Ruby the Chicken

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Ruby the Chicken

Ruby the Chicken

No not that Ruby, the other Ruby. The chicken. So I got eleven chickens, and we decided to name them gems and minerals. One of the names we chose was Ruby. 

"But Ruby's a girl—" said my a brother.

"IT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT!!!" Screamed me and my other brother. That settled the matter. 

Thought I would make you guys laugh ;)  

In other news, Shadowmoon and I are about to by reunITED for the first timE In a year so our friendship broken heart neCKLAces can be PUT together, Cloudy Dweller and I made a new email account to add to HER THOUSANDs of accounts just for PoTTErmore, and then we were highly disappointed that there was nothing to do, and my "RUBY IS A girl" brother is pressing the CAPS lock at ranDOm moments while I tyPE, and it is Really annoying. And Voldy is moldY, of CoURSe.

Rosy Petal says gong. She is getting ready to welcome Shadowmoon with a bang and a boom :) 

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