K, so CaC

Chatterbox: Chirp at Cricket

K, so CaC

K, so CaC is about suggestions and stuff that can make Cricket even better, right? Maybe I'm getting confused with TM. Anyways, Cricket, I think (and probably a bunch of other CBers do to) that this site needs a search engine. I mean, just the CB area. It would be really helpful to a lot of people. (especially the people that do Warriors RPing, I think they sometimes have a little trouble finding the threads the their "clans") A search engine on CB would help. But I understand how many posts and stuff you have, so, yeah. Oh! And to you people who can't find specific posts (or there are too many pages to look through) Google it. But going through pages looking for your thing is good too. (I once did that through most of Inkwell) Before I (we, I'm Alexa, it's my turn to do the column thing) I'd just like to say thanks to the Admins (and everyone else). Have a rose.

@------ Here's a special one for you Pudding, @------- @-------- @----------- @---------

~Alexa and Olive~ (we know, our signature varies) 

Roses! Oh, thank  you! We love them. They smell sooooo good!

Pudding and Admins

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Yeah, I agree. But Google works. Type in "cricketmagkids" "chatterbox," and the section (chirp at cricket, blab about books, etc.) that you need something in. You can also put in a person's name, if you want posts by a specific person.

What I think would help is like what BaB has, where you can type in "Book title or genre." If we had that for the other sections we could give threads specific titles, so they would be easier to find. But like Alexa and Olive said, I know there's a lot of threads and stuff for you to take care of, so, yeah. BTW, Alexa and Olive, are you twins? That's really cool.




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