Hi. It's Raven.

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Hi. It's Raven.

Hi. It's Raven. So uh, you might have noticed I've been pretty inactive here recently, so I’m hoping that a name change to something I’m more comfortable with can fix that! From now on I’ll be posting under "miraclechild" but you can call me Mira, the name I use on other sites. 

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Hi Raven/Mira!

I don't believe we've ever met, have we? I'n happy to say that I have an AE named Mira! She is quite established, (clears throat) as my first AE.

~Hello! I, Mira, am VERY excited -ECSTATIC - to meet another Mira! And yet, all Miras like strawberries, right? Riggggght?~

#For the millionth time, Mira. Not everybody likes strawberries. Hi, I'm Lyre, in case you didn't know. It is NOT pronounced Leer, for all I know. It's actually pronounced like-#

~LIAR LIAR, Lyre's a LIAR! At least, that's how I remember my sister...~

#HEY! It IS, in fact, pronounced that way, but Mira's always a bit particular about it. MOV-ING ON! Do you like cherries? I love them.#

~Noooope! Lyre *clears throat* I mean, LIAR, loves strawberries! Just like me!~

{*pushes way through the argument and steps between her cousins* Yes, I am indeed their cousin. I'm twelve, so they climb all over me.}

#HEY! I'm eleven.#

~And I'm 10! *brightly presents strawberry in front of Lyre*~

#I can find ONE word to describe you Mira. ONE word. You. Are. LOUD.#

~Oh yes I am!~

{You two are always bickering over something! Someday I'm going to take both a cherry and a strawberry, put it on my arrow, and shoot the arrows STRAIGHT. Into the fire.}

~Um. Is there are marshmallow to go with that? And...a cracker? Yum...nothing better than toasted strawberry SMORES!~

{Hey! I really am going to do it - WITHOUT THE CHOCOLATE - if you keep pulling on my skirt! Hi miraclechild, can't call you Mira right now or else the OTHER Mira is DEFINITELY on me in a spilt-second. So, my named is Periculosa, Lisa, for short. As I was saying, I am twelve, and just so you know, my name means danger in Latin, so - AND THIS GOES FOR YOU TOO MIRA - Don't mess with me.}

~Why me?~

Alright girls, I'm going to close the comment.

~Not with my hand in it!~

*Lyre pulls Mira onto the couch and holds her there for just enough time for me to type in the captcha.* 

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Hello! We have not spoken much, but I drew you once (I can say that of a lot of people, though :P) and I just saw your lil cat on ART POSTING. Thought you were a new CBer, actually... Anyway, just saying hello, your new name is very cool, and i look forward to possibly reading you around more! :)

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