A survey/form! Hooray!

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

A survey/form! Hooray!

A survey/form! Hooray! Everyone who wants to can fill this out, skipping any questions they want, for no reason except to have fun :)




Personality (How do you come across to others?):

How do you want to come across to others?:

Favorite music:

Favorite place:

Current or latest writing projects:

Dreams for the future:

Romantic or pragmatic:

If you were the number seven, what would you think of the number six?:

A funny story or anecdote you recently heard (alternatively, it can be something funny you've seen yourself):

Top three favorite foods:

You can either go have tea with Bertie Wooster, or explore Italy with Ren. Which do you choose? (If you don't know who these characters are, think of it as "you can have tea with a hilariously inept but good-natured wealthy young man who relies on his butler for everything, or explore Italy with a funny and sweet boy of about your own age"):

What was the last thing you dreamed?:

And that's it! Enjoy :)

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Hooray!!! :D


Name: CelineBurning Bright/Celine

Pronouns: she/comet? :) 

Appearance: Asian, too skinny, black hair, average height

Personality (How do you come across to others?): hOw dO I cOmE aCroSs tO oThErs?? Uhh. Well, to my friends (including you lizards I'm guessing), I'm... overly enthusiastic?? :D I'm just... like, how I like to see myself? :) I'm super talkative and nerdy and passionate and just... myself. To my classmates at my new school and lots of strangers basically, I'm a super quiet bookworm who tries not to offend anyone and is a good student and somehow is that person everyone somehow thinks is super smart because I'm quiet and like reading and am nice (idk how that works, but that's how people see me). And to my family, I'm all of the above :D

How do you want to come across to others?: ooh, nice!! I see what you were doing now! Well, I'd like to be enthusiastic and nice -- not friendly, because I am not at all friendly :/. Like, I'm not friendly, at all. Idk how to be friendly. I'm not sure if I want to be friendly, because it sounds great in theory, and I do want everyone to feel welcome ofc, but I mean if the options are:  a) sit here alone and read a book and ignore everybody or  b) say hi to that person over there, I'm almost totally gonna say the former. I'm not super built for socializing, like I kinda dread passing my classmates in the halls because I never know if I should say hi to them because like they all say hi to each other but what if they don't want to say hi to me and also what if I don't want to say hi to them even if I think they're nice and I like them because sometimes even then I'd rather just think about the birdsong instead of waving to someone I think is cool. I know I'm weird haha. This is why sometimes I think it's better for all if I'm not super friendly because I'm not super friendly anyways so if I fake it, the people who I'm faking it for who are actually friendly won't be able to get like all the friendliness they deserve from me. ...yup mini ramble :P

Favorite music: as I like to mention, I like all genres :) this doesn't mean I like all songs though btw; I've come to realize that :)

Favorite place: either home, Yosemite (we visited for my birthday a few years back and it was AWESOME), maybe the place we just came back from, umm... other places... that I can't think of rn... maybe my local library too :) my elementary school too maybe?? Idk. My middle school's library? But not my current school's library... :/

Current or latest writing projects: I have a ski lodge on here, ski lodge off of here, my nano novel that's been a work in progress for like four years now... and ofc just random writings in general :)

Dreams for the future: well, right now, I really really really want to be an author in the future. It's like the dream job. You get to set your own hours, you get to wear whatever clothes you want to wear, plus you can tell people to leave you alone whenever you want and it'll be totally reasonable because that's the only way you can do your job (ofc, you still have to be polite when you do it... *dramatic sigh*)!! :DD plus, I love writing, and writing is such a great way to inspire others and to make the world a better place <33 plus plus, encouraging diversity! :D oh, and also if I was a published author, I'd be able to write during meals and no one can tell me to wait until I'm done eating if inspiration strikes :DDD

tangent: when ppl used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my like first grade self would say, "an architect!", and my fifth grade self would say, "an entomologist or a zoologist or a zoo worker or a conservation center worker or a librarian or a writer or a bug photographer or a wild animal/wildlife photographer or a biologist or something to do with books or animals or books and animals!!!!!" or my fifth grade self would sometimes also say, "an author who writes books of prose and books of poems about bugs and animals" XD. I don't want to be most of those things anymore though (I'd explain why but that'd be another 50 pages haha). 

