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Hero or Heroine

I’m so excited when I start a new story! Most writers believe that the single most important part is the characters. If readers fall in love with your characters—especially the main character—they will read to the end, feeling every emotion, taking part in the adventures. So as we work together toward building our story, please give a lot of thought to the conversation on this thread. Share your own best ideas, think about ideas others come up with, and discuss ways to make the character as interesting and memorable as possible.

Be original, and don’t be afraid to be surprising! What if the main character had a really unusual background or ability or fear? What if she were a girl who could only come out in the moonlight because a witch cast a spell on her great-grandmother? If you’re like me, you’ll find that the more questions you ask and answer about the main character, the more the story will begin to write itself in your head!

For example, if I wanted to introduce the girl who could only come out in the moonlight, I might write: “Quill pushed aside the velvet drape and peeked out through the window’s glass to where the moon glowed, huge and silver, behind the oak trees. It was their nightly ritual, Quill and the moon each peeping through curtains to see if the other were awake.”

I can’t wait to see your ideas! Here’s my list of traits for brainstorming the main character. After you have your ideas, you can write a Crowd Sorcery Sentence, or two or three, that might introduce your character in the story.

1. Name

2. Appearance

3. Background

4. Personality

5. How is he/she different from others?

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for?

7. How is he/she strong?

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable?

9. What does he/she fear most?

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)


The voting for hero and heroine is now complete. Go here to see our main character and learn the schedule for creating and voting on a villain and sidekick.

You can still add to this Hero and Heroine thread for fun.


submitted by Fred Durbin
(April 23, 2014 - 10:05 am)

To Fred Durbin,

I put my character on The Start Here page, I hope thats ok? And I did not see this page until soon after, so some of the guid lines I might have skipped, so here are the answers to those ones.....

Her personality is brave and clever, and she is always mischeivous and uses that to her advanatge.

She is different from others because she is a bit strange, and always is looking for adventure.

Her desire is to take back her queendom.

She is strong physically, but a bit weak mentally, and can easily be weakened with that.

What she fears the most is drowning; she can't swim and hates water of all sorts.

My sentences: Her questions poured down like rain. Curious to the outside world, she crept out of the wolves den, taking quiet steps to insure the slumber of her companions. As the moonlight kissed her, she felt reborn; everything was fresh and new, and Lisette was ready for an awaiting adventure. 



submitted by Edie The Bewildered, age 12, Middle of No Where
(April 25, 2014 - 8:27 pm)

1. Name

Julia Vogel

2. Appearance

Long dark blonde hair, tall for her age, dark brown eyes. She typically wears her hair in a braid, and she's usually dressed practically.

3. Background

She never had many friends, because she was introverted. Her parents never noticed her, and occasionally were surprised to see her in the house. As a result, she's clingy and a bit too loud now. She's learned how to perfectly mask her emotions because her parents always yelled at her when she was loudly expressive. She occasionally just kind of explodes.

4. Personality

She's clingy and a bit too loud. She never shows her emotions, and occasionally has outbursts. Ironically, she's very good at helping others deal with their emotions.

5. How is she different from others?

She can relieve people of any pain they may be experiencing. She treats them in a bit of a cold-hearted manner at first, because they need to be changed by the pain. They need to become better through it. Then, once she's decided they've changed for the better, she relieves them of their pain, by telling them a story. She never tells the same story twice, and she's a renowned storyteller.

6. What does she most desire or hope for? 

She hopes that one day she'll be able to experience the full human range of emotions (as a result of her suffocating her emotions from a young age, she rarely experiences positive emotions that are strong enough for her to notice them). 

7. How is she strong? 

She occasionally gets lost in her own mind, lost in theories, but she always remembers to find something to anchor her in reality. She always remembers her own human state and remembers to get help for herself, instead of always putting the needs of others in front of her own.

8. How is she weak or vulnerable?

Sometimes she accidentally locks herself into her brain, in a way, and then she just sits in the same spot for days, staring off into space. These episodes can be triggered by anything, because she makes the weirdest connections. For example, idle mention of the possible existence of parallel universes would send her into her own mind, exploring trillions of nested universes.

