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Hero or Heroine

Hero or Heroine

I’m so excited when I start a new story! Most writers believe that the single most important part is the characters. If readers fall in love with your characters—especially the main character—they will read to the end, feeling every emotion, taking part in the adventures. So as we work together toward building our story, please give a lot of thought to the conversation on this thread. Share your own best ideas, think about ideas others come up with, and discuss ways to make the character as interesting and memorable as possible.

Be original, and don’t be afraid to be surprising! What if the main character had a really unusual background or ability or fear? What if she were a girl who could only come out in the moonlight because a witch cast a spell on her great-grandmother? If you’re like me, you’ll find that the more questions you ask and answer about the main character, the more the story will begin to write itself in your head!

For example, if I wanted to introduce the girl who could only come out in the moonlight, I might write: “Quill pushed aside the velvet drape and peeked out through the window’s glass to where the moon glowed, huge and silver, behind the oak trees. It was their nightly ritual, Quill and the moon each peeping through curtains to see if the other were awake.”

I can’t wait to see your ideas! Here’s my list of traits for brainstorming the main character. After you have your ideas, you can write a Crowd Sorcery Sentence, or two or three, that might introduce your character in the story.

1. Name

2. Appearance

3. Background

4. Personality

5. How is he/she different from others?

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for?

7. How is he/she strong?

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable?

9. What does he/she fear most?

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)


The voting for hero and heroine is now complete. Go here to see our main character and learn the schedule for creating and voting on a villain and sidekick.

You can still add to this Hero and Heroine thread for fun.


submitted by Fred Durbin
(April 23, 2014 - 10:05 am)

Where is my character post? I don't know where it went!

submitted by Classified, age classified, classified
(May 5, 2014 - 5:35 pm)

That's... *puts on sunglasses* classified information. YEAAAAAAAAH! I'msosorry 

submitted by Kiki, age 13, Oregon
(May 5, 2014 - 8:17 pm)

Name: Arasay Averature

Appearance: Short, wears comfy clothing often in shades of dark green and brown, had mid-length brown hair(always tied back) and hazel eyes that sometimes change to a dark navy blue

Background: Arasay comes from a family of wizards not known to many. The Averatures held many secrets that could threaten their reputation of great magic power. When these secrets are revealed, the family begins to struggle with poverty and loss of magic power. Arasay was born a symbol of hope and a lot is expected of her from her family.

Personality: Arasay is kind, but is generally unwilling to give up anything that is rightfully hers. She treasures her friends dearly and respects people for who they are.

How She is Different: When Arasay was young, the heavenly spirits blessed her with omnipotence and she can use every kind of magic. However, as a consequence, she must hide her power at all times and is forbidden from using magic in the presence of anyone who the spirits deem to be unworthy, which means she is well-known for being the only firstborn in a wizard family who can't use magic.

What She Hopes For: Arasay hopes to bring joy to her family again, and to convince the spirits that her family is worthy of witnessing her power.

Her Strengths: Arasay is not afraid to be different. Even though she is teased by many, she is easily able to ignore their comments and get on with her life.

Her Weaknesses: Arasay is very independant. Though this is partially a good thing, it means she doesn't like to accept help from others. It also means that when she has a problem, she refuses to tell anyone about it, which often makes matters worse.

Her Greatest Fear: Arasay's greatest fear is that one day, the population will find out about her omnipotence and the spirits will slay her for her crimes. Another fear is that her family will never find happiness.

Crowd Sorcery Sentence: "Arasay gazed up at the noonday sun. It was so pleasurable to her, yet it was kept from her under watchful eyes. With a sigh, she thought to herself 'who knew omnipotence could be such a curse'."


submitted by Heather M, age 13, Canada
(May 6, 2014 - 3:49 pm)

Name: Ebony Bloom

Appearance: Black hair, grey blue eyes, tall, darkish skin, wears a strapless red shirt with red leggings a black belt and black boots

Background: Her parents were unbelievers of the underworld and Hades, so Hades takes their child and raises her as her own.

Personality: Snarky, deceptive, clever, cunning, brave, sarcastic

How she different from others: She was raised by Hades! How do you THINK she's different?

She desires most for: Finding her parents

She's strong because: She doesn't mind what people think of her or other peoples differences, she treats everyone the same.

She's weak when: She's alone. She has to have someone with her.

She fears: Getting separated

The light of the thing humans call the sun burned my eyes yet I felt... safe. I could tell Zena felt it too because she smiled and closed her eyes. Everywhere was light and had bright colors. There were these large brown poles with fluffy green clouds on them. Not like the ones we saw at home... or... what WAS home a couple hours ago.