Besides being a published author, I'd like to be happy/content, and to be living in a good house, with good pay, and I'd love to be able to take a walk and listen to the birds every morning, and maybe living with someone I love ( o_O ), and maybe living with a pet too (like a dog) though maybe not, but also probably not with kids because I've seen how my parents have had to deal with us and I would NOT relish doing that myself (although I feel like I would love to adopt a kid, or maybe just maybe be a foster family?? But idk, that also sounds really hard...), and I'd like to have lots and lots of good friends who have my back no matter what (and who I would be a good friend to in turn). 

...wow. Surveys are always like a danger zone for me haha. I can never stop talking whenever I take them. Like, every single feedback survey I've done... I almost feel sorry for whoever was on the other side of that. I say almost because I honestly don't really feel that sorry. I mean, they asked for feedback! I gave feedback! And I think I always give good, really honest feedback! So, I don't feel totally bad :)

Romantic or pragmatic: definitely romantic (assuming pragmatic means practical, I'm actually not sure though...)

If you were the number seven, what would you think of the number six?: okay first of all I would NOT be the number seven because I'm Chinese and that's bad luck :) but if I were, say, eight, I'd think six was pretty cool :)

A funny story or anecdote you recently heard (alternatively, it can be something funny you've seen yourself): yesterday we were just staring at this tree that was leaning so much it almost sorta made a right angle and my dad was like, "look how much that tree's leaning. I almost feel like we should run away from it..." and my whole family was just like: stand right next to the tree and stare and don't run away at all. Or like my brother was like, "I just don't want to break the streak" (inside joke ;) ). Or there were so many little kids at the camp I just got back from and the things little kids say are SO HILARIOUS OH MY--

Top three favorite foods: Trader Joes mac and cheese, my wai po's homemade recipe, my wai po's almond tofu? :D

You can either go have tea with Bertie Wooster, or explore Italy with Ren. Which do you choose? (If you don't know who these characters are, think of it as "you can have tea with a hilariously inept but good-natured wealthy young man who relies on his butler for everything, or explore Italy with a funny and sweet boy of about your own age"): well, as already expressed, I don't much like Ren, but I'd say the latter because 1. I don't like tea (unless it's wintermelon tea/dong gua cha), 2. I LOVE gelato, 3. I'd sorta feel bad taking tea with a wealthy young inept man who relies on his butler for everything, and 4. a funny and sweet boy around my age :D

What was the last thing you dreamed?: it's sorta funny I dreamed that I was actually just about to tell my parents that mxmtoon and Lyn Lapid released a new song and I was going to show them the lyric video... yes I'm still obsessed (or maybe another word for that that I can't think of rn) this much time after :D

And that's it! Enjoy :)

I did, thank you!!!!!!!!! And now I have to go use chapstick... *sigh* (for context, I hate putting stuff on my lips/face, and I hate stuff that has flavor/scent that's not for eating or drinking. Chapstick is both. And yes, they also means I don't like makeup, perfume, nail polish, scented hand sanitizer, scented soap, cleaning supplies smell, new car smell, etc. etc. :) )

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Name: Seadragon

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: tall, long blond-ish hair, green eyes, pale but I have a tan.

Personality (How do you come across to others?): Who knows. Probably shy, insecure, but then nice (even funny and smart, I hope) if I am persuaded to open up a bit.

How do you want to come across to others?: Smart, happy, and quiet, but not too troubled.

Favorite music: Country-pop. (I detest pop music, but I also detest the sort of country music where there's a man playing the guitar and shouting about his lovers.)

Favorite place: Home, the ocean (thankfully it's nearby!), forests (also nearby, thankfully).

Current or latest writing projects: I think I'll become a publish author, so I'm writing these stories that I call books, in serieses, and quite a few at the same time (summaries: one's about a girl who's a witch, another is about someone who goes to spy school, and another about someone at a weird summer camp).

Dreams for the future: To, after college (either for English or something interesting, such as math or science), become a published author, and live alone in the town where I live now with a cat or two. I would like to start a publishing company/arts organization, but that could be more difficult than I'd want.

Romantic or pragmatic: Pragmatic, honestly.

If you were the number seven, what would you think of the number six?: I would alternately envy it (for being a perfect number) and decide that that was useless, as some people think that the number seven is magic.

