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Hero or Heroine

Hero or Heroine

I’m so excited when I start a new story! Most writers believe that the single most important part is the characters. If readers fall in love with your characters—especially the main character—they will read to the end, feeling every emotion, taking part in the adventures. So as we work together toward building our story, please give a lot of thought to the conversation on this thread. Share your own best ideas, think about ideas others come up with, and discuss ways to make the character as interesting and memorable as possible.

Be original, and don’t be afraid to be surprising! What if the main character had a really unusual background or ability or fear? What if she were a girl who could only come out in the moonlight because a witch cast a spell on her great-grandmother? If you’re like me, you’ll find that the more questions you ask and answer about the main character, the more the story will begin to write itself in your head!

For example, if I wanted to introduce the girl who could only come out in the moonlight, I might write: “Quill pushed aside the velvet drape and peeked out through the window’s glass to where the moon glowed, huge and silver, behind the oak trees. It was their nightly ritual, Quill and the moon each peeping through curtains to see if the other were awake.”

I can’t wait to see your ideas! Here’s my list of traits for brainstorming the main character. After you have your ideas, you can write a Crowd Sorcery Sentence, or two or three, that might introduce your character in the story.

1. Name

2. Appearance

3. Background

4. Personality

5. How is he/she different from others?

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for?

7. How is he/she strong?

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable?

9. What does he/she fear most?

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)


The voting for hero and heroine is now complete. Go here to see our main character and learn the schedule for creating and voting on a villain and sidekick.

You can still add to this Hero and Heroine thread for fun.


submitted by Fred Durbin
(April 23, 2014 - 10:05 am)

Name: Weave

Appearance: Straight black cropped hair, stormy grey eyes, doe-like features, very slender

Backround: Rescued from a bewitched fire at five years old, in which her parents perished in. She was taken care of by an inkeeper and his wife, where they raised her well. She left home at the age of 15 to travel the world.

Personality: She is very clever, kind, funny, smart, and very exuberant and outgoing. She comes up with clever remarks, and always knows how to get out of a bind. She is always making everybody laugh.

Different from others: She is a master thief, and her many unusual talents include lock picking, hiding from her enemies, scaling up smooth walls, being very nimble and fast, being able to squeeze herself into small spaces, causing distractions, and having no fear of getting hurt or caught whatsoever.

Desire: Her desire is that none of her friends get hurt, and is willing to sacrifice herself for the ones she loves. 

Strong: She is not paticularly strong, but is nimble, fierce, elusive, and sly, which gets her out of most situations.

Weak: She lacks in strength, so if she is caught, and there is no way to escape with her talents, she has trouble escaping.

Fears: She fears fire of all sorts, for the fires she survived as a child scarred her back to unrecognition, and mentally effected her as well.

Sentence: Weave nimbly scaled the wall, and disappeared into the shadows, invisible to the enemy's eyes. Stealthily, she crept up behind the guard, green eyes glowing with anticipation, where she carefully set her trap, waiting for the guard to catch the bait. 

submitted by Edie the Bewildered, age 12, Middle of No Where
(April 27, 2014 - 3:41 pm)

1. Rilla Hensworth

2. Brown hair, very straight, cut into a jagged bob. Emerald green eyes. Pale skin with freckles. Kind of short but no one ever dares stick it to her. Has just turned 13.

3. Ran away from an orphanage at age four and lived off her wits ever since. Made friends with a boy called Jazz, who disappeared a year ago. Taken in at age twelve by a baker's wife.

4. Sarcastic. Not inclined to be nice to people. Something of a spitfire. Her only tenderness was toward Jazz, but ever since he disappeared, she has closed herself off emotionally, mostly because she's hurt that he abandoned her. Sometimes thinks she should love her adoptive parents, but can't really summon it up.

5. She is the only orphan in her town, and she is a complete tomboy, unlike most of the other girls. She likes bending the rules and has pretty loose morals where stealing and lying counts.

6. Consciously, she doesn't want anything, because she knows she can always steal it. Unconsciously, she wants to find Jazz and become accepted by her peers.

7. She bluffs and lies a lot, and has a razor sharp mind which is pretty intimidating. She also once snitched a dagger, which she protects herself with when her words fail.

