Alternate CBer name

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Alternate CBer name

Alternate CBer name SI!

What would your name be in a parallel universe? Reveal date on Sep15

submitted by Dreamweaver, age Skyfall
(August 20, 2022 - 5:03 pm)

*tired sigh*

I'm getting too old for these games . . aa my back ow

Silver Crystal, Periwinkle, or Rainbow. That's all my poor old bones can muster.

*hobbles away* 

submitted by Earl Graye/Darkling
(September 7, 2022 - 10:38 pm)

hi i think someone is going to guess me soon

submitted by Evergreen
(September 7, 2022 - 5:42 pm)

Hi everyone! This name has no relation to my CBer name except of my weird fascination with cryptids.

submitted by Nessie, Lake Loch
(September 8, 2022 - 6:03 pm)'s a recent-ish obsession of mine 

almost nobody remembers me so this should be fun lol

submitted by enola, age yeet, yeet
(September 9, 2022 - 11:33 am)

Neverseen? Spellbound? Agent Winter?

submitted by Jaybells, Lost, somewhere
(September 9, 2022 - 3:55 pm)

Another Enola Holmes fan???

submitted by Halcyon, the sky
(September 9, 2022 - 5:20 pm)

Hi! Has anyone read The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness my Michelle Paver? ITS SO GOOD! It's a series

Also Halcyon. Are you Lord of the shadows? Captcha says mopkn. mopkin? very different from a munchkin,

submitted by Renn
(September 9, 2022 - 7:17 pm)

Hi again

submitted by Moondrop, Starry night
(September 9, 2022 - 9:34 pm)

I may have not a sliver of a clue as to who you are, but I absolutely love your name!

It sounds so soft and viscous and like it glows softly in the dark~

submitted by Dreamweaver, Actually Jaybells
(September 10, 2022 - 6:32 am)

Why thank you. I also adore your name. Sounds positively magical. I can just imagine someone sitting at a loom weaving images with a magical thread that makes it dreams. 

submitted by Moondrop, Starry night
(September 11, 2022 - 10:56 am)

I don't know if this is too hard or too easy to guess...

submitted by Christmas, age ?, not telling
(September 10, 2022 - 11:15 am)

halcyon, are you rainbow?

submitted by aravah
(September 10, 2022 - 1:31 pm)

I will very likely forget about this, and I am extremely late, but who am i? >:)

submitted by Harvestmoon
(September 10, 2022 - 8:03 pm)

Cali R?

submitted by Renn
(September 11, 2022 - 11:43 am)

I am not, I would guess you but i have no idea anyone who's on here anymore :')

submitted by Harvestmoon
(September 11, 2022 - 2:21 pm)