A funny story or anecdote you recently heard (alternatively, it can be something funny you've seen yourself): This was a while ago, but essentially, I was standing around at a swim meet watching one of my teammates in the 400 freestyle, and the teammate's mom was also there, and the teammate's brother and his friends were walking by. The mom told the brother to come over and look, and the brother asked, "Can I throw my shoes at him?"

Top three favorite foods: Peaches, mint-cookie ice cream, and pecans.

You can either go have tea with Bertie Wooster, or explore Italy with Ren. Which do you choose? (If you don't know who these characters are, think of it as "you can have tea with a hilariously inept but good-natured wealthy young man who relies on his butler for everything, or explore Italy with a funny and sweet boy of about your own age"): I think tea with Bertie Wooster. It would be hilarious, and if I were to go to Italy with Ren, I'd be scared of making a fool of myself.

What was the last thing you dreamed?: The last thing I sleep-dreamed I think involved a yellow object. I can't remember.

The Captcha says piinc. What does it want to pinch? At first I thought it said piine, which brings up pine trees.

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Ooh, yay! Ty for this Pointsettia!

Name: WildWolf

Pronouns: She/Her

Appearance: Light skin, brown eyes, brown hair slightly past shoulder length 

Personality (How do you come across to others?): I think I come off to others as shy and slightly awkward :/

How do you want to come across to others?: Outgoing and confident :p

Favorite music: ANYTHING Taylor Swift, The Secret of Us by Gracie Abrams, Guts by Olivia Rodrigo, and Pink Pony Club by Chappell Roan

Favorite place: The library :D Or for, like, a location in the world, anywhere in the Rockies, but especially Canmore

Current or latest writing projects: Don't have any currently, but my latest was a essay about the epic Beowulf. (I read an English translation, not the old English version.)

Dreams for the future: Short term, finish school so I don't have to do it over summer, long term become a published author :DD

Romantic or pragmatic: A bit of both

If you were the number seven, what would you think of the number six?: Uh... I honestly have no idea XD

A funny story or anecdote you recently heard (alternatively, it can be something funny you've seen yourself): Hm, I can't think of anything funny exactly, but I heard a story on a podcast where this guy was driving on a long road trip and there was this lady in a car next to him that was next to him for almost the whole drive. As gas started to run out and they started getting ready to head their separate ways, this guy held up a piece of paper that he had written 'coffee?' On it, and they both went to the nearest gas station and got coffee and chatted and stuff. They became friends and eventually married a couple years later! Idk why this popped into my head cause it's not rly funny exactly, but it's satisfying to me so :)

Top three favorite foods: this is very hard for some reason, let's see here...1. Tacos 2. My mom's cheesecake 3. Ramen

What was the last thing you dreamed?: I honestly can't remember. But the last thing I daydreamed about was going to the eras tour. (Sorry guys you're probably getting really bored of me talking about Taylor Swift :/ )



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Oops missed a question~

You can either go have tea with Bertie Wooster, or explore Italy with Ren. Which do you choose? (If you don't know who these characters are, think of it as "you can have tea with a hilariously inept but good-natured wealthy young man who relies on his butler for everything, or explore Italy with a funny and sweet boy of about your own age"): REN! I want to meet Ren soo badd
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oh fun, i always love these :D thank you, Poinsettia!! 

Name: pangolin

Pronouns: she/they

Appearance: tallish, fair freckled skin, wavy copper hair, greenish gray eyes. i'm also absolutely covered in mosquito bites at the moment :D

Personality (How do you come across to others?): probably quiet/reclusive, a bit awkward, smart (hopefully not too much of a know-it-all :/) especially in the humanities, and witty. and i sometimes do the most out of pocket things.

How do you want to come across to others?: oh gosh i don't know. nice, interesting, confident, funny, delightfully chaotic?

Favorite music: currently i've been listening to a lot of R.E.M. (especially their album Automatic for the People), Lorde (particularly Melodrama), Lor (they just released a new song!! what a time to be alive), sixten ("slip" and "talking to the moon"), Elina (i'm slightly obsessed with her "iris" cover) :D

Favorite place: i love the ocean, but like. when it's cold and windy and you're alone and can stare wistfully out at the horizon with the briny seabreeze whipping your hair... but um for a specific location probably the Burren in Ireland. it's just really cool idk. 

