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Admin do you think that the site makers could put a search bar so you could search chatterbox?

It would make it a lot easier to find the threads you are looking for. 

(P.S. I looked through 25 pages of threads looking for the ask the Admin one and didn't find it.) 


We know a search function would be helpful, but I don't think we can do it. Try doing a search like this via Google.

In the search box enter: Ask the Admin

 There should be a space between com and text


submitted by Clock, age 13/156, Big Ben
(June 7, 2015 - 8:11 pm)

I have another idea for the CB that might be more doable: For every place to chat, not just BaB, have a way to make a longer tittle. I recently was looking at a thread that was in BaB that wasn't about books, and it said in one of the posts by the maker of the thread that they had put it in BaB to give it a longer tittle. I can't actually remember which thread it was. I'm guessing it would be more doable because you've already done it in BaB.

submitted by OtR
(June 8, 2015 - 5:00 am)