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Cricket Gazelle 

   Issue I, Volume I 



Cricket Gazelle 

   Issue I, Volume I 



     Intro & Explaination :

        The Cricket Gazelle is a newspaper reporting upon all the goings-on in the Chatterbox. It will update as often as the author can get around to it or whenever something interesting. You can ask to have a number of things put in the Cricket Gazelle, ranging from advice columns, ads, or poem-of-the-day-s. The Gazelle is free, but the fact that is free means one cannot ask too much of the author, who will remain anonymous just in the case that someone will try to talk to him/her while he/she is out of character. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just post it -- on this thread. This is the only place the Reporter will answer questions.


   On October 8th, Everinne posted a thread in remembrance of Cbers who have " DISAPPEARED into thin air ", as she put it. True remarked upon how the livening up of the " newbies " was different from the living up of the " oldies " in a way that implied the " newbies " livened up in a way which was bad. Then, Indigo, under the pen name ' Offended " Newbie " ' posted a certain comment which I'm sure everyone has seen. This launched us into a rather large fight, with the " oldies " explaining, the " newbies " bringing up old pains, and a few people timidly remarking upon the people who left. Many " newbies " were rather offended. Squeak and Brooke, especially. Brooke considered leaving, while Squeak announced , " ' Go ahead, argue oldies. Go against me. I know you are going to. I just want to let you guys know that this is the truth, and saying no to yourself is not gonna change it. I wish that we would treat each other as equals. But dreams like that won't come true. " 


      Although the fact that yes, it is more likely to have " oldies " join " oldies " 's threads, and " newbies " join " newbies " 's threads, it is also true that we can, in fact,  leap across the rift and join each other's threads. For instance, many " newbies " have joined S.E.'s Genius RP, and many " Oldies " have joined The Ominous's murder mystery. It is in fact true this can and will, happen.


    In other news, we can welcome two new CBers to the crowd. In welcoming them, I would like to drop a few links down for them. These links may work, may not work at all, and may simply teleport you to Oz. 



      who is doing...




Poem Of the Issue :   





Favorite Crowd Scorcery Word Of the Issue :

Moonfire : A certain kind of mushroom that only grows under the light of a fullmoon. They are incredibly poisonous

and are often used in ceremonies. Moonfire is thrown into a blazing fire, turning the flames a blue-ish white. 


Question Of the Issue :

What are you going to be for Halloween ? 

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