"You can't take this away from me!" I yelled at her. She just didn't get it! She couldn't get it. 

I'm human. I'm one of those terrible, malicious, deceptive, things! He lied to me

submitted by Kyra C., age 13, Underworld
(May 6, 2014 - 7:50 pm)

Name: Rowan Kaiji

Appearance: Shortish, hair that is just past her shoulders and is bright orange (she usually wears hair in a bun, but when she takes it down, it is curly/wavy and quite thick.), very pale skin, huge green eyes that are very deep, usually wears a green knee length dress/cloak with long sleeves that she usually rolls up to her elbows, the cloak has swirls of gold and the bottom part is white, wears white boots with gold swirling up them, if she ever takes off her right boot, you'll see that her foot is mangled horribly.

Bg: She is a mage, so she is the child of some entity and a human. she is fairly sure that it is the god of plants who is her father, but her mother felicia died shortly after giving birth to her. she was adopted by six mages who are like her family. they are around her age. she is the third youngest. they worked for a man known only to them as Dragon, he would send them on missions and in return for completing the missions, he gave them ownership of a huge castle that contained everything they could ever need. but one day dragon gave then a portrait of a woman and said only "Kill her." the woman was an evil queen who the children failed to kill. she tried to take them from their castle, but rowan gave herself up for the others. she was tortured mercilessly from the time she was 10-13. at 14, she was rescued by Dragon's son, Caz. she is 15 now.

she has a sweet personality, she just wants to help others even when they are unkind. she never gets angry, but whenever she is reminded of her lost brothers and sisters, her time in the queen's dungeon, or someone is especially unkind, she will silently cry when she is alone. she loves animals and young children. she is very loyal and gets attached easily.

she is different because she is a mage and because she has a mind perfect for solving complex puzzles and battle stategies. she also has an aura that inspires awe in people, even though she is timid.

She hopes most to meet her father, find her brothers and sisters, stop the evil queen, unlock all her mage powers, and take revenge on Dragon, who she blames for all the bad events in her life.

She is strong because she has amazing magical abilities, and if she is struck by a fatal blow, she will become a vine-covered entity and grow another body.

She is weak because her easy attachment to things makes her heart very easy to break, her right foot sometimes siezes up, and when she grows another body, she will wake up in an unfamiliar place and not know how long she was gone.

She fears being tortured again, she fears that her brothers and sisters are dead, she fears the day she faces Dragon, and she fears that her power will get out of control and kill someone.

Sentences: Rowan made her way through the dense forest. she tried not to slip on the wet, mossy rocks that were littered everywhere. Vines hovered behind her, ready to catch her if she tripped. A wolf howl sounded in the distance and her heartbeat quickened. she emerged in a clearing and saw a small cottage in the middle. she ran to it and threw the door open. two wolves lounged in front of a fire inside.they looked up as she came in. "Daniel! Dari!" she cried, tears of joy running down her face. the wolves ran up and licked her face. at last, she had found her long-lost younger siblings. no matter that they were cursed to be wolves! she could fix that. Yes indeed, she could fix that.


Sorry for sloppy typing, my computer is glitching and i had to write this in like 5 minutes :/ thanks for reading!!!!! :)  


submitted by Lacey R, age 12, Lookingglass, Oregon
(May 6, 2014 - 11:11 pm)

1. Name: Calypso Carmine Cloud

2. Appearance: tan, blue eyes, blonde hair. Normally wears shorts and tank tops.

3. Background: when she was born, apparently her parents had made a promise to give there first child to Earth. She can control plants and thinks she was made from water and dirt. Was found in the river by a kingdoms patrol. Was taken to the kingdom of Raini.

4. Personality: She is very, very shy. She is gentle to nature and has a green thumb.

5. How is he/she different from others? She dosent talk much and is called Plant Girl by a lot of the villagers in the village. She can also control plants.

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for? To find her parents and be in the woods with them.

7. How is he/she strong? When she is mad, she can use her powers to encase someone in a tree or vines, thus the nickname Plant Girl.

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable? When she is mad her power can get out of hand.

9. What does he/she fear most? She fears she will forever be a outcast.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s) 

I flipped in the water peacefully. I was alone but happy. Then I saw them. The other people. I was confused. I got out slowly and walked away but one of them grabbed my shoulder. The put these things on my wrists and shoved me into a cage. I was really confused. I saw the people were taking me to a...a... I'm not sure what it is. A lot of the other people were staring as I tried to hide. "Did you find any?" a man asked and approached.

