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Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

Guide to the

Guide to the Chatterbox

there have been several of these in the past, but they're all dead now.



CB- short for Chatterbox

CBer- short for Chatterboxer, the people who post here

AE- Alter Ego. Some CBers create fictional people, kind of a cross between OCs and CBers. They talk like (this) or like -this- most of the time.

Admins- the amazing people who review each comment and make the CB possible! Thanks, Admin.

CAPTCHA- the little spam box at the bottom of the page when you submit a comment. 

SI- Secret Identity. A game where CBers post under false names and try to guess each other's true identity.

Ski Lodge- a solo-write murder story. Make a dramatic invitation with a form to start one, or fill out the form to join... if you dare.

Solo Write- a story written in sections by one CBer.

RP- role play. Multiple CBers working together on a story.

OC- (it's a common term, but might as well include it.) Original Character.

Charries- short for Characters.

Topping- usually, whenever a thread gets one comment, it disappears to one of the mysterious Back Pages. CBers post 'Top' on the thread to bring it back to the Top. 



This Month- this is where the MCU is located, as well as the Admins Question Thread.

Chirp at Cricket- random threads. SIs are here, and the LAST TO POST thread.

Blab about Books- wonder what this is for :/

Down to Earth- for talking about real life. 

Pudding's Place- for talking about the arts and Ski Lodges for some reason 

Inkwell- stories in all shapes and sizes! 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Topping/ Who is Top?: see 'Topping'.

Where did my thread go?: see 'Topping', again

I filled out the Captcha, it says 'your comment has been created' and under that 'invalid Captcha token': this happens if you press Submit twice. If you fill out the Captcha again, the comment will post twice.


Threads to check out


September MCU, This Month

LAST TO POST..., Chirp at Cricket

Random Thoughts/things?, Down to Earth

Darkvine's Picturings, Pudding's Place




Of course, it is important to obey all rules when using the Chatterbox. Fortunately, there aren't too many rules, so this should be easy.

Rule #1    Be nice. The Chatterbox is for Cricket readers to exchange ideas in an open and friendly manner. As in the Letterbox printed in the magazine, disagreements should be polite and fair.

Rule #2    Fill out the submission form completely when posting a comment. Be sure NOT to include your full name, e-mail or other web addresses. Links, usernames and passwords to other Web sites will not be posted.

Rule #3    We don't allow explicit violence or romance. 

Rule #4    Be patient. Cricket editors review all comments to make sure they're appropriate for the Web site before posting. Check back later to see if your comment has been posted.

Rule #5    Enjoy exploring the Chatterbox.



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