Chatterbox: Down to Earth



There's an Ask Admin thread, but there isn't an ideas thread. So I thought, why not make one? We can send ideas for the Chatterbox to the Admins (and maybe other people involved in the CB too.)

Here's my idea: A search bar. You can type in a title or a user, and anything related will pop up. For example, if I was looking for the Poetry Critique Group, I could go to the Inkwell and search either "Rose Bud" or "Poetry Critique".


I don't think we have the capacity to add a Search function. However, you can do a search on Google. In the Search field, type


site:cricketmagkids.com text to find (one space after the come, then the words as they appear in the comment or thread you're searching)



submitted by St.Owl, age Recarnated, Everywhere
(May 18, 2015 - 8:55 pm)