Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket



Yay! I… I have so many! But I really love this one, trust me, he’s perfect to add to the CB. I already posted a picture of him on the Avatar thread and he wrote a little something on Peri’s AE support group.

But without further adieu, introducinggg…

ME! :D

Name: Oliver! (named after one of my favorite webcomics)

Gender/pronouns: He/him (though he’s some sort of nonbinary. I think.)

Age: #AEsAreAgeless, but you can round that to about 13!

Personality: I’m doing this one, haha; OBSESSIVE. Hyper, a bit extroverted, sometimes annoying, fandom-crazy, has a lot of mood-swings, impatient. The person who likes people but sometimes forgets about them. A bit soft, seems innocent but probably isn't that much. Extremely kind and hopeful. Pretty clingy to things (and people) he likes.

Appearance: I have tan skin and curly brown hair with a bright red streak in the front! My eyes are hazel-ish, and I’ve got this red star on my cheek, along with some freckles. I’m about normal height, and I LOVE wearing hoodies and jackets and other comfy stuff!

Likes: I really like binge watching my favorite shows, drawing fanart, candy, reading, and writing fanfiction! (he’s not very good, but don’t tell him that)

Dislikes: I really don’t like criticism (even if it is constructive), people being grumpy/sad, Valentine’s Day, bananas, and things ending :(

Shipping: Anyone!! :D Preferably guys, but I’m open to everyone :DD


Um. So. Yes. That is Oliver. Say hi, I guess.


No, not you-


[General Gumdrops says *ruavn*  No, he's not Avn, he's Oliver]

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/YAY! I'M CHAI! LET'S BE BEST FRIENDS! *squishes Oliver in a hug\


Hi. I'm Rogue. Goodbye. 



*Hey, I'm Quinn. I hate bananas too.*



*~I'm Indy! I'm gonna go now, before I have a nervous breakdown :')~*


<andim> <wande> <rerrr> <CAPTC> <HAAAA> 


Welcome to existence, Oliver! I envy Writing's ability to develop such fun, entertaining AEs. Have a churro. 

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*gasps* *accepts the hug* YAY BEST FRIENDS :DDD

Hello, Rouge, and good-bye! I hope I see you again :]

Hi, Quinn! Yeah, bananas are the worst. But banana CANDIES on the other hand-

AH NO INDY o^o It's ok! You can go if you want, but I'm not that scary!!

And, hi, Wanderer! You're just adorable :DDD


{Thanks, Peri! It means a lot to me you think that <3 I love your AEs, too!} 

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@Hi, hi hi! I'm strawberry! I like all ready Oliver! Do you want to pick strawberies with me some time Oliver?@

#She's just crazy with everybody she meets. I'm Mhaya btw. Youngest of four. Lore (oldest), Collet and Reuby (Ferternal twins, though Reubys a miniute older) and Me#

%Hey, I'm Hour. I like stars and snakes, white snakes. If your scared of snakes. Don't speak to me%



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Pick strawberries?? With someone named Strawberry?? THE PUNS!! YES :D YES I WOULD LOVE TO PICK STRAWBERRIES WITH STRAWBERRY-

Hello, Mhaya! I really like your name!! I geuss I'm also one of the youngest siblings here, too?? So we have that in common!!

And, Hour! I think snakes are pretty cool, but I don't really like the venomous ones FOR OBVIOUS REASONS- 

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