New AEs!I &#

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New AEs!I &#

New AEs!

I 'm not sure if this went through the first time I posted it, so here it is again.  I'm redoing my AEs!

Name: Carnelian

Pronouns: he/him

Appearance: Average height and thin, with pale skin and sharp amber eyes.  His hair is crimson red, sleek and long, usually worn in a ponytail.  He also has a scar over one eye and intricate tattoos covering his left arm.

Personality: ENTJ.  He's a natural leader, strategic, clever and sarcastic.  Ambitious and independent, he holds others and himself especially to high standards.  Carnelian is very strong-willed, which can make him stubborn and impatient.

Likes: Competition, spicy food, fashion, dragons, little kids (though he'd never admit it)

Dislikes: Showing weakness, shopping, scented candles, puns

Name: Lazuli

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Tall and athletic (can look pretty intimidating), sienna brown skin and storm grey eyes.  Her hair is navy blue and cut short with an undercut.

Personality: INFJ.  Creative, insightful, and passionate, but also reserved and perfectionistic.  Lazuli is very protective and loyal to the people she cares about.  She is resilient, remembers every insult and holds long grudges.

Likes: Storms, writing, mysteries/thrillers, helping others, dark chocolate

Dislikes: Road trips, popcorn, humid weather, multitasking

Name: Rose

Pronouns: he/they

Appearance: A bit shorter than average, with light skin and warm brown eyes.  He has wavy light pink hair that is just short of shoulder length, slightly pointed ears, and lots of freckles.

Personality: ISFP.  Shy, thoughtful, caring, and sensitive.  A true artist, he is charming and imaginative.  They're a daydreamer, often preferring the world in their head to reality.  They have pretty low self-esteem and confidence.

Likes: Tea, indie music, mythology, playing their guitar, flowers

Dislikes: Commitment, talking to people he doesn't know, math, the cold

^Name: Amethyst (Ame for short)^

^Pronouns: they/them^

^Appearance: Short and lanky, with dark brown skin and wide yellow eyes.  Their hair is jet black with purple streaks, usually worn in braids, and they have a black cat tail and ears^

^Personality: ESFP.  They're playful, enthusiastic, spontaneous, and friendly.  they love the spotlight, crave the approval of others, and are pretty arrogant.  Ame is easily bored and has a short attention span^

^Likes: Jewelry, musicals, cats, exploring, the stars^

^Dislikes: Sitting still, lists, fruit, waking up early^

And a formal introduction to my CAPTCHA, who's really more like an AE-

~Name: Thyme~

~Pronouns: fae/faer~

~Appearance: A young child with choppy shoulder length sage green hair, olive skin, freckles across faer nose, hazel eyes, and fox ears and tail the same color as faer hair~

~Personality: Kind, thoughtful, childish, reckless, a bit shy, loves nature~

~Likes: Sweets, poetry, nature, collecting acorns and rocks~


~Dislikes: Being busy, pollution, loud noises~

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(September 12, 2022 - 11:19 am)

Welcome all, you sound like a lovely bunch! Love the scheme of your names; they feel so nature'y and free!

Wanna hang out with some of my AEs? There's a whole bunch of them, so we can pick a few to have playdates lol :D

(This is a condensed version of whatever I said on your previous thread. I could have sworn it was posted and a submitted a comment to it, but now it's gone???) 

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(September 12, 2022 - 7:23 pm)

Yeah idk where the old thread went so I reposted it.  I'm sure they'd love to hang out with your AEs!  Right, guys?

Sure, I guess.  They better be cool.

Yeah, I'd like to meet them!

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to make some friends...

^New friends?!  Where???^ 

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(September 13, 2022 - 6:01 pm)
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Since it didn't seem to go through, here are how all my AEs speak - 





~and Thyme~ 

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(September 13, 2022 - 6:03 pm)