9. What does she fear most? 

She's terrified of losing control of her emotions. She's also scared that one day she'll wake up and discover that her entire life was nothing but a hallucination.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery sentences.

"Ahh!" The little girl shrieked when she tripped over a loose cobblestone. Her knee was bleeding from the fall. A few tears trickeld down her cheeks. Julia ran over to the girl and knelt beside her. Holding the girl's hand, she said in a low, calm voice, "It's okay. You just weren't looking where you were going. It's just a little scrape. Can you look at me?" The little girl sniffled and wiped her face, looking into Julia's eyes. Julia thought for a minute, and then began talking. "Once, there was a kingdom. It was ruled by a king and queen. They were very happy, but they wanted a child. However, several years had passed since their marriage began, and the queen hadn't had any children. They were growing desperate, and so they went to talk to a fairy. She told them, 'The queen must live off of only the finest greens. Then, you will have a beautiful child.' They obeyed, and nine months later the queen bore a beautiful girl. She was perfect in all ways but one. She didn't seem capable of emotion. No matter what she was looking at, her face was dead. The king and queen begged her to laugh for them, or cry for them, or just show some sign of emotion, please. But no matter how hard the girl tried, she just couldn't fathom how to show emotion. Then, one day the palace guards entered the throne room, holding between them a boy who looked to be near death. They said, 'Your Highnesses, this boy was asking to speak with you.' The king waved his hand. 'Speak, boy.' The boy coughed. 'Could I have some water, please?' The king obliged. The boy then took a deep breath and began speaking. 'I come to speak with the princess. I heard that she wasn't showing emotion. I know how to fix her.' The queen said, 'How?' The boy replied, 'It's simple.' He looked the girl in the eyes and said, 'Do you know of the Humangatang?' The girl snickered, and then smiled. A full grin, with teeth showing and eyes lit up. Her parents said to her, 'You know this boy?' She replied, 'Yeah. We're friends.' From that point onward the princess was able to experience the full range of emotions, and she lived happily ever after." The little girl smiled when Julia had finished. "I liked that story." Julia helped the girl up off the ground and said, "Does your knee feel any better?" The little girl smiled. "Yes. Thank you." She looked down at her knee and her eyes widened. Her knee was well-bandaged and didn't hurt in the slightest. She hugged Julia and ran back to her friends.

(sorry it's so long) 

submitted by Maggie, age 12, nowhere pleasant
(April 26, 2014 - 10:31 am)

Fred, I really think you should include the character Quill in your story. Your little blurb about her was amazing! Anyways,


1. Name

Fable Thatcher 

2. Appearance

Deep blue eyes that seem to hold something deep inside their cores 

3. Background

A poor girl who lived in a poor village; until she met the man who thoroughly recognized her talents, that is 

4. Personality

Scared of her own strength, shy, somewhat depressed, longing for something or someone she doesn't really know how to explain, wise 

5. How is he/she different from others?

Whatever she writes becomes true. She can write better than anyone who's lived on the Earth. She does not know who her parents are. Some people speculate that she came from somewhere else...somewhere beyond.... (maybe that's why her eyes are so strikingly blue and so...starry) 

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for?

Someone to come and save her from the life she has been living; to save her from the prophecy that was put in place by her hand, a quill pen, and a piece of paper. 

7. How is he/she strong?

She is very wise and knows a lot about people just by looking at them.... 

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable?

She is scared of what she writes because of what once happened to her 

9. What does he/she fear most?

What she writes; that she would write something even worse than the prophecy; and, of course, the prophecy itself. 

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)  

Fable tucked her hair behind her ear, and, shakingly, began to write, a tear streaking down her dirtied cheek. No one except her really understood the reason that she wrote so much. It wasn't her fault. Many people would call it a gift to write as good as her. Not Fable. She called it a curse. The thing is, no one--or not anyone that Fable could recall, that is--would call being able to write better than the best writers of the world a gift if they knew what would happen if they wrote. If they knew that their writing would come true, whatever it was that was put down on paper. Now, many people may think that the person that had that "gift" would then simply write nice, sweet things.