"No . . . Well was this one?" the man who grabbed me said, pointing to me. He shook his head no. "But . . ."


Lol suspense :3 

submitted by Ashleigh
(May 7, 2014 - 4:14 pm)

1. Name: Bed

2. Appearance: Short, dumpy, and large nosed. The only noticeable things are his eyes. They're an extremely bright purple, and if you look directly at them your head hurts.

3. Background: An old wizard living all by himself in a mountain tried to summon a demon to do his bidding once, but instead a gigantic purple rubber ball appeared on his bed. No matter how much he tried to get rid of it, it always bounced back. One day the wizard gave up and left it in the corner. He was a very lonely (and slightly loony) wizard, so one day he drew a face on the ball and started talking to it. He told it everything, and the more he told it, the weaker and more insane he became. On the day of his death, he was hugging the ball. "Bed,"(for that was the nickname he had given it, due to it's origins)"I can feel myself dying. I leave to you this mountain, all the socks, and a nice blue teapot. So there! You happy yet? Bring mee too the land of gummies and land of laacy petticoaats, laa laa laa!" His singing slowly died out and he died on the ball. Then the ball stood up. "Finally," he muttered as he rolled out the door.

4. Personality: He is arrogant and lazy. However, he is a kind person at heart. And, he is peculiar in that no matter how much he is proven wrong, he will always think himself as the smartest, strongest and cleverest of all people. He also has a depthless well of optimism. He knows that he has flaws, and he loves them.

5. How is he different from others? For one, the rolls around. Not in the literal sense, but he rolls. When you stare closely at his feet you can clearly see them walking, but you still get a vague sense of rolling about. He also has the ability to jump abnormally high. 

6. What does he most desire for? His innermost desire is to one day become the worlds highest jumper, and then retire in his mountain.

7. How is he strong? Blunt objects bounce off him. He can move REALLY quickly for a person of his size. And, he will never falter, due to his arrogance (even when all hope seems lost).

8. How is he weak? If he is damaged with sharp weapons, they take a really long time to heal. His arrogance can be manipulated. And, he usually moves very slowly, due to him not liking physical exercise (other than bouncing, and he only does that rarely, to show off).

9. What does he fear most? Lemons.

10. Crowd Sorcery Sentence:

"What a bunch of hogwash! Even the wizard's pet toad knew more than this," he whispered to himself miserably. He tried to wait. He really did. But the teacher's voice was drilling into his ears and the heat of the stuffy room was unbearable and he could see the lake glittering so brightly in the distance-


He went straight through the window. The whole class stared at him through the shattered window as he slowly bounced into the distance. 

submitted by Oliver S, age 14, Taiwan
(May 8, 2014 - 5:17 am)




Madiso Harlin


Straight Brown Hair, Green Eyes, 5'6, Has Glasses


Moved from London to Virginia two months ago, Has divorced parents and lives with her Mother. 


Loves to Write/Read, Very shy, Has a a select group of friends, Gets straight A's

How is she different?

She has always been able to see another realm beneath the one she lives in, which features dragons, dwarves, and other mystical creatures

What does she desire?

An entire, completed family, and a world where the two realms can live in harmony, where they can all see each other.  She also wishes to be more easygoing socially. 

How is she strong?

She uses knowledge and Experience to come up with solutions.  She can also duck between the two realms she sees for quick escapes and adventures.  She is also very Streetsmart

How is she Weak or Vulnerable?

She has always been weak to taunting about her parents.  She also tends to think things out a little too much.  She has never been much of a gymnast, and cannot swim.

What does she fear most?

Drowning, bullying, and being trapped in the mystical realm.






submitted by Sasha W., age 10, New York, NY
(May 10, 2014 - 11:04 am)

1. Name

Elm (the everlasting nymph)

2. Appearance

long black hair, bright green eyes, dressed in boots and pants and shirt made out of animal skins

3. Background

She was made at the beginning of time but wasn't meant to be. The creator sent something sent as a black knight to destroy her. Just as he was about to kill her a dark shadow rose from behind him. It felt so evil that Elm's whole soul shook. Then she disappeared into a flash of light. The last thing she heard was "I will destroy you".

4. Personality

She loves earth. She loves to climb but she's afraid of heights. 

5. How is he/she different from others?

She's a nymph. Whenever the black knight finds her she disappears and gains a new body with the same memories but in a different time or place. 

