Chatterbox: Down to Earth


As in, personal quotes, things you or your friends have said. Because some are really funny. I found a post like this from a long time ago, and I had been thinking about doing one anyway, so: here it is! 
Things I or my friends have said that are...interesting:
Friend: Some spiders like the smell of your socks.
Person from summer camp: DO NOT TRY THE DOG FOOD!
Same person from summer camp: Roof of Kentucky Fried Chicken...Roof of McDonalds, what is with you people?
As for the summer camp person...long story involving a bus driver in improv.
Me: It kinda loses the eerie effect.

Sister: Well, ______ will be playing the bongos.
Cousin (showing me girl in hair salon app): I want my hair to be this color.
Me: Half black half brown? Are you Cruella de Vil?
Cousin: Maybe.
Me: You markered my card! Like your sneakers!
Me: we're dubbing noodle heads!
Me: He gave birth to a lunchbox!
Summer camp improv again.
And then, this last one isn't really a quote, it's just a story, but maybe you guys will sympathize.
My class had a yard sale of people from the parish's things to raise money for our class trip. One of the items was a trunk that looked like it came out of a novel- it had travel stickers and everything! I really wanted to buy this trunk, because maybe it had some secret compartment or would take me to Narnia or something (if only), but it's not like I could ask my parents to buy a trunk I'd never use. And no one ended up buying it, so they left it on the curb and someone eventually took it. But, honestly, it had faded travel stickers and metal hasps and was full of old clothes. I really wanted it. 
I say many weird things. Anyone else?
submitted by Sydney C., age 13
(November 8, 2015 - 9:08 pm)

Hey, no worries Sydney C.! You aren't the only one who says weird stuff, my family and I say weird things all the time. In fact, yesterday, my family was playing a game where we had a spray bottle, and there was a category. The person with the spray bottle chose something from that category, (for example, if the category was Thanksgiving food, the person with the spray bottle would choose Turkey.) My little sister had the spray bottle, and the category was colors. I'm pretty sure we guessed all the colors in the color dictionary. Finally we asked her what the color was and this is what she answered. "The color was RAINBOW!!" Sheesh. Too funny. :) If I think of any others, I'll tell you. 

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(November 10, 2015 - 7:52 pm)