8. She is very conscious of her difference and is sometimes uncomfortable with it, but it too proud to try to change.

9. She fears being "reformed," but she is really afraid of never finding Jazz again, or finding out he's dead, because she still misses him even though she thinks she hates him.

10. Rilla had always one recurring dream. It was a strange kind of dream, of her standing alone on a hill, lifting her dagger as if to throw it at someone. And always, right when the hilt left her small hand, the blurred face of her antagonist would morph into that of Jazz, and just when the dagger was about to hit him, he would catch it, grin at her, then disappear.

submitted by Everinne, age 14, Characterland
(April 27, 2014 - 8:01 pm)

Name: Laykenya Hawkes

Appearance: Short black hair, blueish gold eyes, and rather small. She wears the most popular clothing, which can be anything.

Background: She lives in the year 3000, and was orphaned (like everybody) when she was born, put in a dorm since she was old enough to walk, and has her ears pierced, wich her electronic guardian watches her from (she is projected from the earring)

Personality: She wants to be popular, but to be herself as well, which is sarcastic and funny. She also has a hobby of creating a bit of trouble from time to time. She can be gentle at times, too, and has a knack for healing people, although she doesn't like to. Energetic.

How is she different form others?: She likes to cause a bit of trouble occasionaly, and wants to be herself, unlike anybody else she knows. She is good at healing.

What does she desire most of hope for?: She wants to learn about the past, because nobody else will tell her that. She also wants to be popular.

How is she strong?: She can calm down crowds easily, and is a good speaker. She is calcutaling, and takes a while to make her descisions.

How is she weak or vulnerable?: She will do anything to learn about the past. You could say she has a hunger for it. She doesn't follow her gut instinct, but takes time to make desicions.

What does she fear most?: Dying alone and unnoticed, knowing nothing about the past, nothing at all.

Your Crowd Sorcery Sentences: I woke up to the usual hum of my blank white room. White walls, white sheets, one window with white automatic curtains, white bed, white desk, I was even wearing a white nightgown. I clapped my hands once and look up. A face flickered on the ceiling screen of my room.

"Hi Lenwood" I greeted my Matriarch, Lenwood, the electronic face with dard brown hair and blue eyes that watched over me, day and night, either on my bedroom ceiling or projected form my earring. Unless I glitched her. Of course I knew how to do that.

"Hello, Laykenya" she replied in her semi-human voice.

"Lenwood, can you teach me about the past?" I asked. It was or daily routine. I silently mouthed the words she was going to say next.

"I can't do that, Laykenya" she replied. I sighed. "I just... what can I do without the past? Without it, we won't be able to learn about the future" I was going off script.

"Well, Laykenya, you can become a healer. You have a knack for calming people down and fixing them up"

I made a face, then said, "Oh, Lenwood, of course I will do that. No, Lenwood, of course not! I don't like healing. It makes me sick, however good I am at it. Can I have the most recent and popular our fit put on, please?" Lenwood laughed softly and as my nightgown changed into a sleevelss light blue shirt that had the longest ruffles that I had ever seen, and pants that changed into different shades of green, said," Well, Laykenya, it isn't about what is good for you, it's about what's good for the city"

I groaned and snapped my fingers three times and was transported to school. Lenwood's face became a projection on my earring now. Looking back on it, I wished I hadn't glitched her right then and there, and decided to skip school to have a little fun (which I do on occasion) If I hadn't, everything would never have happened

Hope everyone likes it!



submitted by Snatcher, age Undefined , Fabletory
(April 28, 2014 - 2:30 pm)

@ Snatcher- you did a really good job on your crowd sorcery sentence! 


I think more people should do boys, because we only have two or three of them. 

submitted by Grace, A Medieval Village
(April 28, 2014 - 3:43 pm)

*blushes* Awww, shucks. Thanks!

submitted by Snatcher, Blushing
(April 28, 2014 - 5:50 pm)

@ Fred D.

If you use my heroine Rilla Hensworth, please replace her last name with Tindell. Hensworth isn't nearly baker-daughter-y enough.

submitted by Everinne, age 14
(April 28, 2014 - 7:54 pm)

I agree with Grace! These characters are all superb -- I'm enjoying meeting every one! -- but let's see some more boys! Of course girl writers can create boy characters, too, just as I, a male writer, often like to write about female characters. It can be really fun to imagine a character different from yourself!

submitted by Fred D., Pennsylvania
(April 28, 2014 - 10:43 pm)

Name: Aelwyn Fyrth

Appearance: Short, energetic girl with wavy black hair, high cheekbones, long, dark lashes, suprisingly green eyes, delicately arching eyebrows, dainty, slightly pointed ears, almost always wearing iradescent earrings.  Light skin, delicate build and long limbs. Gracefully long fingers.