6. What does he/she most desire or hope for?

She wants to answer the questions of why she was created, why she isn't meant to be, and what the black knight is. 

7. How is he/she strong?

She can control trees and roots. 

8. How is he/she weak or vulnerable?

In the air she doesn't have as much power and is skiddish! 

9. What does he/she fear most?

She fears that she will someday be caught by the black knight and her questions never answered.  

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)

Then Elm said "The only to answer my questions is to go into the deep swamp and find the creature of answers." 

submitted by Tara C, age 8, Ontario
(May 10, 2014 - 5:14 pm)

1. Name(s)

Samantha, goes by Sam, and her brother, Nik, who goes by

2. Appearance(s)

Sam: Large (for her age), black, scaly, fire breathing,
female winged lizard.

Nik: Small (for his age), white, scaly, fire breathing, male
winged lizard.

3. Background(s)

Sam and Nik are from a small village that nodragon remembers
the name of. They have been teased, mocked, scorned, ignored, and avoided by
the other dragons of their village (and everywhere else) because (for some
reason nodragon knows) they hatched from the same egg, which has never
happened. Ever. In the history of dragonkind. (Just trying to make my point
clear here.) So now Sam and Nik are traveling to the mountains to find their
mom, if she’s not dead, and ask her: “Why did we hatch from the same egg?”

4. Personality(s)

Sam: Deadly, but she can be sweet at times. Not often,
though. She usually charges straight into stuff, metaphorically and physically
(like trees, bushes, rocks... the ground... she’ll trip over thin air! XP).
She’s super clumsy on the ground, but DON’T tell her that. Well, I suppose if
you have a death wish, go right ahead! She is a big prankster, so watch out
when she’s around! She has a sort of “Mess-with-me-and-I’ll-rip-you-to-shreds-or-possibly-pull-off-a-really-mean-prank-but-more-likley-I’ll-rip-you-to-shreds”
vibe, and she makes corny jokes (usually about ripping someone apart) that
nodragon laughs at. Oh, ha ha ha. Very funny.
Say that again and I’ll rip you apart.
See what I mean? That wasn’t
funny, Sam! It wasn’t supposed to be.

Nik: Deadly in a clever, science-y way, and the only dragon
able to calm Sam down when she's really angry (which you do NOT want to see).
He’s clumsy on the ground (like Sam, but not as much so), but won’t tear you
apart limb-by-limb and then eat you if you tell him that (unlike Sam). He’s
always been the cautious one, and has saved Sam’s life countless times. He is a
scaredy-cat, and he tells really smart jokes that nodragon gets until he
explains them because, according to him - (interrupting for a sec here) Nodragon’s
smart enough to get my jokes! And I am NOT
a scaredy-cat!

5. How is/are he/she/they different from others?

Sam and Nik hatched from the same egg - which has never
happened before, in the history of dragonkind.

6. What does/do he/she/they most desire or hope for?

Sam and Nik want to find their mom and ask her why they
hatched together.

7. How is/are he/she/they strong?

Sam and Nik are very close to each other, and have each
other’s backs nearly all the time.

8. How is he/she/they weak or vulnerable?

Their wings are really thin and really easy to break,
thinner than most dragon’s wings, presumably because they hatched from the same
egg. Also they’re (according to their WAY overprotective dad) too young to go

9. What does/do he/she/they fear most?

Their mom's death, and never being able to find out why they
hatched from the same egg.

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentence(s)

I have a paragraph or so from Sam’s P.O.V., and then the
same paragraph from Nik’s P.O.V.


I’m alone in a dark forest... I would say clearing, but it’s
not clear enough for that. I’ll just call it a space-without-trees-but-not-big-enough-to-be-a-clearing.
Nik and I were walking together, but somewhere along the way I lost him, so now
it’s just me and the birds. Who have all flown away. Wait a minute... All flown away?!  Just then, something big and brown and furry
bursts from the bushes – a bear! It charges at me, and I – I’d like to say I
flipped over it, but it was really more of a jump, then a tumble. I land hard
on my left wing, so hard I actually hear something crack. A flash of pain
shoots through my wing, and I roar in pain. My wing now looks like a smushed
butterfly, and burns like the time Nik accidentally breathed fire at me. (Long
story.) But I can’t mess with my wing now – the bear has turned around and is
charging me again. I hold my ground this time, bracing myself and slashing at its
nose with razor-sharp, six-inch-long talons. After a few minutes of this, I
finally remember that 1) I can breathe fire, and 2) that I am in a clearing
that is not large enough to fly away(as if I could) but is large enough to breathe fire without staring a forest fire. So I
draw in a breath – and flame the bear. It sort of screeches/roars loud enough
to scare me, if I wasn’t expecting it. Which I TOTALLY was. Obviously. I fan
the flaming bear for a bit with my good wing, then I set off back the way I
came in search of Nik, promptly tripping over my tail and chipping a fang on a
rock. That hurts, but not as much as my wing. I notice a small whimpering noise,
and then Nik’s tail sticking out from under a bush. He hasn’t noticed me yet...
Oh, the possibilities! I leap and pounce on his tail, and he jerks around and
swats at me like he always does. I have already jumped out of the way, so he
misses and hits a tree. He grunts, yanks his claws out of the tree, and says, “Sam,
I really like it when you prank me. Please keep doing it!” (That
is NOT what I said! I said, “Sam, I
would really like you to STOP PRANKING ME.”
Oh, fine, I wrote that wrong on purpose.) I roll my eyes. “Fine,”
I reply, and we head off into the woods.


