Redoing my AEs!

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Redoing my AEs!

Redoing my AEs!

I'm changing them slightly, as I've been wanting to for a while. They just didn't fit my personality anymore, I've changed a lot this year. And I didn't know how to put this on the CB until I saw pangolin's AE Remake thread, so thank you, pangolin!!!

Anyways, here they are, slightly different but same idea(ish):

Name: Ellerie

Siblings: Doesn't have any, but she calls my other AEs her siblings 

Age: Ageless

Gender/pronouns: She/they

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, always up, cinnamon skin, dimples, dark brown eyes, average height, lean but curvy, scattered scars on her skin, a few freckles on their nose, generally wears a fitted sorta cropped green tank top, maroon jeans shorts with a black belt, and black slip on vans

Personality: Adventerous, easily laughable, funny, scared of absolutely nothing except being alone, tries to live up to high expectations, escpecially when she can't reach them, social but not a social butterfly, easy to talk to, hyper, supportive, very sweet and doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, gets bored easily

Talks like: :This, still: 

Song that represents personality: Geronimo and Monster

Shipping: Shipped with Tempest 

Other: I left her mostly the same, I only switched up their pronouns and age

Name: Meg
Siblings: Doesn't have any
Age: ageless
Gender/pronouns: She/her
Appearance: straight platinum blond hair down to a little past her shoulders, blackish-brown eyes, small build, wears a dark blue sundress and flip flops with some random stickers on her face, pale skin
Personality: Easily argumentative, stands up for what she believes in, snarky, but a very good person, always has your back, protective, cares about people she's close to, organized and responsible, and will take blame for people she cares about, everyone treats her like the younger sibling, wants to be known for more than she is
Talks like: This
Shipping: Open to anyone 
Other: Meg used to be Felix 
Song that represents personality: The Man by Taylor Swift 
Name: Shawn
Siblings: Ever
Age: Ageless
Gender/pronouns: he/him
Appearance: curly mouse-brown hair, tan, wears a loose white T-shirt and blue jeans and light brown boots, blue eyes, also wears black sunglasses on his head, tall
Personality: Quiet, thinks a lot, calm, smart, empathetic, always knows exactly what to say, rational, humble, cool, kind of like the older sibling, shy, helpful
Shipping: Open to girls
Talks like: This
Other: Shawn used to be Sun 
Song that represents personality: Life of the Party by Shawn Mendes
Name: Ever
Siblings: Shawn
Age: 14
Gender/Pronouns: He/him
Appearance: fluxes, but messy brown hair, dark green eyes, freckles, very tan skin, wears one of those puffy orange vest things over a blue T-shirt that says "Say Cheese!" In big white letters, also wears light blue jeans and black high top vans, a dimple on one cheek but not the other, average height
Personality: HYPER, lazy though, appreciates the little things in life (like turning off the lights or hugs), super silly and clownish, doesn't mind embarrassing himself or being laughed at, indecisive
Shipping: I don't know I'm still a bit confused-
Song that represents personality: Ahhh I can't find one 
Talks like: This, still 
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(August 9, 2022 - 2:30 pm)