Current or latest writing projects: there's my ski lodge on here (i'm working on the next part i promise!! :) ). there's also Glow, my nano novel i need to get around to editing - it's loosely inspired by Celtic mythology, set in Queens, NYC, and the big final battle takes place in an H-mart. it's pretty chaotic and definitely needs editing, but who knows when i'll get around to doing that :') 

there's also what i'm currently calling Spark & Storm (though i'm probably going to change that title??) that's basically superheroes but more...fantasy-ish, i guess? it's kind of urban/contemporary fantasy, and involves a road trip across America to outrun the bad guys™, and it's told from the alternating povs of Finn (he/him, power over water) and Elio (he/they, power over electricity). it's been in planning since December now, idk when i'm gonna actually start writing it :P 

i also have a novel set in the 1880s that features an adventurous girl named John (actually a fairly popular girls' name in the 1880s!) who attempts to save the upstate ny estate that's been in her family for generations after her father's death and gets in way over her head, as well as a supernatural murder mystery novel that takes place in a fictional Colorado mining-town-turned-tourist-attraction, and many many other ideas i may or may not ever write... this is really long, i'll stop yapping - i just really love talking about my writing projects :P

Dreams for the future: my Ultimate Goal is to be a published author one day! and hopefully be popular enough to use my platform to raise awareness for environmental and social issues :) (i'd also like own a house with a secret passageway)

Romantic or pragmatic: probably more romantic than i'd like to admit :P

If you were the number seven, what would you think of the number six?: i'd think six was a pretty cool number, but seven is clearly superior :D

A funny story or anecdote you recently heard (alternatively, it can be something funny you've seen yourself): (warning: this is gonna be long, sorryy) hmm okay so when my dad was in eighth grade, his catholic school had a day-long graduation/confirmation retreat sort of thing at a convent or something out in long island, and it was late may/early june, and it was absolutely scorching out. there was an hour of free time, and some kids were running around playing sports or whatever, but my dad and his friends noticed a fenced-in pool on one corner of the property. it was locked up, but they smashed the lock with a large rock, as you do. once inside, they took off all their clothes but their underwear and jumped in - but their victory was shortlived, because one of the nuns saw them and started yelling at them to get out, so they snatched up their clothes and all ran in different directions - my dad, for instance, ran into the graveyard, and crouched behind the headstones, still in just his tighty-whities. the nuns started going around looking for them - the teacher even got the groundskeeper to drive her around in a golf cart - and once the other kids got wind of what they'd did, they started warning them whenever someone was coming so they could find another hiding spot. this went on until the end of their free time, and the teacher had everyone line up, and started lecturing everyone about how they'd cancel the graduation ceremony if the people who broke into the pool didn't step up. by then, they'd all changed back into their clothes, but my dad and his friends stepped up - "all right, yeah, it was me, i did it" and as punishment, the teacher had them all sit in a room and think about what they did. as soon as she left the room, however, one of them pulled a deck of cards out of his pocket, and they started playing cards. when the teacher came back in to check on them and saw what they were doing, she went ballistic - she threatened to not let them attend the graduation ceremony, even hold them back, whatever punishments she could think of. later, my grandpa went to the school to talk to her and got her to admit, "yeah, it was hot, i wanted to jump in the pool too." 

Top three favorite foods: ooh tough question, let's go with spanakopita, momos, and babka :D

You can either go have tea with Bertie Wooster, or explore Italy with Ren. Which do you choose? (If you don't know who these characters are, think of it as "you can have tea with a hilariously inept but good-natured wealthy young man who relies on his butler for everything, or explore Italy with a funny and sweet boy of about your own age"): the latter!! i've always wanted to visit Italy :D

What was the last thing you dreamed?: from what i remember, last night's involved my evil chemistry teacher faking his own death, someone dressed as Sherlock Holmes, and half of my school dying their hair lime green and getting locked in the school's basement??

thank you so much for this, Poinsettia!! these are always so fun :) (and thank you to the admin for reading all of this through, i'm sorry for being so longwinded :') )

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oh my yess I just spent the last two hours editing my novel... o_O Your story ideas seriously sound awesome though I soooo want to read all those books rn!!!! Also XD everyone here is like, "I want to be a published author". And spanakopita is so good!!!! (Also woah your dad is brave, like I could never do that haha)

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I liked reading the story about your dad :) I can imagine it really well... I assume your dad did manage to attend his graduation ceremony in the end?

Oh, and oddly enough, my dad also went to a Catholic school where they did retreats, so that's funny.