But what if they couldn't control what they put on the paper? What then? That was what Fable wanted to know. But even as she thought this over, Fable's hand still danced across the paper, painting with words and ink. She knew it wasn't her fault; not thoroughly, but what she was writing scared her nontheless, for she knew what would happen if the prophecy wasn't fulfilled, and if that happened, she did not know what anyone could possibly do... 

submitted by Madeline T., age 13
(April 26, 2014 - 8:30 pm)

1. Name

Iris Potter

 2. Appearance

Long dark brown hair usually with a steak of purple, dark brown eyes, chestnut colored skin.

3. Background 

Her mother died when she was 2.  Her father didn't know how to look after her, so he sent her to her to the only other living relative she has. He is very odd, and is usually always on a mysterious mission.

4. Personality 

Adventurous, but yet shy. Wants to find out her true meaning in life.

5. How is he/she  different from others?

She is usually reaading a books, and if she reads for too long a time, she is automatically transported to the book's current setting.

6. What does he/she most desire or wish for?

To have the gift of magic and to understand the why she is always being transported to unknown lands.

7. How is he/she strong?

She knows if people are being truthful just by the tone in their voice .

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable?

If she is shown any type of spider, she will faint and not awake until one and a half hours after the incident.

9. What does he/she fear most?

Any type of spider.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery  Sentence(s)

Iris was suddenly swept away in a cool summer breeze, and was placed so delicately as if she might break any moment, on a shining white petal. She was in the Land of the Giants.


submitted by Leah M., age 10, San Diego, CA
(May 2, 2014 - 9:15 pm)

That's Amazing!

You should look at my villain Lycan on the villain thread..... I think he would be good for this! 

submitted by Brooke E., age 11, Arkansas
(June 26, 2014 - 4:22 pm)

Good job!! You made it into the magazine!! :D Laughing 


You are really good at this! 

submitted by Eleanor T., age 11, San Diego
(November 30, 2014 - 6:46 pm)

Oh! Sorry; I forgot some thing's about Fable's appearence (I think I was too eager to publish it). She has long brown hair and wears a simple white [dirty] dress.

submitted by Madeline, age 13
(April 26, 2014 - 8:34 pm)

BTW the reply was for Madeline T. aka Fable

submitted by Brooke E., age 11, Arkansas
(June 27, 2014 - 7:32 pm)

Everyone's doing great! These are all excellent characters! Here are a few quick answers to questions:

Bounty: No, there's no need to worry about matching up time periods. Everything is still in the earliest formative stages here. We're gathering good ideas. We don't yet know the time period of the story, and that's something we can adapt as needed. So just focus on creating strong, fascinating characters for now!

Edie: Don't worry! Your character that got onto the wrong page won't be lost. We'll be sure she's included when everyone eventually votes on the characters they like best. It's good that you made mention of her on this page -- that's a solid reminder that she's here, but not fully on this page.

Madeline: Thank you for the compliment on Quill, my example character! I definitely want the main characters to be ones suggested by you all, not by me! (But I won't forget Quill. She may appear in another story sometime!)

Everyone, please keep these amazing characters coming!

submitted by Fred D., Pennsylvania
(April 26, 2014 - 10:41 pm)

Thanks, Fred! I'm looking forward to seeing this in Cricket over the summer! A new summer project to add to my list! :)

submitted by Madeline
(April 27, 2014 - 10:20 am)

NAME: Mckniley (Mac) Kesser


APPEARANCE: Long brown hair tied in a braid, freckles sprinkled on her cheeks, tall, always wears her black sneakers, pale skin,bright blue eyes, wears shorts, jeans, or a white dress. She always brings her knapsack along with "special tools" in it.


BACKGROUND: She is the daughter of a hero, Conlan Kesser, and lived in a small apartment with her 12 sibilings.


