AE Remake!

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AE Remake!

AE Remake!

So it’s due time I redid my AEs. I’ll be keeping some of the same names and general personalities for some but altering their appearance/personalities, and some of them are being completely redone. Koi’s the only one I’m keeping exactly the same. :) 


Name: Barnacle

Gender/Pronouns: male, he/him

Approximate Age: 14

Siblings: He likes to think of all my AEs as his siblings, but technically has no biological siblings.

Appearance: Tall and lanky, with shaggy bleach blonde hair that's about chin-length, pale ice-blue eyes, sharp features, light skin and freckles. Wears a gray zip up hoodie over some band shirt, dark blue jeans, and brown boots.

Personality: Makes a lot of jokes (like really bad puns and dad jokes) that make everyone groan, loves playing pranks on people, he’s actually pretty supportive to a point where it’s creepy (he’ll go to crazy extreme lengths to make sure someone achieves their dreams), can & will fight you but if he actually hurts you he’ll apologize endlessly and give you all the waffles, outgoing & never shies away from any awkward situation, kind of annoying, has a strange affinity for waffles. 

Speaks in: bold

Other: He’s my CAPTCHA Knight’s favorite AE. 


Name: Fir

Gender/Pronouns: genderfaun, they/he

Approximate Age: 12

Siblings: Mirage

Appearance: They are a bit tall for their age, and have a warm olive skin tone, gray-blue eyes, and hazel pixie cut with a strip dyed green. He wears a baggy gray T-shirt saying “not all those who wander are lost” tucked into jeans, and doodled-on converse. 

Personality: He has a wild imagination – he’s always thinking up crazy stories or elaborate games to play with my other AEs, and loves to go on adventures. They’re a bit childish and spontaneous, but their heart is good. He’s extremely protective and you don’t want to get him angry. They’re best friends with their sister Mirage, and they do everything together, but they really want to get to know more AEs other than just mine. 

Speaks in: bold italics

Other: used to be Lore


Name: Mirage

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Approximate Age: 14

Siblings: Fir

Appearance: She’s on the shorter side of average, with a freckled olive complexion and large amethyst-purple eyes framed by dark eyelashes. She has a softly shining silver star on her forehead. Her hair is a soft violet tone, inky black at the roots, and is just long enough to be pulled back and is usually worn in a short ponytail. 

Personality: She’s quiet, considerate, and kind. Mirage loves art and writing, but she’s hesitant to share her work with anybody but her sibling Fir. She’s very shy, but if she gets to know someone, she’s very loyal and will do almost anything for them. She’s uncomfortable in social situations, but her sibling Fir will always have her back. 

Speaks in: ~italics with these things~

Other: used to be True


Name: Koi

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Approximate Age: 3 in human years (~25 in cat years)

Siblings: n/a

Appearance: She’s a medium-sized long-haired cat, and she has beautiful ginger fur with light orange stripes on her tail. Her eyes are green and are flecked with gold. 

Personality: She’s self-important, antisocial, doesn’t want to be around other people, likes very few people, lazy, thinks she’s better than everyone else, and is secretly afraid of a lot of stuff.

Speaks in: italics

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Very cool! My Ae, Wildfire, would have fun making friends with Fir, I think.

Also, may I ask for an explanation of genderfaun?

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Sorry I didn't see this sooner -- I wasn't been checking the CB while I was at my grandma's house, but I'm back now. I'm sure Fir would love getting to know Wildfire! 

To answer your question, genderfaun is a form of genderfluidity that never encompasses feeling feminine.

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