Background: Lives in an abandoned castle on Ithyver, an island off the mainland of Amyelthalas. Was in the care of Ms. Bitxi until she ran away in stolen boat. Parents were taken by Potwór when she was young. Has been trying whole life to find them.

Personality: Tries her best to be optimistic but usually doesn't manage. Resilient. Proud and independent. Loner.

How is she different from others?

She lives in a castle, she's a loner, but mostly because of bad memories. 

What does she most desire or hope for?

To find her parents (duh).

How is she strong?

She is physically strong, which can be a surprise because of her delicate build.

How is she weak or vulnerable?

She would never think of asking for help from anyone, she is alone and not very old.

What does she fear most?

Asking for help, being taken away from her island, Potwór, the monsters that carried her parents away, someone discovering her secret (in my crowd sorcery).

Crowd Sorcery Sentences: As had happened every night she could remember, Aelwyn followed the man out the door.  She didn't know his real name, so she called him Perygl, for danger. His black robe trailed on the floorstones, his face, as always, was obscured by a black mask. He took her to the balcony and waited as her hair turned to gold. He plucked a hair from her head and tied one end to the banister. He threw the other end into the dark abyss. It was pulled taut on the other side, and he dragged her onto the golden thread. It thickened to the width of a wire, and they climbed across.

submitted by Hdarr, age 12, U.S.A.
(April 29, 2014 - 5:15 pm)

Here's a boy!


Will Gust


Shaggy brown hair, lightest blue eyes you've ever seen, and a thin form. Is always wearing an apron that signals he is an apprentice butcher. 


Definitly is NOT an orphan, has two parents that love him like crazy, and want him to grow up to be a butcher. Loves his parents, but does not want to be a butcher because he loves animals. He wants to be a secret messenger for the castle.


Very humorous, and jokes around so much that it gets annoying. When he is working with his parents, he gets obnoxious on purpose so he can get thrown out for the rest of the day. He is clever like that. 

How is he different than others?

Can camoflauge into his surroundings, and then float away with the wind, as if he were transformed into it. (Hence the name Will Gust)

What does he most desire or hope for? 

Wants to figure out why the castle isn't sending enough food. Even though you are not allowed out of the village, he can sneak out using his powers to visit the elves. From there, he can find out Eliza-Grace's past. He lives in the same village as Eliza-Grace. The reason Will wants to find Eliza-Grace's past is because he thinks she is his sister. Will also always wanted a pet and a sibling. He hopes if he can do something heroic, then maybe he will get to be secret messenger for the castle. (Floating on the winds, possibly.)

How is he strong?

His powers help him escape bad situations. 

How is he weak or vulnerable?

He can be spotted by only people of the royal blood when he is using his talents.

What does he fear most? 

Will fears that people will find out about his powers and put him in prison.

Your crowd sorcery sentence(s) 

Will stood and looked glumly down at the headless chicken. "Well, I guess it's time for the old routine," he thought. "Hey, Pop, how 'bout a joke?" Will asked. His parents knew what was coming. "You know what, Will? What do 'ya think about takin' a break for a few hours? Hm? Wha'da ya say?" But Will was already out the door. His cleverness had paid off once again. Once he got out of sight, Will floated away on the breeze, off to watch over Eliza-Grace.



Hope you like it! 








submitted by Grace
(April 29, 2014 - 5:22 pm)

I've been holding off on this for a while, but here's the first shot! I agree that there should be more boys, but I know that a majority of CBers are girls. A lot of the RPs here have only girls, and few have a majority of boys. 

Also, I just read over all of the characters, and all of them were simply amazing. However, my favorites so far are Falok (created by John F. Q), Asha Fay (created by Katie M.) and Weave (created by Edie the Bewildered). Great job, everyone! 


