Hi guys! This

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Hi guys! This

Hi guys! This is the official post to say that I'm changing my CB name to Moth Silvermoon!  Im a different person since when I first set out on the CB,and I needed something... More gender neutral? Moth fits me more. Thank you all so much for understanding and being a part of this community. On another note, I'm going to revamp my AEs soon to fit this version of me.More on that later! 




I'm also going to be planning a Ski Lodge.....


Have a good day!!! 

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I just want to say thank you. You were one of the first Cbers (thanks other Cbers, too) who posted on my intro thread. You have done so much for the Cb community, and please know that everyone has loved Luna~and they'll love Moth maybe even more! And you can be any gender you want and ALL of Cb will accept you.


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:) Moth Silvermoon is a nice name! Hope to read you around more!

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