15th CB Anniversary?

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15th CB Anniversary?

15th CB Anniversary?

So this June, the Chatterbox will celebrate its fifteenth anniversary! Anyone have any ideas of what we could do? I know in the past there's been a video -- do you think we could put that together in time this year? Whether we do a video or not, I think we should definitely do something to celebrate :))

I don't think our webmaster has time to work on posting a video this year. I'll ask, but I'm doubtful.


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I can't wait for the CB's 15th anniversary. it's kinda crazy to know that kids have been on here that long.

I'm not sure what we should do, except that maybe the webmaster could allow us to post GIFs? unless by video, you meant GIF --

maybe i'll come up with more ideas later. 

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Maybe we could do a live chat or something?

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How about a live chat? That's been done before, and it would be super fun :)

Yes, we can do a live chat, though it probably will be on a weekday. Ask again in early June, and we'll set up a time.


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Woahhh, I read that as your 15th CBversary, not the CB's anniversary. 

Also - I'm back! If anyone missed me lol. I hadn't checked Chatterbox for like....errr I forget. Can someone tell me when I disappeared?

I think we should dEfIniTeLy do a live chat! But what, WHAT, wHaT? Where is this video?! I've only seen images on the CB! Can someone give me the link to the video?

This is the address of the tenth-anniversary video:


And this video is dated 2021:


I can't get the sound to play on this second one.


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Those videos where awesome.

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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Chatterbox, we will host a live chat this Friday, June 16th beginning at 3pm Central Time and lasting for about an hour. If someone wants to make a special thread for the chat they may, otherwise it can be held on this thread. - Admin

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I wish I had not missed this. Oh well.

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