1. Name: Rayth 

2. Appearance:
Straight jet black hair that comes down to his chin, and that he usually wears loose. He has deep brown eyes and skin that is slightly tanned by the sun. He is about five foot six, and has long, limber legs. He has a scar that runs from the back of his right ear down the outer edge of his chin. 

He often wears a tunic that comes almost to his knees, and  a pair of sturdy brown pants, sometimes patched with cheerful
colors. A cloth belt is wrapped around his wait, and his shoes were
once sturdy and now pretty well worn.

3. Background:
Rayth was brought up in a little village at the base of the mountain. Until he was thirteen, he lived with his father, his mother, and his younger sister, Freya. His father was a trader, and his mother would accompany her husband in his trading routes from time to time (about once every two years), bringing the children along as a treat. On the way home from a successful two month route, the wagon which held Rayth, his father, his mother, and his younger sister was attacked by bandits. Rayth just barely managed to escape with the clothes on his back. (Which was how he got his scar.) When men from his hometown came to where the attack had taken place, only a splintered, shattered wagon was found. Not a soul was found, and the rest of Rayth's father's caravan was never seen again. That was a year ago. Now, he travels around his country on horseback, earning money by doing odd jobs and selling pictures he sketched. 

4. Personality:
Witty and joking, yet he has learned to keep his eyes open and takes in a lot of detail. He is polite to those who are polite to him - rudeness from those his age or older will be tolerated only by a glare or a fist in the face, is he's unusually unnerved. He loves little kids, especially those around the age of seven or eight - his sister's age. He hates killing and fighting of any sort. On the outside, he is a boy who is able to laugh easily and has a good sense of direction, on the inside, he is a fourteen-year old who is very sharp (as in witty, not bad-tempered) yet has a great sorrow of the loss of his family.

5. Different from others:
He has an amazing ability of art - his sketches of people and animals are very lifelike. However, while he is skilled in art and can handle a horse well, his outdoor abilities - such as swordsmanship, fighting, wrestling, and lifting heavy loads, are not close to the skill boys his own age. He can run fast and well, and that is usually his fighting technique. 

6. Desire or hope:
To find his family or find what has happened to them.

7. Strong:
He is honest, determined, and knows what is right. 

8. Weak or vulnerable:
Any mention of his family will cause him to take action. From fighting a boy that he knows will beat him, or doing what he knows what is wrong.

9. Fear most:
That his family is dead. He knows that it is what must have happened, but can't help from hoping, and dreams every night what will happen when they are reunited. 

10. Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s):

Rayth added the finishing touches to the portrait of a young girl and her black and white kitten. To Rayth's left, the girl's older sister was still staring at her own portrait in wonder. The girls' mother was looking over Rayth's shoulder, trying to see what miracle was going on. 

"There. I think it's done," Rayth smiled as he took carefully tore the paper away from his pad. As he handed it to the mother, she gaped in wonder. 

"Why, it's the exact likeness!" she exclaimed, "Every last detail. Young man, you have a powerful gift in those hands." She pressed a gold coin into his hand. "Even Kime's spirits are captured on the papers! May you have a good life, young man."

Rayth ducked his head at the compliments, and tucked the coin into his leather pouch. Looking up at Kime, who looked around seven, maybe eight years old, he gave her a wink and a kind smile. She laughed, and started begging her mother to see the portrait. 

Rayth stared fondly at the little girl, thinking of another lass who he once knew. The happy family walked off, and soon blended into the bustling crowd, full of people who were hurrying to get home for the evening meal. 

Closing her leather bag that was full of art supplies and his few possessions, Rayth sighed, sadly. I'll find them someday, he told himself. Mother, Father, Freya. One day soon, we'll all be a family again. 

submitted by True
(April 29, 2014 - 7:26 pm)

...I must have accidentally deleted a part of the text. Well, to continue number two, he usually wears a green tunic that almost reaches his knees, and a pair of sturdy brown pants, sometimes patched with cheerful colors. A cloth belt is wrapped around his wait, and his shoes were once sturdy and now pretty well worn.


I fixed your original description, True.



submitted by True
(April 30, 2014 - 2:12 pm)

Thanks, Admins! :)

You're welcome!

submitted by True
(April 30, 2014 - 7:45 pm)

1. Name

Celestine Falcon

2. Appearance

Long chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and mainly wears boy clothes.

3. Backround

Her parents have died mysteriously and she was taken in by her cruel aunt. She ran away from her. Now she is living in the woods near a vicious pack of wolves. 