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Name: Vi

Pronouns: she/they

Appearance: short and pale-skinned with long, straight, golden/dirty blond hair that's usually either in two braids or worn down. I tend to dress in shades of black, gray, or pastels and always wear legwarmers and fingerless mittens when it's cool enough. I tend to wear sneakers or converse paired with fun socks :)

Personality: I'm rather quiet and reserved, but if I'm around people that I know well and trust I can be extremely chaotic and talkative, especially about my many, many hyperfixations. I get excited very easily, but can also get discouraged just as quickly. I tend to be very caring and am usually thought of as the "therapist" friend-- a title I have no idea how I earned, given that I'm very clumsy with my words and am terrible at understanding other people.

How I want to come across: This is a very underwhelming term for what I'm trying to convey... competent? Capable? I'm not sure what word I'm looking for, but I want to be seen as someone who always knows what they're doing and doesn't struggle with social anxiety or feeling lost. One of those people, that you can never decide whether you hate them or you want to be them because they're always so infuriatingly perfect. I know it's a long shot for me, but a girl can dream.

Favorite music: Any musicals!! My all-time favorites are Hadestown and the Great Gatsby. As for non-Broadway artists, I like girl in red, Emei, and Paris Paloma. 

Favorite place: My school's library. I work the front desk as a volunteer, and it's just such a nice space that means a lot to me.

Current or latest writing projects: I'm not much of a writer, but I did do a modern retelling of the myth of Echo and Narcissus last week as an entry for an irl contest.

Dreams for the future: Being a copy editor or a natural history museum worker (specifically in an ornithology museum or department) would be my dream job! I'd also love to do something related to the classics, but unfortunately I don't know what that would be apart from being a Latin teacher and... I don't really think I'm cut out for the education scene.

Romantic or pragmatic: Definitely pragmatic, but I have a little hint of romantic buried in there

Number seven: Personally I think that six is a much nicer and neater compared to seven, so I would feel jealous.

Funny anecdote: My friend promised to shave his eyebrows if our other friend didn't make the varsity quiz bowl team, since she's not very confident in her abilities and we like to remind her that she's an incredible player. Our coaches just announced that we wouldn't have a set varsity/JV team, but the two would be equal. We are now all arguing over whether that means our friend still has to shave his eyebrows or not. 

Favorite foods: Any type of pasta or noodles, veggie calzones, and waffles.

Tea or Italy: No idea who either of those people are, but definitely Italy! If you couldn't tell from the Greek myths and the Latin teacher thing, I would give nearly anything to go to Rome.  

Dreams: Last night I dreamed that I could hear everything totally fine, but for some reason I was entirely deaf to the Gatsby soundtrack. All other music I could hear, it was just that. I suppose this was more of a nightmare, lol.  

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taking my own survey because why not

Name: Poinsettia. I sometimes go by Setti for short.

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: wavyish long brown hair, green eyes with golden flecks, straight nose and small chin, fair-golden skin

Personality (How do you come across to others?): On here, I'm the chatterbox friendly sociable activist, I think... Irl, I'm usually quite self-possessed and calm on the outside, and kind of quiet because I can't always think of things to say. Inside, though, I'm very emotional, un-self-confident, and generally launching into long monologues on things I'm interested in. It's weird, I can write about something for ages, and I can think out long conversations and lots of things to say, and I can invent things to say from a character's point of view, but if I have to actually talk to someone else - from my own point of view - I just get really tongue-tied and I can't think of anything to say, or else the things I'd thought of saying start sounding silly to me and I don't say them. It's like I can express myself in my thoughts, or through my fingers, whether I'm using a keyboard or a pencil, but not so easily through sound. However, perhaps that will improve with practice - to be fair, I don't hold in-depth conversations with many people, so maybe I just need to get more used to it before it gets easier. I'm also passionate, occasionally moody, generally enthusiastic, creative, combative, a leader, and friendly.

How do you want to come across to others?: As someone glamorous, imaginative, important, witty, charismatic, and fun.

