe and Lofi Lounge soon, here have a random, free creamepuff (Ione strawberry and matcha flavored for you Mira, and the other Cranberry and Apple flavored for you Lyre) *leaves for good*^

Heh, again sorry for the confusion Rora. I'll be starting the part with our characters on the Winged cat RP soon :)

Stressed CBer, Reuby Moonnight

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<@Ayles? Can we plz join that?!>

Ok fine! Expect us on your rp! 

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