4. Personality

She keeps to herself, is very brave, and she loves to make up stories.

5. How is he/she different from others?

She keeps to herself, she is used to pain and fear, she has horrible flash-backs of her parents dieing.

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for?

Someone that loves her.

7. How is he/she strong?

She is used to pain and fear so most things won't move her. Also she is very brave inside and out.

8. How is she weak or vulnerable?

Any mention of her parents and she will start crying and she would do anything for loved ones.

9. What does he/she fear most?

Wolves, because they killed her parents, and her loved ones getting hurt.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)

The wolves, they were coming. My mind was slipping away to the memories . . . the memories of pain and sadness of my parents' mind gliding into my head. Blood. Pain. It was all coming to me at once. Finally I snapped out of it and my attention was back on the wolves. Tearing away from my homemade lean-to, I ran furiously fast but they were still nipping at my heels. Suddenly a huge branch came into view. I tried to dogde it, but the pain was already whipping through me. Everything was black...

submitted by Abby E., age 10, Missouri
(April 29, 2014 - 7:35 pm)

@ True: Really? Thank you!


submitted by Katie M, age 11, Smiling
(April 30, 2014 - 7:48 am)

Name: Camille Adelaide


She is small, short, and has crystal blue eyes and long, thick, blonde hair. She's very feminine and pretty but in a "girl next door" sort of way. She also has freckles, a slightly larger than average nose, and a pretty smile.


Camille lives with her large family in a small village, where they run the inn. She tries to help, as do all her siblings, with the animals, cleaning, and taking care of guests. Her favorite task is waitressing in their restaurant and pub, as she loves to eavesdrop on the guests' conversation and stories. She pays closer attention to her appearance than anyone else and adores being the resident girly-girl. Still, she secretly reads and listens to any story she can get her hands on, for she has a secret that she won't tell anyone: she longs to be a hero. She wants more than anything to leave this old inn/town/life behind and stand on her own in the Capitol, or across the sea, or anywhere she can make her own way and save the day. (Lol, that rhymes. Ahem.) But maybe being a hero is harder than it sounds...


She is happy, bubbly, and sweet. She's not afraid to cry, but she hates admitting to being wrong or stumped. She has strong values, like hard work and loyalty. She can appear to be textbook ditzy blonde/valley-girl, but she's actually quite smart and kind, even if she's rather superficial and speaks without thinking. She's an extrovert, but dislikes spending an inordinate amount with her family. (Minus her little brother and sister, as well as one of her older cousins, Lillian.) She pretends to be unapologetic about her superficial tendencies, but secretly wonders if she should be ashamed.

How is she different from others?

She dreams of far away places, reads constantly, and owns enough shoes to build a raft and get out of here.

What does she most desire or hope for?

A heroic journey in a far off place

How is she strong?

She refuses to compromise her sense of loyalty, justice, and kindness. She will fight tirelessly for what she believes in. 

How is she weak or vulnerable?

She doesn't always trust herself, but she trusts others to a fault. She is self-conscious about her appearance, especially her nose and height. She lets what others say get to her. She is very emotional (this can also be a strength, but you know).

What does she fear most?

Snakes and spiders, a simple, unfulfilled life with a quiet death, and most of all, finding out she can't do it, that she's not a hero, she's just a superficial idiot from a small town with a head full of dreams and pixie dust.

Crowd sorcery sentences:

Camille paced through the dining room. It was bustling today, the air filled with the sound of excited chatter. It was the 91st Annual May Day Festival, the only reason, in her opinion, to ever visit the small town. Her bare feet pressed into the room's soft carpet, and she tugged at the embarrassingly short skirt of her waitress' outfit. Even if it had been longer, it was still the most garish shade of blue plaid. She silently cursed her mother as the smell of fried chicken filled her nose. (Okay, she wouldn't curse her uncle, the cook.) About to go wash up, a few words entered her ears and she instead quickly turned towards the nearest table, where she pretended to be very interested in filling their glasses.                                                                                                  "Say, Bill- did I tell you the one about that boy in Cloversfield? Real hero, that boy..."

Thanks! This contest sounds awesome.



submitted by Raina O., age 13, Eugene, Or. USA
(April 29, 2014 - 8:49 pm)