Favorite music:  I'm capable of liking almost any song if it brings back good memories for me... I only got into '80s rock because it reminded me so much of last summer, for instance. But nostalgia aside, I'm currently fond of Latin pop, country, and folk, including indie folk, with the occasional traditional culturally inspired song thrown in. Currently some of my favorite songs are "Quien te quiere como yo" by Carlos Baute, "Callin' Baton Rouge" by Garth Brooks, and "Good Luck John" by Joe Crookshanks, an indie folk song which sounds exactly like a pine tree. If a pine tree were a song, it would really be that song. I love it, it's sad and yearning and somber but at the same time it has a queer sort of happiness to it too. The instrumental is really sparse and elegant, but so expressive and musical, and the lyrics are very thought-provoking.

Favorite place: Hmmm.... The CB!! :) As for physical places... well, one of the things about me is that I get super attached to almost any place where I've been happy. I love places in pretty much the same way I love people. So there are so many places I love, from my grandparents' house, to the parks I went to when I was little, to the local libraries... But for right now, I'll go with this beach I went to when I was super little. It was so gorgeous.

Current or latest writing projects: I rewrote and posted one of my short stories from a couple of years ago, about a selkie and a fisherman, and that was really fun, because I feel like rewriting the story made it come more alive, and I got more deeply into the setting and the romance. So far, that story is one of my favorites of my writing pieces. (Here's the link if you're interested: https://www.cricketmagkids.com/chatterbox/inkwell/node/574509) More recently, I've been doing a series of vignette/short story things based on a set of characters of mine. Basically in each one, I take one of the characters and explore a particular event in the character's life, exploring the character's world and point of view in a way I wouldn't get to do otherwise (up till now they've all been minor characters, and it's really fun to get their perspectives). One of them is about a girl who goes to a beach for vacation and falls in love with a lifeguard. That sounds really cliche *sigh* But I think I'm making something original out of it. Maybe I'll post it here when it's finished. I've also been trying (and failing) to work on my numerous unfinished novels. I want to work on them but I just can't seem to find the impetus. And I've been typing up and polishing some of my old stories, in case this summer I can send them to magazines and try to get them published...

Dreams for the future: Ideally, my life would look like this. I would go to college and have a busy, rich, beautiful life where I get to do lots of things and learn about stuff I'm interested in and talk with fun and interesting people and make really good friends and hang out with them all the time and maybe go to a couple of parties and share inside jokes and just generally have an ideal social life. Maybe I'd do a study abroad program so I can go to France or Spain or something fascinating. Then I'd be eventually graduating and getting a really nice job and figuring out what my life is going to be like. At some point while all this was going on, I'd have found a really sweet, confident, optimistic, adorable, exciting, fun guy, and I'd eventually marry him. We'd have lots of children and live in a beautiful big house with a rose garden and a room that I could have all to myself, and I could go in there and write whenever I wanted to and never be interrupted, and maybe the house could be next to a lake and my room could have a view of the lake. And all our family members would live in the same town or at least nearby, so there'd always be someone dropping in, or a friend coming to visit, and we could spend our days doing fun things like watching movies and taking the dogs for walks and occasionally eating out in a restaurant. And we'd always have someone's wedding or baptism or birthday party to go to, and my children could have a thriving family life, unlike me, stuck miles away from all but my immediate family. And I would be a writer and screenwriter, and always having phone calls with my Literary Agent, because that sounds very professional, and I'd probably be constantly grumbling about the bothersome editor or director, but I'd actually be very happy underneath it all because I actually had an editor or director and that would be really exciting. And then the books or movies would get published or released and hopefully everyone would love them and they would spread positive messages and also be really entertaining and beautiful.  And I'd have a whole lot of friends, and family, and children, one of them being a daughter who was at least somewhat like me. And eventually they'd get married themselves and have their own children, and that would be fascinating. And every now and again we could take a trip to Paris or Portugal or New York City. Ooh, and then there would be red carpets and galas for some reason, maybe for movie premieres or something, and I could get super dressed-up and feel very sophisticated and glamorous. I wouldn't want red carpets all the time, because it probably isn't good for you to be a celebrity and have everyone staring at you all the time, but it would be nice for once in a while. And ideally I would be very influential and have some way of controlling or influencing what goes on in the world, because the way the world is being run right now, it needs somebody new to step up. And frankly, I know that if my solutions were implemented, maybe with a few changes, things would improve. It's just that nobody wants to implement them, which is super frustrating!! So I'd  have to do it myself, and it would be super satisfying to sit down and confront all these CEOs and politicians and millionaires and actually set things straight.