PERSONALITY: She is very outgoing and her curiosity sometimes gets her in trouble, she loves solving problems, she is bold, loves nature and is great at communicating with people.

HOW IS HE OR SHE DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS: She has an amazing sense of hearing.

WHAT DOES HE OR SHE DESIRE OR HOPE FOR: She hopes that someday her father will come back; he went missing after his last job.

HOW IS HE OR SHE STRONG: Nothing bothers her, after living with 13 people she has learned to cope with grief, teasing, and annoyance

HOW IS HE OR SHE WEAK: She sometimes over thinks things, and can get carried away.

WHAT DOES HE OR SHE FEAR MOST: Making mistakes, and spiders

SENTENCES: Mac woke up to the sound of her alarm buzzing in her ear. 5:00, time to start chores, her list was taped to the wall:


Clean the toielt (a dreded chore)

Set the table for breakfeast

Help Mazie and Bell (the twin 2 year olds) get dressed.

Mac silently climbed down her bunk bed ladder, trying not to wake the others. She finally reached the cold wood floor and tip-toed up to the door, she carfully opened it and slipped out into the kitchen, she grabbed the hamper and started to load the clothes into the washer, when she heard a loud bang, she knew the others couldn't hear. When she was younger she had realized her sense of hearing was much more sensitive than the average human's ear, she quickly wrote a note and left it on the table.

Dear Mom,

There's something going on, I need to leave, sorry, I didn't finish the chores, I will be back, don't worry.

Mac grabed her knapsack and packed some snacks and a bottle of water and headed for the door. 


submitted by Danielle T., age 11
(April 27, 2014 - 10:56 am)

Like it, sis! :D

submitted by Madeline T., age 13
(May 1, 2014 - 3:09 pm)

I meant for her dad being an every day hero.

submitted by Danielle T
(May 18, 2014 - 7:58 am)

I really got to try this...

1. Name: Dawn Swistun 

2. Appearance: Tall, skinny and pale with light brown slightly wavy hair cut short to her neck.   

3. Background: A long forgotten princess abandoned on the streets to fend for herself. She was infamous for stealing numerous things (mostly food but occasionally a ruby necklace to trade in money). Her Uncle finds her and takes her in (he's a nobleman) but she is restless and so used to the streets. She is still getting used to it.

4. Personality: Known for being daring and sneaky. She is only trustworthy towards her friends, so she can turn on you at any given moment because of her thievery background. 

5. How is she different from others? She notices small things in the big picture. For instance, if she passes a place once, she will notice if a table is missing from before. (Don't want her to be a Mary Sue, but I'm just coming up with her now.) 

6. What does she most desire or hope for? She hopes to have a real family, secretly, not just Uncle who is particulary cruel and does not pay attention to her. She also wishes to have at least one good friend.

7. How is she strong? All those years fighting on the streets for survival have taught Dawn how to be strong and toughen up. 

8. How is she weak or vulnerable? Dawn can be a bit selfish at times. (Food or jewelry; it's a habit from being a thief and she has a slight fear of not having enough of it. Not her major fear)

9. What does she fear most? She fears the dark the most (Nytophobia) and what might come out to get her. She has strange dreams sometimes about being suffocated in the absolute dark, alone.

10. Sentences

The sound of pipes dripping echoed in the distance. Dawn felt around and saw that she was lying on the cobblestone ground. She opened her eyes, but it didn't seem to work. Realization spread over her as she realized the reason why. She was in the pitch-black dark. Goosebumps settled on her skin as some scuttling came closer to her. This couldn't be happening... this couldn't be real.

~Hope you like Dawn :) It's so cool that we can submit characters here! 

submitted by Moss, age 13
(April 27, 2014 - 11:07 am)

Since I realize there aren't as many boy characters as girls, you could do a genderbend on Dawn, I guess. Dean Swistun, a born thief in the streets forgotten from royalty I think.

Cappie says kekb. A new word for the fantasy dictionair, perhaps? ;) Well... 

submitted by Moss, age 13
(May 3, 2014 - 7:43 pm)