Hi! Jane here. 

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Hi! Jane here. 

Hi! Jane here.     I have some book recomendations! The Warriors series is awesome and my brother love the Beyonders. This is my first time writing on chatterbox. My nickname is Dragon Lady. I love dragons and cats. I have two brothers. Our family pets are two guinea pigs named Nutter Butter and Violet, a cat named Noodle, two madagascar hissing cockroaches named gregor the seventh and gregor the eighth, eight praying mantisses, three goldfish, and lots of minnows. I know, it's A LOT. To pussywillow, you are SO CUTE. To everybuggy, what are you guy's favorite hobbies?

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(July 6, 2022 - 7:02 pm)

Nice to meet you, Jane! Welcome to the CB! :D

I like drawing, writing short stories or poetry, reading (especially Eastern comics), RPing, and everything to do with worldbuilding!! (That includes map-making, inventing new languages, creating characters and histories to flesh out the world, and all that cool stuff! :))

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Nice to meet you! Welcome!!! :))

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