I expect it wouldn't all be idyllic. Maybe my husband would turn out to be Very Grumpy if he hadn't had his coffee in the mornings, or my mother-in-law would be insistent that I had to name my first daughter after her, and when I decided to name my daughter something else she would throw a complete spaz, or the house would leak when it rained, or my editor would be way too overdomineering and always take out the best parts of my stories when he published them. Idk. But those things wouldn't really matter.

Romantic or pragmatic: As evidenced by the above statements, I definitely seem to be a romantic.

If you were the number seven, what would you think of the number six?: I'd think it was a splendid number and we'd get married. (That was a weirdly weird answer...)

A funny story or anecdote you recently heard (alternatively, it can be something funny you've seen yourself): Okay, so apparently some people wanted some giant knitting needles (they're nine feet tall and spray-painted pink) to be brought along to a particular building for an exhibit. Someone asked Scott, an ex-Navy member, to bring them along. So he put them in the back of his truck and drove down the highway with them. Can you imagine anything funnier than a retired, very tough Navy veteran driving down the highway with nine-foot pink knitting needles sticking out of the back of his truck? Besides, he got there early and just sat in front of the building, painting, and when someone asked him about this, he was just like, "Yep. I've been painting. Gotta get the light." He sounds like a character.

Top three favorite foods: I remember being hungry when I wrote that question... Let's see, fideos, fruits of all kinds, and steak.

You can either go have tea with Bertie Wooster, or explore Italy with
Ren. Which do you choose? (If you don't know who these characters are,
think of it as "you can have tea with a hilariously inept but
good-natured wealthy young man who relies on his butler for everything,
or explore Italy with a funny and sweet boy of about your own age"): Ren! Bertie's hilarious, but I'd love to see Italy.

What was the last thing you dreamed?: arghhh can't remember maybe I should fill this question out tomorrow

well that was fun - thank you very much for doing this, Setti. oh wait I am Setti. How nice! *bows* Fancy meeting you here!

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:0 wow. You managed to have a longer post than me! *awe* but your plans for the future are so exciting to read and I hope that things do turn out that way...

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GASPPP how did that happen?! Just joking lol :) but yeah I did write a lot... I haven't been on the CB very much lately, and I just felt like talking, I guess.

Thank you, that's so sweet of you! I hope all your dreams/aspirations come true too :)


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for the last question: last night I dreamed that there was a wildcat in the house. Somehow or other it had just walked in when the door was open, and I hadn't even really paid attention until later on I was just like "oh there's a wildcat in the house". So we tried to fend it off with this and that, and eventually we went and shut ourselves up in the study and called the animal control people. I also dreamed that I got to see my second cousins.

This afternoon I was kind of falling asleep on my bed because I was sleepy and tired, so I dreamed that I was watching Carlos Baute in slow motion and he looked really silly.

My dreams are odd... Sometimes they're really nice, sometimes they're awful, but generally they don't make much sense, and whether I enjoy them or not usually depends on my subconscious mood. If I'm really happy and peaceful, I enjoy most of my dreams very much :)

Iffy says <feodu> I think she wants fideos too...

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Name: Moon Wolf

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: shoulder-length black hair, dark eyes, Asian, a moon pendant necklace, purple clothes

Personality (How do you come across to others?): nice, awkward, a bit prideful, introverted, but easily makes a friend in a new place (somehow?)

How do you want to come across to others?: thoughtful, creative, caring, cheerful, encouraging

Favorite music: I like a lot. Maybe some pop songs like Taylor Swift

Favorite place: the bookstore

Current or latest writing projects: just poems

Dreams for the future: to write a book of poems or a novel

Romantic or pragmatic: a bit both, but more pragmatic

If you were the number seven, what would you think of the number six?: another companion

A funny story or anecdote you recently heard (alternatively, it can be something funny you've seen yourself): I heard a story about how a college campus had many cows, which you could actually touch and feed, yet the mascot wasn't a cow. It was a horse.

Top three favorite foods: sushi, ice cream, and pasta

You can either go have tea with Bertie Wooster, or explore Italy with Ren. Which do you choose? (If you don't know who these characters are, think of it as "you can have tea with a hilariously inept but good-natured wealthy young man who relies on his butler for everything, or explore Italy with a funny and sweet boy of about your own age"): explore Italy with Ren

What was the last thing you dreamed?: I dreamed that I was doing an obstacle course of some sort

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