I’m following Sam through a dark, creepy forest. Something crashes
off to the right, and suddenly I’m in a tree. I’m not sure how I got up here,
but I think I climbed. After about two minutes, the crashing stops, and I jump
down from the tree. Sam’s nowhere to be seen, and I’m about to set off after
her when I hear crashing, and a dragon, probably Sam, roars in pain. Knowing
her, she’ll have picked a fight with something. I, however, would like to stay
out of the fight, so I back under a bush. From under the bush I can barely see,
but I do see fire. I end up turning around, but still staying under the bush. It
gets quiet then, except for the birds and all the other various forest noises.
Suddenly, there’s a noise behind me, and something heavy lands on my tail. I
whip around and swipe at whatever it is, with my eyes closed (They’re the
second most vulnerable part of a dragon, you know) and hit... a tree. I grunt
and yank my talons out of the poor tree, then look up to see Sam standing there,
grinning like a maniac, with one wing crumpled and bent and a smudge of soot on
her snout. I want to ask her what happened, but more pressing matters come first:
“Sam, I would really like you to STOP PRANKING ME.” She rolls her eyes and mutters
“Fine,” and then we head off into the woods.

submitted by Alexandra S., age 14, Frisco Texas
(May 10, 2014 - 5:16 pm)

Name: Miranda Griffwood

Appearance: Copper eyed, and grey furred cat.

Background: Miranda is a wild cat, living on the banks of Pearllist River. There are a few other cats there, too. They live by fishing. Miranda's mother always told her that she was related to the royal cats, who live with the human kings and queens, and that she was named after her great-great-great grandmother, who lived with Queen Genivive herself. Her mother died unexpectedly, and Miranda went to live near Pearllist River.

Personality: Miranda is very posh, but knows what she needs to do to live, and does it, but dreams (even though she is an adult) of living with kings and queens.

How is she different from others?: She wants to live with kings and queens, unlike the other cats.

What does she hope for?: She wants to live alongside a queen, or any royal, but preferably a queen.

How is she strong?: She is tough (on the outside) and street-smart.

How is she weak or vulnerable?: She does not take any gab from people about kings or queens not being real or her ancestors not living with kings or queens.

What does she fear most?: The idea that she will never be able to live a better life.

Your Crowd Sorcery Sentences:

I was facing two humans, both sitting on what Mama (may she rest in peace) called thrones and wearing robes and crowns. The male one wore what Mama called a long-sleeved shirt and the female one a dress. The female one was unbelievingly beautiful. She had long light brown fur (but only on the top of her head) and blue eyes. She spoke, but without that weird human accent. She said, "Come, Miranda." I stepped forward, but I couldn't. Something was holding me back, an invisible barrier. Then a cat appeared by her side who was just like me. She told me, "Hello, Miranda. I am your namesake. But I never lived with the king and queen. The humans disappeared. I pushed down a yowl. "I lived in a boring old barn, hunting boring old mice. You were never special, and you will never get out of this place." She dissolved and then all there was was blackness, closing in on me.

I woke up, gasping for breath. I looked around me. Nope, still in my bush. I stretched, holding on to the dream of the humans. Someday I would be with them. Someday. But today I had to fish. Sad. How unlike what I should be doing right now. Humph. I stood up, arched my back, and headed off for Pearllist River.

"Your'e late," Kazimir grumbled. Kazimir, one of the few other cats who resided around here, was the oldest cat around. He was always bad tempered, and was nicknamed Krusty on account of his age, but I'm pretty sure he didn't know that.

