Census! I decided

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Census! I decided

Census! I decided to make a census for anyone who wants to do it. This census has no importantance whatsoever, except for that it is meant for everyone to get ideas for story characters or whatever.


Fav Color:   Dark Green                                                                                                           Fav animal:  Redd Panda                                                                                                          Imaginary place you have always wanted to go to:none                                                              number of family members: 4                                                                                                   

full name: Elexie Kathrine H. V.

best friend's full name: Annie Perie H.

age: 11

family member's full name: Honi B... Heather H... Paulie G.

fav book: The Wednsday Wars

talent: reading, singing, acting

number 1 wish: That everything would go my way

bad habit: wiggling teeth

list of personalities: brave, funny, loud, happy,



submitted by Ham, age whatever, whavever
(April 8, 2010 - 6:52 pm)

Fav Color-Aqua blue

Fav Animal- um....pig?

Imaginary places you have always wanted to go: none that I can think of at the moment

Number of family members: 9

Full name: Let's just stick with Mary Jo

Best friend's name: I don't have an absoluetly best friend, but I have a few absolutely awesome friends.

Age: 14!!

Family members full names: sorry, I doubt they'd want me giving out all this info

Favorite book: Way too many to decide from

Talents: Being weird, playing pranks, making crafts, lectoring, homeschooling (although some of those aren't actual talents)

Number one wish: another sister

Bad habit: Talking way too loud

List of personalities: sometimes shy and quiet, funny, talkative, entertaining



submitted by Mary Jo, age 14
(April 9, 2010 - 7:29 am)