"Sorry, Kazimir, but I need to sleep," I replied. He grumbled but vented his anger by snatching a fish right out of the water. 

I wrinkled my nose. This wasn't the life for me, even if it was the only way to survive. I belonged in a palace, with waiters waiting on me. I had to leave this place, however nice and profitable, somehow.

submitted by C.C. Capelton, age Around 12, Pearllist River
(May 11, 2014 - 4:23 pm)

Hi! remember how I said before in my profile of Kee Mai that I didn't know what a Crowd Sorcery Sentence was? Well now I do, So here is mine for Kee Mai:

Kee Mai dared not breathe, not now. Not when every breath was like seven daggers of ice pushed down her throat. She wanted it to stop, she wanted to rest. She could barely take the next step up the rock face. But she did, gritting her teeth. Kee Mai looked up. The snow and slush flew into her eyes and rendered them useless in seconds, making it impossible to see how far it was to the top as she had intended. She spoke to herself in her mind, for her lips were frozen shut. Onward, you vowed to climb Death Mountain. This is a FOOTHILL. A mere FOOTHILL. That was true. Death Mountain itself was said to go beyond the very heights of Heaven and into Hell. If this should confuse you, well, it was common knowledge that when you went beyond the very heights of Heaven then you were in Hell and much worse of than before, for the world is upside-down and rightside-up, and topsy-turvy and turvy-topsy, and, above all other things, round. 

submitted by Allison A., age 11, Washington
(May 11, 2014 - 10:12 pm)

There's a book called Death Mountain.  It's really good!

submitted by Bounty, age 12, Crowd Sorcery
(May 15, 2014 - 7:45 pm)

These characters are all great and so much fun to read about -- you Crowd Sorcery writers have fantastic imaginations! Each one of these characters could be the star of a story! And I really enjoy your sentences, too!

submitted by Fred D., Kiev, Ukraine
(May 12, 2014 - 2:39 am)

1. Name: Grytheon (she's a dragon).

2. Appearance: Forest green, bright blue eyes. Always carries a small yellow-orange staff with her.

3. Background (this is the hard part for me): Grytheon was born in a small dragon village called Ithcal. She lived under the rule of a wise and kind leader until an evil one took his place. When this occured, a few of the dragons, including Grytheon, secretly fled from Ithcal, because after a few days it was plain to see that the new leader (named Yatto) did not care at all about the well-being of his citizens.

4. Personality: Rather shy, but is able to be very brave in situations when she needs to be. Her yellow-orange staff is able to shock enemies through a small bolt of lightning that shoots out the front. She's a bookworm. Oh, and of course she can breathe fire (but tries not to because it's very destructive).

5. How is she different from others: Grytheon is mainly different because of her personality. While many other dragons would prefer to be on the battlefield, breathing fire at enemies, all Grytheon really wants is a safe life and a few books. She knows she can't have that, however, so she is being forced to adapt to the conditions of her adventure.

6. What does she most desire or hope for: As stated above, Grytheon really just wants a safe, happy, carefree life. Secretly, though, she kind of likes the thrill of adventure...

7. How is she strong: Grytheon knows when to take action and when to just watch and wait. She is very patient and also very smart (probably due to her years of reading). And, obviously, a staff that shoots lightning and fire breath are pretty good things to have, too.

8. How is she weak or vulnerable: Though Grytheon knows when to take action, she doesn't always do it the moment she should, and then misses her chance. When she does attack at the right time, sometimes she has to rely on other dragons to help her because she isn't really a skilled fighter, which is unfortunate because the dragons have all been sent to war against one another.

9. What does she fear most: Losing things. Not battles, just items that she has. When she was littler, she had once let her grandfather's beloved ring fall into a snow drift and it was never seen again. She is haunted by this memory and is extremely careful to try not to misplace anything. She is carrying a backpack with all the food, so...

10. Your Crowd Sorcery Sentences: As she and the other dragons that fled ran across the snowy landscape, Grytheon spotted a cave in the side of a mountain. "Hey, guys! Look at this!" she called. The others came rushing over. "This would be a good place to sleep," said a red dragon named Goith. But as the dragons ran into the damp, dark cave, none of them had the faintest idea what they would actually discover down there...


Yeah. There's mine. You'll notice that I left some parts open for Fred Durbin to write (what was the first leader's name, where is the village of Ithcal, are humans around for this, where did she get her staff, etc.), because I want him to have some fun with the story too, not just take our ideas and mash them into a plot. If the previous three sentences were offensive in any way, sorry :P






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